NZFF2014_01 Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

The NZ International Film Festival started in Wellington yesterday & I’ll try & at least note the 21 films I’m seeing in the next three weeks as for some reason this years festival is packed with great films – I could easily have booked for 50+ films! So this afternoon I saw my first film, a perfect Friday afternoon for a Spanish road movie of sorts: Living is Easy With Eyes Closed

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know the films title comes from a John Lennon song, and while Lennon is the motive for the road trip by the middle aged teacher (the film is set in 1966 when Lennon was acting in a film being shot in Spain) as with many great cinematic road trips the idea of achieving the unlikely/implausible dream is an invaluable reminder of that great saying: if you don’t ask (or try) the answer is always no.

It was so great to spend a few hours in the Spanish landscape, the structure of the narrative & pacing of the film were fairly undemanding making it a film you could relax & enjoy, but it was also an emotionally engaging film that delivered its message/s without being too overt or at all self conscious. Check it out if/when you get a chance – here’s the trailer:

Beautifully naturalistic soundtrack with some very poignant moments handled masterfully in the mix, congrats to the sound team!

Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

directed by David Trueba

Álvaro Silva Wuth – sound
Bernard Chaumeil – boom operator

Eduardo G. Castro – sound editor
Álex F. Capilla – foley artist
Nacho Royo-Villanova – sound re-recording mixer
Sergio Testón – sound re-recording mixer
Ricardo Viñas – dolby sound consultant

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  1. Enos Desjardins says:

    Ahh always nostalgic watching Spanish movies! Having grown up there I wish to someday work on some Spanish films!

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