Music for dinner

This isn’t a post about music to play while you take part in that most dreadful middle class event known as dinner parties (can you tell I have an allergy?) – this is about those times when music is so captivating & beautiful you forget to eat… Last night I had a three course musical feast!


First up, the entree: Nils Frahm album Felt – I’ve posted links to his beautiful album before but I never knew the context for the very interesting piano sound in some of the tracks:


“Originally I wanted to do my neighbours a favour by damping the sound of my piano. If I want to play piano during the quiet of the night, the only respectful way is by layering thick felt in front of the strings and using very gentle fingers. It was then that I discovered that my piano sounds beautiful with the damper. I hear myself breathing and panting, the scraping sound of the piano’s action and the creaking of my wooden floorboards – all equally as loud as the music. The music becomes a contingency, a chance, an accident within all this rustling. My heart opens and I wonder what exactly it is that makes me feel so happy.” – Nils Frahm.



The main course was listening to a three CD set of electro acoustic works by New Zealand pioneering composer Douglas Lilburn – the set is released by the Attol record label and includes a DVD with 4 channel works on it – I haven’t listened to it yet… But how or why its taken me until now to listen to Lilburns work I cannot explain, because it is simply extraordinary!




More info on the 3 CD + DVD set is available from Attoll

UPDATE: was just reading the booklet that comes with it & then did a search – theres a bit of info about the studio Lilburn started at Victoria University here which lists Roland 100 Modular Synth, AKS Synthi-A and Putney VCS-3 amongst the equipment, but in the booklet it also describes & has a photo of a “60-by-70 patching matrix” which was I guess based on the smaller patch matrix of the Synthi…


For dessert was an album of outtakes & soundboard recordings of the legendary album by Brian Eno & David Byrne called Ghosts (“Outtakes from My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. Very good to excellent soundboard”) – not sure how legit the source is but I downloaded it here but they do say “Thanks to booomboom who shared these tracks on the net in 2005….. As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.” – they make for fascinating listening!


Track 01. Interview 3:06 (4.2MB)
Excerpt from Brian Eno’s February 2, 1980 KPFA-FM interview.
Track 02. Mea Culpa 5:04 (6.9MB)
Track 03. Into the Spirit Womb 6:19 (8.6MB)
Track 04. Regiment 4:19 (5.9MB)
05. The Friends Of Amos Tutuola – Omitted*
Track 06. America Is Waiting 3:48 (5.2MB)
Track 07. The Carrier 4:29 (6.1MB)
Track 08. Very Very Hungry 3:29 (4.7MB)
09. On The Way To Zagora – Omitted*
10. Les Hommes Ne Le Sauront Jamais – Omitted*
Track 11. A Secret Life 2:37 (3.6MB)
Track 12. Come with Us 2:44 (3.7MB)
Track 13. Mountain of Needles 2:37 (3.5MB)



Now I want to go mess with that Bush of Ghosts remix I started and never finished… But if you need an after dinner mint, maybe have a listen to the great collection of contenders at Disquiet – Our lives in the bush of disquiet (wow, was that really back in 2006! time really does fly!)


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  1. That Lilburn bit was great – “a bit of raw material about one inch long”; there’s a concrete aspect to music production that you don’t get with your DAW.

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