Church of Capitalism




Have to wonder…
When they took down the cross, did they replace it with a giant $ sign?








This is just a crappy iPhone snapshot, of some of the sand out at Wharariki Beach… but it inspired me to go back out there for a second day and pursue shooting properly… I took both my Canon 5D3 and my 1V SLR, and using the Canon EF100 macro lens ended up blowing two rolls of TriX 400.

The sand gets blown around so much out there, it creates very interesting forms – organic but highly detailed… Sometimes they reminded me of the scale models of the landscapes around models of Tadao Ando buildings. Can’t wait to see how they look on film!




shots fired




XPAN with the 90mm lens meant I could tightly frame that tree out on the point, and with a 4minute longexposure it should work as a minimalist composition… proofs in the pudding!











shooting in the rain






I bought this small brolly with clamp many years ago, when I was more into shooting timelapse but never used it much… I put it in one of my bags for this trip and was glad to have it this morning, as the stormy light was beautiful but the drizzle turned to rain… I got wet but my XPAN didnt…

FWIW: Velbon Umbrella and Clamp UC6

Main advantage is that you can put the brolly in the clamp while composing, focusing and then put on filters (all of which requires two hands) and then when ready to shoot long exposure, take the brolly out of its holder and hand hold it, so any wind buffets on the brolly don’t get transmitted to the tripod & camera… I didn’t have it with me when in Taupo last time, and found it frustrating trying to juggle a normal brolly while also carefully trying to frame the shot, wrangle filters etc…











Shots fired