I managed to buy an Octave Plateau Cat SRM duophonic synth locally – its apparently not in great condition so once I pick it up it will be going directly to my tech for some TLC… Found service manual etc here

When you consider what they sell for on eBay I got this one for a bargain, but similarly to buying a vintage car in need of restoration it is only viable if you have a great electronics/tech… So respect to Tim Prebble of Dogmatek (small world huh? I suspect us sharing the same name causes him more hassle than I, cos I arrived on planet earth first, by a decade or two 😉

But do check out his site as he has some very interesting audio products in development, the first of which the Arctic Wolf Twin Modulator is nearing release!


Detritus 378

▶ rest in peace Else Marie Pade – article from The Wire


▶ seems like my dream of a cellular/modular recorder might become real thanks to digigrid
(via protools expert)


▶ new doorbell anyone?



▶ some of my best friends are gifs


▶ imagination, beautifully personified by Gabriel Levesque


▶ xkcd: birdsong


▶ love these floating bonsai via Colossal
(except if i got one it would be dead within a week… boohoo floating mini compost)


▶ these warped drone photos are almost vertigo inducing!



▶ Toni Vicsonti breaks down David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ track-by-track from the original master tape – fascinating to hear the mic technique for recording the vocal (thanks Michael!)





Bought this great set of four rototoms a month or two ago, secondhand off Trademe and really enjoy playing them but what is especially fascinating to me is microtuning – it really is one of the most accessible ways to explore micro intervals… and like a lot of props, they produce a huge range of sounds but especially when played gently






shot with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100L macro lens

Palliser Bay





If it looks a little grey thats because it was – I purposefully waited for a southerly to almost pass, as needed the temperature to drop enough for the cicadas to stop their incessant singing… I took my tent & lights, thinking that failing all else I would wait until evening to do my recording… but luckily by about 4pm it cooled down enough for relative quiet… A successful mission and my new favourite camp site = Corner Creek – its managed by DOC and as you need a 4WD to get there it seems it is not very busy. On a grey Friday night there was only a few others there… (those popular camping sites packed full of families is a form of hell I want no part of – the aim is to get away from it all, not transplant suburbia!)


Bliss waking up to the roar of the ocean… and the gentle patter of rain on my tent


Shady Mofos


from my drone shoot at TeKauKau Point – I must have filmed for ten minutes before I realised there was a small mob of sheep sitting in the shade of the wreck, watching me! (I was sitting 100m down the beach)

Music please

▶ Alex Humann – Intrinsic Audio Sessions [IAS] #36 (free download)


▶ A guide to early african electronic music


▶ some wild techno! IS 167 – Peev [Haste] (free download)


▶ love GoGo Penguin – new album dropping Feb 5th on Blue Note, seriously love the track Unspeakable World which doesn’t seem to be online anywhere (Giles Petersen played it a few weeks back)


▶ new Ital Tek album Hollowed due 18th March


▶ new DeepChord vinyl/digital also due Feb 5th – Atmospherica Vol. 2


▶ new Hatti Vatti 10″ vinyl due 19.02.2016



▶ random Q: whats your favourite Ali Farka Toure track?


TeKauKau Point


beautiful day today, revisited shipwreck at TeKauKau Point for the third time – first time didn’t have the drone, second time river was too high to cross… this time = success!

shot with DJI Phantom 3 Pro

The Endings

Does this ever happen to you? You have an interesting idea – something you haven’t seen or heard before but could be interesting to pursue… you make a note, and leave it for your subconscious to ponder for a few days & then… you see a similar idea online! Maybe not exactly the same and maybe not as ‘good’ but thats the old ‘my intention’ versus ‘your action’ unfair comparison… but still….

Heres my idea – I was watching a few old Bowie vids and during one I noticed how interesting the endings of songs can be, take this example: Bowie playing the stylophone on the Jonathon Ross show circa 2002, its cued up for the ending of this particular song:

For someone as iconic as Bowie it would be kind of fun to sample the ending moments from lots of his music, compare them and maybe mash them into something new… The idea also got me thinking about the role of musical endings… I always remember talking to a rerecording mixer years ago about a certain composer & while the film and score had been great, one comment stuck in my mind ‘they don’t know how to write endings’. When this happens it means the mixer has to create an ending, whether its via fading it out in some clever way, hiding the non-ending behind dialogue or effects or asking a music editor for help… If it happens on a few cues, no problem… but if its the same for every cue, it makes you wonder if they didn’t really consider that the endings matter. Cue the gnashing of teeth….

Relatedly when something slowly grinds to a halt its often said it ‘peters out’ but who is this peter? via Phrase Finder “The earliest known use of peter as a verb meaning dwindle relates to the mining industry in the USA in the mid 19th century, and it is reasonable to accept that that is where it originated. Thoughts of US mining at that date bring to mind images of the California Gold Rush, which is sometimes suggested as the source of this phrase. The earliest uses of the word in that context come from later, for example, this piece from the Wisconsin newspaper the Milwaukee Daily Gazette, December 1845, which pre-dates the California rush (although there was an earlier Georgia Gold Rush in 1829). The story concerns an old prospector who is comparing his dwindling life circumstances with his diminishing finds of the mineral galena (lead sulphide): “When my mineral petered why they all Petered me. Now it is dig, dig, dig, drill, drill for nothing. My luck is clean gone – tapered down to nothing.”… While the root source of ‘peter out’ is fairly certainly mining, there’s no clear understanding of why the word ‘peter’ was chosen in this context.

Anyway, every time I listen to a Bowie song I am going to make a note of the ending… but the parallel idea someone else had pursued?

Ever wonder how many AC/DC songs end the same way? The answer is…a lot! Mark & Neanderpaul did the legwork. You get the “benefit.”

Shame they didn’t retain the previous bars to provide some context – as one commenter sardonically notes: “OMG – you discovered that bands often end songs on the tonic chord of the key of the song! What a find!”

Rather than sound like “someone messing up on Guitar Hero” it could have been something far more interesting!

update: maybe this is a more interesting riff on endings…. & yeahs?

‘yeah’ by henrique iwao ^ ^