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thanks Benji B for the reminder


Olaf Stuut – Spirograph (Traum 187) – EP available at BoomKat


Lusine – Arterial (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)







Whats your go to Piano Library?

Great to see another deeply sampled Piano instrument for Kontakt released, especially as its from SonicCouture – check out The Hammersmith here



Engineered by Peter Henderson

While the painstaking recording of such a complex instrument would be a massive undertaking, just imagine managing all that data and slowly and carefully forming it into a beautiful subtle playable instrument. My head hurts in the exact same way it does when thinking about conforming ProTools sessions for large scale studio films that never lock picture… Those who can achieve deserve respect!

Soniccouture in studio

So what is your go-to Piano?

Over the years I’ve accumulated a few, but these are the instruments that I constantly dive back into:

Korg SV1 88 (here)
primarily as a controller although with work some beautiful sounds can be coaxed from it

Soundiron Emotional Piano for Kontakt (here)
It may have the lamest name ever, but it is a beautiful, playable instrument

Cinesamples Piano in Blue for Kontakt (here)
a beautiful Steinway Model D Concert Grand & as the name eludes was used in Miles Davis Kind of Blue album recording

Boscomac AirPiano for Reaktor (here)
“Only 2 Mb for an infinite pleasure…. with Air Piano, be sure that Brian Eno’s hair will never grow again.”
This shouldn’t really be even feasible, but it is a delight to play… instantly zone out!

And now?
SonicCouture The Hammersmith (here)


How about you?