Need more arms

Following on from my Soviet Tek post, I was tipped off to a local auction today, at a place which usually has deceased estates & general junk but item #4 in todays auction was a set of TAMA drum pads!! Is that a coincidence or what!?! So I raced over, registered to vote & bought the set for $100! And best of all, along with the 4 drum pads there was also a kick drum pad! Thanks heaps Tom, for the tip 🙂

need more arms!

So now I have too many drum pads, if thats actually possible – 12 in total, maybe I’ll tune them chromatically & practice my scales! I’ll need to invest in a few more brackets, so I can get the layout & angles of the pads more playable, but for now am making do borrowing stands from my acoustic drum kit, which is disassembled presently anyway, as I need my quiet/recording room for HISSandaROAR sessions.

Speaking of HISSandaROAR, my recording session this afternoon is both digital & analog: Recording to the Sound Devices 744 with MKH8040 ORTF, MKH8050 and MD421 and to my Nagra 4.2 with an MKH8040. Getting the Nagra ready I had forgotten what a mission it is to load up with batteries!

battery power

Thats 12 D size batteries! Next time you’re at the supermarket have a grimace at what those cost, especially when you buy two sets of them!

battery power

What I am recording is going to be a bit loud (hence the MD421) but I was also a bit worried about impact vibrations travelling up mic stands into the MKH80X0 mics, so I’ve tried a DIY approach to float the mic stands, using those pool floater things – Aquastix Foam Tubes Pool Noodle is the technical term… will soon see how well they function, I know Primacoustic make ‘proper’ ones although not sure how well they would stand up to outside use: TriPad Microphone Stand Isolator


mic stand floaters

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  1. tim says:

    NOTE TO SELF: switch power on Nagra to external when finished, so those precious batteries dont drain away!!!!

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