Music Friday 02


> I found amongst my vinyl a copy of Douglas Lilburns ‎‘The Return And The Elegy’ which is a very beautiful electroacoustic work, released on LP in 1967 & features altered Maori spoken word & processed field recordings… So tempted to rip it & post it, but its not mine to do such things… It did make me buy a copy of Lilburn: Electro-acoustic works which is spread across 2CDs + 1 DVD & is available from Smoke CDs Radio New Zealand also produced a fascinating series about Lilburn, in particular this episode Methods is well worth a listen…


> Been thrashing new album by Hatti Vatti – worship nothing boomkat link


lovely work by NZ composer & film maker David Downes performed by NZ Trio



> stream or download Kode 9 mix on RinseFM


> Ultimate Lee Scratch Perry album guide



Who remembers this from the first time round? (Porter Ricks – Biokinetics)

The following track in particular always makes me feel like I am in the hull of some vast ship, slowly chugging across the ocean…


Happy birthday for Feb 6th Bob! Love this remix by Photek (channeling Rhythm & Sound!)



+ soundcheck before the show (embed is disabled)



(love the piano line that comes in @0.56)



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  1. Michael says:

    Love Porter Ricks. Do you remember the CDs slow breaking into bits because of their removal from those metal cases?

    • tim says:

      I do – I own a couple of those metal box CDs – something else was released in one as well…. but I never put them back into the metal case so mine survived (I think)

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