Blast Door


recorded a super heavy ‘Blast Door’ the other day… recorded from INT perspective too, but a little unnerving being in there with lots of chemicals…


North Tora Pan


First time I’ve tried shooting a panorama with my drone – its only two images stitched together but hey… its worth doing more… Click image to see larger version – love that landscape!

The Planck Universe

3 DLP video projectors, computers, speakers
concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda
programming, computer graphics: Norimichi Hirakawa, Tomonaga Tokuyama, Yoshito Onishi, Satoshi Hama
commissioned by and produced in cooperation with ZKM I Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
Camera: Martina Rotzal, Christina Zartmann. ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
© Ryoji Ikeda Studio, 2015. All rights reserved.

Cellular Recorder

Dear Sound Devices
I’d like a cellular single channel audio recording system, with each cell having a single high quality preamp & 24/192 recorder built in. Cells would all be wirelessly synced together with sample accuracy, and a swarm of recorders could all be remotely controlled from a single app, while also being able to be distributed & spaced up to 1km apart. Each cell would wirelessly transmit a lower resolution feed for monitoring, with the option (via GPS tracking & calculation) of time alignment…. The cell would be small, indestructible & solid state (incase of misunderstanding, I dont mean cellular as in cell phone – I mean it as a metaphor of single cells combining to create a larger organism…. but this system would obviosuly need some form of rapid wireless comms to avoid latency)

Please let me know when available – I’d like to buy six immediately!


Detritus 364


▶ Given the maleness of the industry, it’s a surprise to realise just how many classic films have been crafted by female editors: Scissor sisters


▶ The best quotes from Brian Eno’s John Peel Lecture


▶ hmmmm… Vinyl sales are more valuable than ad-supported streaming in 2015


▶ learning to roar?


▶ Humpbacks synchronize their music across oceans, and there’s sheet music to prove it… apparently


▶ great news: Ryuichi Sakamoto to score next film by Birdman director González Iñárritu


▶ “When we learn to speak the ‘why’ of sound, we are speaking the language of storytelling.” – Mark Mangini


▶ nice work Moog – a great entry point & really great to see expansion with other modules in that video!!


▶ Contact microphone recording of kite line scream by Tom Benedict
#150 Cored Dacron kite line + 6′ rokkaku kite + 6kt variable wind
Piezo contact microphone attached to a carabiner that was part of the ground tackle recorded to Tascam DR-70D



▶ support the doco: Deep Listening – The Story of Pauline Oliveros on indiegogo


▶ Any thoughts on soundly? “Soundly lets you drag sound effects from the cloud and drop them into your project, saving precious time….” – not quite sure how relying on the speed of your internet connection is going to ‘save time’ when compared with accessing & searching local hard drives, so its aim must be to act as a search engine for online resources in which case its use is totally dependent on what resources it can actually access…. time will tell, but one thing is sure – it may not be the first (SoundMiner can access some online libraries) but it wont be the last…


▶ check that uber double bass at 1’26”


White Rock

On the way back from Tora, I drove out to White Rock aiming to walk across river & visit another shipwreck. Its a wreck that I have shot before, but that was before I had a drone so wanted to revisit it…. but was totally thwarted by the river being too high to cross!?! Last time I went it was just a trickle… so I wandered to the end of the beach and tried to fly to the wreck from there, and I got close but didnt have the nerve to fly down & get close ups as the drone would have been out of my sight, behind a hill. While I think the control & video signals would be ok I didnt want to test it (& also the new drone laws in NZ mean you must have eye contact at all times) so I had to settle for some wideshots… and will return during summer!


Further to the south is the white rock that gave the area its name. This coast can be brutal & when I was here with a couple of friends years ago they climbed on to the rock & almost got taken out by a rogue wave – very scary!
The wind was pretty light on this visit, so I went for a fly over white rock & out to see over the reef & exposed rocks… For scale, you can see my little ant car down there…



The house we stayed in at Tora had a bathymetry map of NZ on the wall in the kitchen, and seeing these rocks disappear into the sea intrigued me… so once I got home I went for a hunt & discovered NIWA have free high rez bathymetry maps of New Zealand, available here

Check out the incredibly complex undersea landscape – psychedelic bathymetry!




Spent the last few days over at Tora, a fairly remote location on the East Coast – about 2.5 hour drive from Wellington. Primary motive was to shoot a shipwreck thats there, but I did a bit of recording as well especially at a location which is one of those stony beaches where the rocks being dragged out with the outgoing waves is like beautiful granular percussion….


Shot some long exposures of that eroded rock too… and flew my drone out around the rocky peninsula…
Dusk shot from 100m up: