Ocean Beach


Its an odd name for a beach: Ocean Beach… be like calling a river Water River or something… Stopped here on way home from my drone recording session & had enough batteries left to fly here & shoot some video.
It is amazing how stable the DJI Phantom 3 is – I sat up there, about 100m up & filmed waves breaking along the coast for 4 or 5 minutes, without any camera movement. Its like the worlds largest tripod!

Canyon drone


VERY careful flying today, recording my DJI Phantom 3 Pro in a mini-canyon…


Yesterday captured amazing sounds of a Quad 250 racer – these are super lightweight & very fast, made for racing & really take some serious skills to fly let alone race…. Thankfully had a great pilot who was happy to blast pass my mics – thanks Cheye!


The controller and FPV setup – the racing quad has a small video camera built into the front of it, so when racing the pilot wears these VR goggles & is flying via first person pov! But best of all, these very fast little racers sound amazing – very much like F1 except in 3 dimensions!

Here’s a bit of a blast (not my video, but imagine this with full field POV!)

And from the sublime to the ridiculous… I’ve also been torturing these cheap little quads for the imminent HISSandaROAR library – they aren’t very loud but make great sounds so I’ve been recording them in my foley room!


serious fun!

music please

General Ludd – Rare Earth Metal EP



Secret Location – Pete Namlook & Higher Intelligence Agency (S.H.A.D.O. – 1997)



Xenakis-Emulator [Kammerbauer + Schnellboegl 1998]



Dawn by Alex Humann



new Lee Scratch Perry doco is finished – can’t wait to see it!



ps i dare you to play all of those at the same time

Detritus 357

by Jeffrey Moser


▶ some great footage of Harald Bode in his studio here shot in 1972, along with lots of great info & articles here – great to see some of his notebooks!


▶ interview with sound artist Aernoudt Jacobs


▶ How to make a grass whistle – I taught the kids who helped me in PNG to do this, they’d never heard it before!


▶ 12 hours of summer crickets in Japan?


▶ “Talent decides everything. More than the method, what’s important is the talent using it. There’s nothing inherently wrong or right about a method….” (Hayao Miyazaki is making a CG short film!)


▶ shot from Japan’s Himawari 8 weather satellite


▶ “Tree Radio modifies trees to become radio transmitters of micro FM radio and broadcast the sound of their own bio acoustic ‘voices’… – great project by Magz Hall – more info HERE


by EchinopsisFreak



loveletter 恋文 by ELSTRAN BROS

NOTE: must watch full screen!

Zen graffiti


shot by McKays Crossing overpass, Kapiti with 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 21mm lens

My next module

If you are a musician who works solely ITB & who has never understood the attraction of modular, this module may change your mind…

Appreciating what is possible with just this one module alone, instantly makes my brain start to think of ways I would use it. Some of those uses would be pursuing a musical idea or specific sound, but just imagine the ideas & sounds that could be created/processed that could never be preconceived!

Now the patient waiting for this module to arrive begins… its not even on their website yet, but is apparently “a few weeks away” from release.. UPDATE it IS on their site HERE

Nathan at Noise Jockey has a great article HERE describing how & why he went down the rabbit hole…



The location where I did the drone recording today is very close to the end of a long windy gravel road, so along the way I stopped off to try & find a similarly quiet, remote location that is a bit easier to get to…
As luck would have it, this peninsula wasn’t suitable due to the sound of the lake on the North side, but as I read the sign I suddenly realised I’d found another shipwreck for my book project!



On the way home I stopped here again & hiked the 2.7km along the beach, hunting for the remains of the ship that ran aground here over a century ago… And just as I began to despair that the remains had been buried, there it was! Shot the sh+t out of it & hiked back to the car, just as the sun set…


Love the quality of light that occurs just after sunset… water becomes like mercury!