Jackson River


Of all the places I have visited in New Zealand, the West Coast and specifically Haast
is one place where if a dinosaur stomped out onto the road, it would be no surprise!




After visiting Jacksons Bay I headed back inland and then headed further South on a gravel road
which followed the Jackson River, through forests that have remained untouched for centuries





fck ‘Treebeard’ & the hobbits… these forests are the real deal!


ps: nice to arrive to Punakaiki and a house with decent wifi!



Jackson Bay

Had a 5 hour drive, mostly in rain, over Haast Pass to stay in the Haast township,
one of the few places in New Zealand to have no cell phone coverage at all!
Did a great drive, as far South as it is possible to go on the West Coast to Jackson Bay…
Showers of rain would come & go… and the quality of light was magic!!



Had some delicious blue cod for lunch in a tiny cafe here,
while I waited for another rain shower to pass…





Checkmate in three moves?

My last photo from Stewart Island (until my XPAN film is processed!)
Stewart Island is really a magic place – having travelled all over New Zealand,
this was my first visit to Stewart Island, and thanks to meeting some great people
I am already planning my next visit (after winter)