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While I’ve been in Japan I’ve been introduced to a few iOS apps that I had never seen before, so I thought I’d share them as the same may well be true for many other audio & music people…

I had the pleasure of meeting Shokichiro Hino, the president of Etani Electronics and one of his software engineers Takuma Susuzki while in Tokyo for a presentation I did for AES Japan. Etani produce professional audio analysis hardware but have also released iOS apps for spectrum analysis and phase check both of which have free versions while the pro version of the spectrum analysis app (US$99) allows for the use of calibrated mics with calibration files available from their web site.
Etani will be exhibiting at 133rd AES Convention in San Francisco this year 27th – 29th October. So if you’re attending AES stop by and say hi from me! And check out their iOS apps



The next set of iOS apps are more on the whimsical side, less pro but still fun to play with… and they are free! I discovered them at the ICC Gallery in Shinjuku where they had a ‘Room of Rhythmushi-san’ set aside with an app on each iPad…. and I had to smile at the kawai hand drawn ui. To save my typing, heres the description from ICC site: “Rhythmushi” is a simple music and animation application for smartphones and tablet terminals. Other applications in this immensely popular series downloaded more than 2.8 million times in total so far include “Ototsumugi” and “OtoSketch” for generating sounds by drawing lines and pictures, as well as the “OtoBlock” sequencer for building rhythm patterns by arranging lines of blocks.
There are nine free apps ins the Rhythmushi series developed by Tsubasa Naruse – if you do a search in the app store for “Rhythmushi” you’ll find them all… and yes the little hand drawn turntables rotate and you can scratch with them!




I was introduced to the next pair of apps I AM SYNTH and I AM SAMPLER by Kazuki Kitamura, who is a Sound Designer at CapCom in Osaka. Considering how garish the ui of many iOS apps are, these two apps created by Japanese developer DETUNE excel by combining minimalism and functionality… And both are only US$0.99 each! Sugoi! The same company were responsible for the popular iMS-20 as well as an FM synth iYM2151


Another app I’ve been enjoying playing with is the granular processor Borderlands by Chris Carlson and it is quite astonishing once you load your own sounds in and have a decent play with it…. especially for US$3.99!


BORDERLANDS – Extended Demo from Christopher Carlson on Vimeo.


A few others I have installed but simply haven’t had time to check out yet are Brian Enos new soundscape app – theres an interview with him about it here. I also will find time to check out the PPG Wave Generator by Wolfgang Palm and lastly another granular app iPulsaret but it requires iOS6 so it will have to wait until I am back in NZ to install….


Lastly, a question: what RSS do you subscribe to for the latest iOS audio and music app releases? There must be a definitive feed out there, any suggestions?

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  1. Marc Doucet says: would be that place

  2. Tim Rogers says:

    A guy called Tim Webb runs and provides really good coverage of upcoming apps, as well as tutorials etc. It’s definitely worth checking out.

    Richard Devine also posts upcoming apps on his Facebook feed every now and again, and they’re always really cool apps that I’ve never heard of before.

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