No Selfies

Years ago someone explained it to me eloquently, but I only half remember it; ‘if someone gives you a camera and you are over X years old, you will point it at what you find interesting in the world… But if you are under X years old you will point it at yourself….’

And so the selfie became part of (some) peoples lives… but not mine!

I can’t remember what age X equals, but it is not an age I have ever lived through. And this isn’t some whimsical old age retroactive theory, I have evidence dating back decades! And I would post it if I had access to my photo archive (no, its not ‘in the cloud’ – its in a box, under the stairs, exactly where it should be!!)

As a child I was notorious for being fairly placid (not really) but when Christmas came around & the multi-generational family photo was cued up, my tantrum preceded it by about 4 frames!
I detest having my photo taken, I have never known quite why but its a strong instinct & one I hold dearly….

As an adult I have tried to philosophise it: ‘the only evidence of my existence should be audible…‘ etc, etc… But as I am sure you will know, sometimes people require a photo…. so this is as close to a ‘selfie’ as I get!


For me, it just remidns me of the day I left the car at the top of KanKaKei & repeated my earleir descent of the mountain, but this time primarily for sound, with only a little P&S camera to document locations & grab GPS.

Frankly I preferred the shot from the day before, where one of the monkeys sneaked into one of my time lapses! I was paying more attention to my 5D timelapse, which was shooting into rapidily changing light & having its metadata cranked in real time… but at some point I turned around and… there he was!


My first thought at the time was oh sh+t! He is going to steal my tripod/GoPro camera! But then i rationalised it – does he have a USB reader & something to turn the 1000+ frames into timelapse? It was only hours later when I got home & actually DID turn the frames into timelapse I realised what he was up to! He was leaving me to do all the work & just wanted to appear in shot, bottom right, edge-of-frame…


While it doesnt take much post-fu to remove him from frame, do you think I would/could?

He knew exactly what he was doing…

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