Northern Explorer



If you need a distraction, I’m live tweeting photos on the Northern Explorer – its no Shinkansen, left Wellington 8am this morning… arrives to Auckland 7pm tonight… Shinkansen would do it in 3 hours…

Tweets start here

LOVE the open air photograpehrs carriage!!






nuzic 98



▶ Undefined ft. Rider Shafique “Three” b/w “Three Dub” – ZamZam



▶ Fink – We Watch The Stars (Horizontalism Remix)



▶ Sigur Rós presents Liminal Sleep

“we like the fact that sleep remains defiantly mysterious; something we all do – all need to do – but can’t ever get fully inside. this playlist is a modest attempt to mirror the journey of a sleep cycle, with its curves, steady states and natural transitions.” — Jónsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley





Audio Cortex


AudioCortex is a new deep learning sound browser for macOS from IcedAudio. Trained on over 100,000 sounds it can analyze sounds that have no metadata or other information and place them into logical descriptive categories.

The video above demonstrates use with music samples, but via Twitter I asked: “impressive results – have you tried it with field recordings or sound FX? appreciate it would be a far larger, more complex set of sound to analyse and learn from…”

Reply: “YES! In fact there are two modes for it. One is for music and the other is for sound design”







Southward Car Museum



I took my Dad for a visit to Southward Car Museum and was reminded how great it is, it would be one of the best in NZ, along with the car museum in Invercargill… Such beautiful and varied design from the era of fossil fuels!
















I have very fond memories of travelling in a Mini Cooper – when I was very young my family went on a holiday to the North Island, and my Dad rented a Mini Cooper for us to drive around in.. amazing considering there were four kids, and my two parents and all our baggage! I seem to remember some folklore that Enzo Ferrari was a Mini Cooper owner!
The car beside it is a Riley Elf – my grandmother used to own one and drove it often, right into her 90s! I can still clearly remember the beautiful polished walnut dashboard!













My Dad has the same motorbike as this, except his a year earlier… He used to ride it school!






Have to wonder how a Woody Allen movie prop from the 1970s ended up in NZ?



Fuji Natura S with Natura 1600




Under the bridge




Fuji Natura S with Natura 1600




Wellington in three photos








#Fujifilm_global Natura S Black #35mm with Fuji natura 1600




nuzic 97



▶ Flume – Quits (feat. Reo Cragun)
(love the spectrally mangled sample at 1.11!)



▶ Thom Yorke – Not The News (Mark Pritchard Remix)



▶ Message To Bears – Constants