NZFF2014_03 Particle Fever

holy sh+t! what a way to spend a Sunday morning

mind blown!


That large hadron collider…. totally freaking amazing what it is they are actually aiming to do with it, like I understand one iota of it… but this documentary did a great job of making the heavy weight physics concepts accessible, as well as providing a fascinating window into the lives & characters of such amazing people who devote their lives to pursuing such esoteric science. And as a film it also packed an emotional punch that put a tear in my eye, about the same time it did the same for Mr Higgs.

Really a fascinating journey across the years of development, testing, failures & successes… and it beautifully illustrates the worldwide collaboration involved which transcends borders and politics. I also really appreciated the parallels a number of scientists in the film made between science & art. And having now had a small glimpse of the scale & nature of the data they are collecting, the idea of an artist like Ryoji Ikeda being artist in residence at CERN for two years is equally mind blowing. I cannot wait to experience what he will create, with access to such phenomenal data! The animation & infographic work in the film by MK12 was excellent – essential at times for exposition but brilliant when used to portray internal thought processes of such genius scientists.

MK12 | Particle Fever Animation/VFX Reel from MK12 on Vimeo.

I didn’t know this before seeing the film but it was edited by Walter Murch (could there be a better person for this film!) as well as re-recording mixer. The soundtrack did not really hold any surprises, nor did it need to – at times I felt the score was a tad loud/over bearing but given the grand nature of this incredible machine & its purpose, that may well just have been perfectly appropriate & I should sit further from the screen next time.

Great on the big screen but will also make an excellent DVD/BluRay experience, highly reccomended!


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  1. Phil Benson says:

    Tim, speaking of MK12, have you seen Telephoneme? One of my fav pieces of Negativland-esque sound/animation art. If you you’ve yet, check it out:

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