Wairaka Point



nice to be outside today!
Shot some #xpan #longexposures at Wairaka Point, round from Pukerua Bay



NZ Topomap







Weird harmonics



New HISSandaROAR Library is now released: SD038 THUNDER SHEET
Such interesting spectrum, these are mostly from small brass thunder sheets…











Detritus 475



▶ Slow motion backdraft


▶ Going viral, the results are not what you might expect



▶ The Colors of Our Dreams



▶ great news – Béla Tarr to premiere new film ‘Missing People’ this summer in Vienna!!



▶ ancient Tibetan graphic scores



▶ Mark Zuckerberg does not speak for the Internet



▶ Infographics/graphic scores show the human-like musical structure of humpback whale songs



▶ China is weird, example 1 and example 2



▶ fascinating read: Jacinda Ardern: ‘Very little of what I have done has been deliberate. It’s intuitive’





Zenjix garden








Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 50mm ZE lens + Zenjix orb lens thing




Zenjix Piano








Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 50mm ZE lens + Zenjix orb lens thing




Happy belated Piano Day!

Bit late, Piano Day being on the 88th day of the year, March 29th… but my contribution involved installing a new piano! The only physical piano I dream of IRL is a Disklavier, meanwhile so far so good with NI Noire – Nils Frahm’s concert grand, deep sampled in Saal 3 of Berlin’s renowned, Bauhaus-designed Funkhaus recording complex…. Apparently “NOIRE uses 22 dynamic layers (both, in the Pure and Felt version) and has no round robins. However, just to shine some light on our piano production technique: These 22 dynamic layers were selected out of the 70 – 100 samples, which we’ve recorded per key. So we did not only record the ones we used, but we’ve selected the best 22 samples per key for a smooth dynamic curve. More is not always better, it also has to perform right…” It seems to take me a little while to dial down some of the ‘extras’ to the point where it feels natural to me… But it is early days, lots of exploring to do…. and some new presets to create!


Meanwhile in my garden, rust accumulates as music slowly sprouts…








Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens




On Landscape



The brilliant & deeply inspiring magazine ON LANDSCAPE published a little 4×4 portfolio of some of my XPAN photos: Wanders with my XPAN

Discovering On Landscape magazine was a breath of fresh air for me, mainly due to it being clearly focused on creative process and the ideas behind landscape photography & creating art rather than gear obsession and the ‘content as advertising’ which seems to have infected so many magazines & platforms… I am thoroughly enjoying exploring their archive. Highly reccomended!







Excellent birds



0:07 Grey Go-away-bird
0:40 Capuchinbird
1:08 American Bittern
1:29 Brown Sicklebill
1:40 Laughing Kookaburra
2:05 Great Potoo
2:35 Willow Grouse
3:13 Jack Snipe
3:44 Channel-billed Cuckoo
4:26 Black-footed Albatross
5:17 Western Capercaillie
6:10 Black-throated Loon
6:43 Northern Lapwing
7:11 Southern Cassowary
7:28 Tui
8:27 Montezuma Oropendola



0:00 Barred Owl
0:09 Swinhoe’s Snipe
0:54 Crested Oropendola
1:20 Dusky Grouse
2:00 Cory’s Shearwater
2:39 Emu
3:05 European Nightjar
3:42 Australian Magpie
4:15 Barred Owl
4:51 Gunnison Sage Grouse
5:33 Great-tailed Grackle
6:23 Common Eider
7:00 Greater Hoopoe-lark
7:33 Atlantic Puffin
8:07 Eurasian Bittern
8:36 Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
9:24 Pin-tailed Snipe