Name & Shame: Photos on Facebook

I’ll post an annoying crop that Facebook did to a photo that i didn’t take, but I was in awe of, enough to share it/repost it….. But what I loved about it was the beauty of the lower/original photo i.e. the juxtaposition of the beautiful old church that I have visited a few times, with the Milky Way so beautifully captured behind it…. A very clever technical feat, but also a lovely composition. And how did Facebook choose to display it? Look at the top photo – WTF?

Facebook photo crops SUCK!

But whats annoying me is not a fraction as bad as a comment a friend made, when he noticed over a few weeks that a couple of his friends had posted photos of their wives (they weren’t mormons afaik, the plural is actually singular) but… the same Facebook photo cropping algorithm meant their husbands loving message was accompanied by a cropped photo of their truncated wifes chest/cleavage & hips.. WTF??? How appalled would you be in the shift in context of such an algorithm?

I dont post photos of humans online ever for this very reason. Did they sign a release form? But even worse can you control the context that photo might end up in? Yeech, such creepy questions to even have to consider… Moral of the story: please, PLEASE share your family photos PRIVATELY!

But one has to wonder why photos are currently handled this way?
If when taking a photo I frame it vertically, or when editing it I choose a crop that is vertical, there is no reason to change it!

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  1. Joel says:

    When you look at recent changes made to facebook policy ( at the time of the recent instagram debarcle )you realise just how risky posting photos online could be. Posted photos essentially become the property of facebook for the company to exploit as they wish, however the provisor is built in that you, the original poster remains legally responsible for copyright infringement etc that could arise for.

  2. Ha, that’s kinda funny. Maybe FB’s algorithm knows what we like to see? Stars and cleavage!

    I had to rethink the pics of my kids on my blog after Googling “vaginamite” would bring up pictures of my five-year old with a Mario-style moustache, which suddenly looked a bit suspect.

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