shot with Fujifilm Natura S 35mm camera and Natura 1600 film




Quadraphonic Master Class with Suzanne Ciani




How brilliant & right on topic for my current work – I recently upgraded my rear monitors so as to have matched JBL LSR28Ps for quad, and plan to move one of my subwoofers to the rear so I can switch focus from front to back etc when working…




Soon we are 8




Just a heads up, if you are planning to pickup a HISSandaROAR sound library any time soon maybe hold off until next Thursday, when our 8th Birthday Sale starts!




Black sparrow




Love the logo for Black Sparrow – took this on my way to NZIFF screening of Hirokazu Koreeda SHOPLIFTERS – love the feeling of going to the cinema during the day and stumbling out 2 hours later with a head full of dreams, in this case into a rainy Wellington dusk… great film, highly reccomended!








Ordered some Tendrils for my modular synth – can never have enough patch cables, but I like the idea of these low profile right angle cables… will post some photos once I start working with them






#macro #monochrome








Canon 1V SLR + EF100L macro lens + Kodak TriX400




nuzic 63



▶ Aphex Twin – T69 Collapse


▶ Tony Allen – Ole(A Remix by Moritz von Oswald)


▶ Ólafur Arnalds – Tiny Desk Concert



▶ Pugilist – Cha / Syncopate


▶ Bass Clef – Acid Hearse


▶ Tim Hecker — This life









Some evidence of winter, and maybe some virtual relief for those of you suffering extreme summer heat (on news just before they mentioned it might reach 50 degrees Celcius in Portugal today!!) – this was the frost one morning last week on my parents lawn in Ashburton – I don’t get frosts where I live so it was a novelty to feel that crunch underfoot!









Now that we are mid winter in NZ I was happy to see this photo on a roll of Fuji Natura 1600 I got back from lab recently… Field recording on Stewart Island in warmer times…
Fuji Natura S camera with Natura 1600 35mm film





Wellington #architecture 2








Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with 30mm lens
first = Kodak Tmax3200
second & third = Kodak TriX400




Wellington #architecture








Fuji TX2/XPAN2 with 30mm lens
first and third = Kodak Tmax3200
second = Kodak TriX400








got home last night from 12 day road trip,
today couriered 16 rolls of film off to the lab, all XPAN!
7 x Ilford SFX200
2 x Kodak Trix400
2 x Kodak Tmax3200
2 x Kodak Tmax100
3 x Velvia100





Accidental portait




nice to meet a photographer out in the field, at St Bathans




No exit





my favourite kind of road!




first photo is by St Bathans, second is top of Lake Hawea




Detritus 454



▶ Ryoji Ikeda, he speaks!


▶ #trigger warning: Bloke who added kick drum to classic disco track thinks he’s a producer #LOL


▶ For anyone outside NZ, you might need to find a VPN that gets you within our borders (does that even exist???) but highly reccomend new TV series Wellington Paranormal – it is a very funny ride-along with two NZ police who as the title already explained are THE Wellington Paranormal unit. Local stream available here (and of course, legally whatever you do, do not look for this on dodgy tv torrent sites!) If you enjoyed What We Do In The Shadows, then this is like a preternatural version of one of those procedural cop shows that clog TV programming because they are cheap to make… sidenote: while the Phoenix Foundation guys are responsible for the wry score, I laughed when I saw the highly litigous parody theme music credited to Jermaine, who is one of the producers… presumably with all that Hollywood acting cash stashed under his bed he can manage any legal parody enquiries better than the musos themselves… #hilarial #i_want_to_believe #dog_wearing_jeans #haunted_sock? #not_a_reliable_witness


▶ in other NZ news, which I would prefer to be from a TV parody show, a cop tasered a “rampaging” goat 13 times WTF? I’ve known some goats in my time and it does feel like parody/WTF to think this could actually be required… #crossed_the_blue_line? #do_werewolves_climb_trees? #NO


▶ Wim Wenders on iPhone “photography”








last photo of the day, a long exposure in Timaru




Lake Pukaki



There was a weird cloud layer through Central Otago today, but by the time I got to Lake Pukaki there was a different cloud stream coming in from the West and the reflections looked amazing!!
Of course every time I am near Lake Pukaki, it means time to stop for this:







Omarama clay cliffs




My first time visiting these clay cliffs, near Omarama and they are very impressive!!




Lake Hawea


























a tribute to The Shining




One of the bedrooms at the Constables Cottage at St Bathans had this matching pair of beds & the symmetry made me think of The Shining… and these decoy ducks were in the bathroom… a few drinks later and….


ps a useful field recording/life hack I highly reccomend: negotiate late checkout! A polite email and my checkout time changed from 10am to midday, which gave me enough time to shoot the above photo, and record all the doors (plus some windows, light switches & an ancient coal range) in the Cottage… I prioritised the props that looked original – no one replaces a door unless it fails and a house built in 1884 sets a pretty high standard when a lot of tech (& apps/plugins) now don’t even last five years!





Creeped myself out!




creeped myself out shooting long exposures in the cemetery at St Bathans late last night…






NZ landscapes




It is easy to forget just how stunning NZ landscapes are. It is many years since I have driven this route, from Alexandra through to Wanaka, and the scale is just totally overwhelming… As was the supermarket in Wanaka – OMFG its like a suburb of Auckland now!!





Shipwreck #78




Visited #NZ shipwreck #78, an old oyster boat almost as far from the sea as you can get (in Central Otago)






I could live here #328




This was way in a 4WD track that a local tipped me off to…
If someone could install fibre I would pay good money to stay here!!




