OK, other than some random photos this is my last post ex Japan… so it just had to be about food!

There is a great saying about travel by James A. Michener: “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home”



two of my favourites: taka wasabi in front (raw octopus with wasabi) and hokke at the back (grilled/baked fish)


yakitori remnants & sake!


cute ball shaped sushi in Kyoto


sake tasting at a great little bar in Tokyo


my favourite sushi: scallops!


pretty sure this is scallop too, cooked in the shell on a little burner brought to your table


I’m prepared to try anything once, but some things I just do not like – natto on the left being one of them (its made from fermented soy beans) The smell puts me off, and after discussing foods with strong smells we found a store in Tokyo that sells Vegemite and I gave my friend Hede a jar to try. His expression when he sniffed it for the first time is classic, but he said when he went home he tried it on toast… & without appreciating how strong it is, he used a few table spoons! He said even his cigarettes tasted of vegemite for a while afterwards!

On my last day in Japan, Satoko took me to a fantastic sushi restaurant in ‘deep Osaka’ – there was quite a queue outside, waiting despite it being mid Sunday afternoon. From outside the place looked small – we sat at the counter in front of the seven sushi chefs who were all working flat out, as there was a big room at the rear and an upstairs rooms too…


The sushi here was delicious – in many ways more subtle & slightly less hyped than some of the more common sushi places. I often eat at kaiten sushi bars for lunch, as it avoids the whole ‘english menu’ bizo… but this sushi was sublime – no english menus here, I think many of the locals were surprised to see a gaijin in there… I enjoyed a few new forms of sushi I had never eaten before:


This was listed as a shiso roll – I love the flavour of shiso leaves, I think its related to mint but tastes nothing like it. But this roll also had a touch of plum in it – very delicious!!


The tamago/egg and tuna sushi were great, but the ones at the front were sea slug, and they had the strangest texture of any food I have ever eaten. Not a strong flavour but OMG that texture… As I said, I’ll try anything once…


clam miso soup – so great!!

Along with the sea slug sushi here’s a few things I tried, but once & once only!


I had to google a few things on this Yakitori menu to even identify what they were! What exactly is the thymus? Ah, wish I hadnt searched now… And ‘Artery in the vicinity of the heart’? maybe not…


I think this was abalone sushi


fish brains…


Fried whale, all in the name of research… um, really?? This was in a fairly normal restaurant in Kyoto…


4 Responses to Oishi!

  1. Dan says:


    Btw, that’s not fish brains, that’s cod sperm… Shirako sushi. 😉 It’s suprisingly awesome.

  2. tim says:

    heh heh…

    relatedly i dream of the day when I can point my phone at kanji etc & get a real time translation…
    it can’t be too many years away!

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