One Thousand Ropes

ONE THOUSAND ROPES is the second feature film by Tusi Tamasese and as it has its NZ premiere this week, I thought I’d share a ‘Making Of’ video I captured during the recording of my score for the film. Full screen, with good speakers please!

It was such a pleasure collaborating with orchestrator & conductor Ewan Clark, music editor Chris Winter and the incredible musicians: Tudor Consort Choir, Aroha String Quartet along with Joan Perarnau Garriga Double Bass and Jeremy Fitzsimons Percussion.

Along with recording the musicians I also recorded some tones & textures from a part of my modular synth, Buchla Music Easel as well as some electric guitar… Great to hear the chapel resonating! We also did some worldizing of instruments such as the Celeste, the Una Corda piano and some of the granular textures I had created… I pursued this aspect purely on instinct, but in hindsight was so glad I did as it meant these sounds merged with the performers in the final mix, as we had access to the same room mics & acoustic of the beautiful sounding chapel…

A few people have asked me if I have plans to release the score and really I don’t… I have a theory that the main market for films scores is as temp music for use by music editors on other films and to be brutally frank, I loathe temp music. It is a film making technique (aka crutch) that needs to be taken out & shot. We used no temp music in One Thousand Ropes, and instead put resources into me starting early in the schedule. By the time we had a first test screening I had drafts of all cues, some of which formed the skeleton of the final cues and others which hit the cutting room floor but helped us find the right direction.

The trailer for the film

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  1. Glenis Giles says:

    I was privileged to attend the Wellington Premier last night – thought the film was terrific, very moving and thought provoking.
    Your score & of course the sound design, added an extra layer to this finely crafted production. Wonderful work Tim – I will have to listen to these at home!
    Best wishes Glenis

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