Jean Pierre Jeunet in 3D? I had to suspend my disbelief on the way to seeing this movie THE YOUNG AND PRODIGIOUS T.S. SPIVET as despite trying more than a few times there hasn’t yet been a 3D film I didn’t/wouldn’t prefer to see in 2D (if at all), and while I wouldn’t say this is my favourite Jeunet film by quite a stretch, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, 3D and all.

After reading an interview with Jeunet about his approach to 3D, it is interesting to note he conceived the film to be shot in 3D: “I thought in 3D,” said Jeunet. “I wrote the script and made the storyboards in 3D.” And the 3D construction and art direction of the film was a great sucess – there were only a couple of times during the screening I had to consciouslly blink, to assimilate the 3D nature of something onscreen. But it was the story & great characters (especially the great performance from the 10 year old TS Spivet) that transcended the technology.

Great sound design and mix too! In fact I’d say it was the best sounding film that I’ve seen at the festival this year. Lots of great set pieces, but a beautifully paced & characterful soundtrack – always mindful of the potential for sound to help tell the story. As with many Jeunet films I really appreciated the foley, always entirely appropriate but many, many times contributing directly to key moments of character & plot evolution. I would imagine Jeunets sound team cheer the moment they hear a new production has been greenlit, such a joy to be working with material so engaged in its sonic world!

This is a highly reccomended film, an absolute treat for adults but also an imaginatively encouraging film for young geniuses, with some nicely handled existential aspects….

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