nuzic 40

▶ Song Exploder: Ibeyi – Deathless (love their accents)


▶ Deepchord – Signals [Taken from forthcoming AURATONES LP]


▶ Thomas Brinkmann live @ send + receive 2015, via llllllllllllines



▶ Funny story about this next track – yesterday, Tuesday, I was heading out to do some recording, location is about a 90 minute drive from my house… so by the time I’ve loaded all the gear in the car, I cannot wait to get there… But about ten minutes from my house there was roadworks where there is usually a passing lane & I joined the queue and waited… and waited…

Before I left home I had made a playlist on my iPod of my favourite recent music and I hit play when I left home so only 1 or 2 songs had played…
So I am impatiently sitting in the queue & this song comes on… I crank up the sound system & it sounds so good!! The roadworks suddenly let us through & I carry on driving… slowly realising that my ipod is in shuffle mode. I fckng hate shuffle, if I could disable it for the next 100 years on every device I will ever use that would be fine by me. I never use it, NEVER…. I detest it. Musicians put their tracks in order for a reason, and thats how I want to hear them. I do not, ever want the track order randomised. Ever.
But slowly I become obsessed as to which song it was – the playlist had about 20 albums, EPs etc… Eventually, via a process of elimination and perseverance I finally find it, and its this track.
Play it loud next time you’re stuck in traffic…

▶ DAYLE – Concrete Noun


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