Lake Zen




Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100




nuzic 133



▶ Dave Brubeck – Golden Brown

Laurence Mason: “A couple of people have asked how I made this video so here we go –
I took a clip from a 1964 live version of Take Five and made the drum loop by chopping up the intro and turning it from 5/4 into the 3/4 – 4/4 groove that Golden Brown has. The upright bass sound is sequenced from Logic, and the piano part was played in using one of the piano sounds from a Nord Electro 5D. Then I played the sax part over the top (I play a King Zephyr alto and for this I used a hard rubber Yanigasawa mouthpiece rather than my usual bright Guardala). The video was then edited using the clip I’d taken the drum loop from.”



▶ GoGo Penguin – Atomised (Live)



▶ Pinch – Making Space



▶ Samuel van Dijk a.k.a. VC-118A





Inner City Gull




Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak TriX400




Curves & Shadows




Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100




Plimmerton SH1



Can you see Plimmerton Train Station?
It is above ground, but a little smaller than Shinjuku…



July 2nd is deadline for public submissions on a proposed zoning change…
Prior to massive development of Plimmerton Farm = much of the green space in that photo…
More info is HERE





nuzic 132



▶ Porter Ricks – Zebu II



▶ Porter Ricks – Redundance (Version)



▶ Porter Ricks – Redundance 3



Party like it’s 1997