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▶ TweetDeck Research Guide



▶ Maybe useful for Streamdeck owners: Bitfocus Companionenables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck to be a professional shotbox surface for an increasing amount of different presentation switchers, video playback software and broadcast equipment.”



▶ Elon Musk’s Neuralink will be able to stream music directly to your brain… which is exactly what your ears do. But perhaps this Neuralink thing will be bi-directional and Elon will extract music from peoples brains and get rich off the spotify payments? Ho fckng ho



▶ by Fernando Livschitz





More star trails






Last weekend after messing with these I thought I’d like to download all of the timelapse footage NASA make freely available… So I set SiteSucker going & went to bed. I ended up leaving it running for a couple of days… Current progress = 822GB!




Time dilation




Learning to use stacking software via NASA timelapse footage








Magic light








Canon 1V with EF100L macro lens
#SLR Kodak #TriX 400





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▶ If birds had arms



▶ Roland CR-78 Programmer & Controller



▶ Alice O’Keeffe: My allotment was once a casual hobby. Since lockdown, it’s become a lifeline



▶ Ever feel like you might be arguing with a bot? try BotSentinel
Bonus: Top 20 hashtags tweeted by inauthentic accounts.



▶ I updated to OSX 10.14 a few weeks ago and one thing has been annoying me every time I take a screenshot: a stupid little floating preview appears on the desktop… It sits there and a few times I have made the mistake of grabbing it & dropping it on Photoshop in the dock, in which case nothing happens & the screenshot disappears!?! Anyway I finally got sick of it enough to google how to fix it. Problem solved! via the Screenshot app in OSX/Utilities/Options > Hide Stupid Floating Thumbnail!



▶ Apparently this is the PCB for *checks notes* 2020





Night falls





love this photo of Aotearoa New Zealand, at night… via Google Earth