nuzic 2

▶ Kaytranada – Drive Me Crazy (ft. Vic Mensa)


▶ A piece for glass armonica, toy piano, desk bells, voice, and live electronics, composed by D. Turner Matthews. Performed by Jake Schlaerth (glass armonica, voice) and D. Turner Matthews (toy piano, desk bells, voice).



▶ Badu: Godmother of Soul via New Yorker


▶ Carl Craig, live modular




▶ new James Blake album – The Colour In Anything
update: new video by UVA!


▶ new Phaeleh EP


Blush Response – industrial strength techno!


▶ Jim Fassett (thanks @chamomileshark)


▶ The Dong With A Luminous Nose – Edward Lear’s famous poem as told by Ivor Cutler, From Neal Ardley’s 1971 LP A Symphony of Amaranths


▶ PT Anderson directs Radiohead, from their new album A Moon Shaped Pool


Web dev


I’ve been slowly working on redeveloping the HISSandaROAR website, but had to get some help from a professional… only problem is his demands seem to be escalating! First it was fresh milk & boutique cat biscuits, now he wont do anything without the best sashimi on hand!

update: OMG Hes starting to threaten me!


No Murphy no!
Look I’ll get you some catnip if you stop this




Currently down South for Mothers Day, and was a beautiful sunny autumn day so went for a drive up to Mesopotamia



This is the headlands of the Rangitata River…



Detritus 389

▶ I love slow films but a seven hour trailer? for a 30 day long film!?


▶ rip


▶ free Exposure app by LEE Filters for Big Stopper users


▶ double Double Bass?


▶ WTF? People are selling rain from the day Prince died


▶ Unreliable Ltd? Over Normal Ltd? Unsustainabubble Ltd? Random Rubbish Ltd? Guess the artist?


XOXX Composer


▶ love this: site specific pin hole cameras


▶ no prizes for guessing the #1 of this listicle: 25 best Japanese film makers


▶ I get a weird sense of satisfaction outputing an AAF or OMF for myself when picture editing… ‘he’s going to enjoy this one!’
@JonathonKing “It’s mess … but I’ll let the sound department fix that shit up …”
@Me “I hear he likes a challenge….”


▶ wow, so glad I never took up that Apple Music trial period, seems odd that they basically trick us all into agreeing to their terms & conditions (has anyone ever read, let alone understood all of their T&C?) when if the same was applied in the real world, this issue would be like Apple breaking into my house & taking all my vinyl away!
Relatedly I am rapidly getting tired of the whole software/data as a (dis) service concept – two useful apps I like & have used have changed their business model, with both TextExpander and Freedom apps becoming subscriber apps. End result, neither are so valuable or irreplaceable that when my current install stops working I will take up their subscriber models and will instead find an alternative that is NOT a SaaS!
Its a sad day when an otherwise good app is resold with no real benefits to users, in a naked attempt at accelerated capitalism.





Another part to the puzzle of Project X arrived – thanks to Veima Auctions

Kind of relatedly, have you seen this: Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio has an unreal collection of synths etc and annual membership costs AU$220 and is limited to 500 people
First session is free, each 4 hour session after costs AU$44!
Check out their collection HERE

What a brilliant idea… would love to have a play on a TRIADEX MUSE

hmmmm checks return airfares…

An instrument per film

The reward for pretty much every film I have worked on, aside from the work itself, has been a musical instrument. Sometimes it has been acoustic (eg my double bass from Perfect Strangers back in 2000) and sometimes both (eg the my Korg SV1 piano in 2011 for The Orator). In more recent times it has often been modules…

For my current project (score for Tusi Tamasese new film ONE THOUSAND ROPES) I’ve added a number of incredibly well executed Kontakt and UVI instruments, as well as a few random collections of small ethnic instruments (via TradeMe), but this? This is the reward for my current project:


The rabbit hole just got even deeper….
And yes, it will definitely be appearing in the soundtrack!



I managed to pick up the Buchla Music Easel secondhand via MW forum, ex someone in Melbourne who bought it in 2015, so it is practically new. Also included is the Wifi card and a Synovatron CVGT1 Eurorack module, which means I can store/recall/edit patches via iPad and also connect to and from my Eurorack modular synth…


FWIW here is Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on the Buchla Music Easel:

and Giorgio Sancristoforo:

Have to confess to one other addition – it wasn’t particularly on my radar, but I simply could not avoid it…


Its a fairly rare MultiVox MX-450 pedal synth, which appeared on Trademe and made me think hmmm…
It fits the criteria for a future project, and who knows – it may well end up in a duet with the Music Easel! Suprisingly it has CV inputs and is made by the same people who made one of the rarest (non-working) synths I own, the Firstman SQ01 – which was a fore runner to the TB303. I’ve had a local tech look at my SQ01 with no success, so I may have to take it to FiveG in Tokyo sometime… but I love the idea that two such idiosyncratic synths originated from the same Japanese company in the 1970s and have been in someones cupboard in New Zealand until this moment!

Detritus 388

▶ Music 2025: Access or Experience?


▶ genius: SL1200 mod’d to play digital files


▶ Apparently we are currently passing through the tail of Halley’s Comet




▶ interview with local sound artist, composer, percussion genius Phil Dadson


▶ mmmm 1000fps


▶ Lumen video synth app is released


▶ four space echos? excellent! (from about 28′ onwards he talks more philosophically about music, composing etc)


▶ While this article is aimed at screenwriters, it applies to anyone working in the film industry and about mid way through the article is this very poignant observation: “what will mostly define you more than anything else is what projects you say yes to and what projects you say no to


▶ “How does it feel when someone posts a video of a circuit you designed, hacked so that it uses high-voltage Nixie Tubes as the display instead of the crappy red LEDs you used?” – in praise of open source


▶ anyone old enough to have used Studio Vision? I started using Sound Designer straight after film school in 1991 but this article describes how StudioVision was the first app to combine audio & MIDI came into existence 21 years ago… I managed to get an NFR of StudioVision when it was released as I was working for the local distributor and Opcode sent out a guy to promote it. Still remember when I was driving him out to Auckland airport after his visit, a car directly in front of us on the motorway got a blow out & crashed into the side of the motorway!!


▶ Mario Wienerroither does it again!


Not quite winter

Have been slowly preparing for winter – collecting up firewood & even had the fire cranked up last night… But summer/autumn is hanging on for now, was a beautiful day so went for a drive up the coast a bit and since it was so still, took the drone for a fly!


Love this bit of road, between Paekakriki and Pukerua Bay, sandwiched between the ocean & the hills… if you look hard you can see the new escarpment walking track up top of the hills on the left…


Drove out to the beach, north of Waikanae (safely away from air space restrictions associated with the small airport at Paraparaumu)



Love being up above the ocean & watching the wave patterns as they roll in… so I left the drone up there for ten minutes while I shot video… 1080p vid so watch it HD and full screen if you want the full effect!