St Bathans Dam




drove in to the St Bathans dam and flew my drone, got some great footage of the flow into this dam inlet, and then a storm came through… ten minutes later & would not have been able to shoot anything!







St Bathans




a magic day shooting!
Spent first few hours around St Bathans lake
Apart from drone & 5D3 I shot a roll of Ilford SFX200 and a roll of Fuji Velvia 100 with my XPAN2…
can’t wait to see them!! Day 8 of my road trip & 11 rolls shot




Danseys Pass





there was snow at the top!



Cape Foulwind


I stayed a couple of nights at Cape Foulwind, near Westport… I arrived late in the day and as it was lightly raining I didnt get to have a look around the property in daylight but when it cleared in the evening I checked out the view and shot the long exposure above… I could hear the sea pounding below but wasn’t quite sure how high the cliff was…
The AirBnB is the cottage beside the two story house, and where I took the night photo was at the little deck/look out at bottom right



The morning I left was clear so I took my drone for a fly and OMFG!!!



From that lookout it must be an 80m drop straight down on to rocks, or the sea if the tide is in!! I shot some video with the camera pointed straight down and I almost broke out in a sweat watching it… VERTIGO!!





Mt Rockfort




After getting some advice from a local I did a 4WD mission to the top of Mt Rockfort today – awesome drive, a bit like driving across the surface of the moon (which I clearly have a lot of experience with) but icy cold up the top… Surprisingly quiet up there, even the huge aerial structure was pretty quiet in the light wind…







Funny to travel to such a remote place & find a familiar symbol – do you know the band?





cute tiny alpine lake


actually it is Mount Rochfort and altitude is 1040m
no wonder it was chilly up there !(& my ears popped)








DJI Mavic Pro



Dusk transit

























Wellington to Picton at dusk
Canon 5D3 +EF100-400L lens





Watching the Detectives


I have *always* loved the drums in this song – its a great bit of song writing but I just love the drums & especially the way the hihat skips like in reggae & dub… And, brace yourself, but today I learned something from a youtube comment!!

“They had Steve Goulding in as a session drummer for just this one track on the album. If you see some video of the Attractions playing this song live you’ll see that their regular drummer didn’t even try to play the song this way”

And its so true – watch any live version of this song and its just hammered out with no syncopation at all…

Googled Steve Goulding, and via 2014 Modern Drummer

“It’s also Goulding slashing his way through Costello’s early hit “Watching the Detectives.” Goulding ended up on the track after subbing for Thomas (who was in the U.S. playing with John Stewart at the time) at tryouts Costello was holding to find a keyboardist and bassist to round out the Attractions.

“We spent all day auditioning bass and keyboard players,” Goulding recalls from his home in New York City, where he’s lived since the early 2000s. “‘Watching the Detectives’ was one of the tunes they had the people learn to see if they could play reggae. Most people couldn’t. I was quite conversant with reggae. I’d been listening to it since before I started playing. Where I grew up in Streatham, South London, that’s where all the Jamaicans came and set up shop, basically. You just had that music all the time. It was one of the first things I ever played on the kit. [Bob Marley’s] Carlton Barrett and [Peter Tosh’s] Sly Dunbar were both huge influences.

“Elvis wanted to record the song as a single,” Goulding continues, “and since they didn’t have Pete around, Andrew [Bodnar, Rumour bass player], Elvis, and I did it, and [Attractions keyboardist] Steve Nieve put the keyboards on it afterward. I wanted to combine Ringo Starr with a Lee Perry/Carlton Barrett kind of thing. I’d had the part worked up because we’d done it so many times during the auditions. [Costello manager] Jake Riviera was in the studio, and after an early take he was like, ‘That’s the one, that’s the one.’ I said, ‘I can do it better,’ so we did it again. And it was technically better, but it didn’t have the feel. So we just kept the previous take, warts and all.”


Thanks random Youtube commenter!





Detritus 453

▶ fascinating read on the art and science of Max Coopers Emergence AV project – part 1 and part 2


▶ and the award for cutest voiceover…


▶ “they didn’t realise they were being exposed to totally new tonal colours. Our legacy really is educating people to a new art form.”


▶ Harmony, five levels of difficulty….


▶ I’m not going to comment about recent Trump diplomacy… and by ‘not’ I really meant I won’t not mention it… But I especially had no idea how expertly the Queen of England trolled him, read this twitter thread and follow up brooch decoder


▶ Just got all 4 tyres on my 4WD replaced – I knew they were getting worn and remembered I replaced all four last time but the tyre company had my stats and turns out I did 60,000km in the the three years since I got them! Thats a lot of road trips, 15% of the way to the moon in fact!
Its funny, some friends of mine went on an epic trip to China many years ago and somehow ended up going on a white water rafting trip. The guide asked each person where they were from and when my friends said they were from New Zealand the guide got excited and asked which of the amazing places in NZ they had done white water rafting? “Um… none!” Not hassling them, we all do things when travelling we might do at home, but it also amazes me how little some people know their own country. I don’t mean in a ‘take a selfy at all the tourist spots’ but eg it is not uncommon to talk to someone from Auckland who has never been to the South Island!?! Maybe thats for the better… My next/imminent trip:





2011 Vietnam





Independence Palace





















nuzic 62

▶ Yagya – Fifth Force EP


▶ Kutiman – Unknown from Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds


▶ Beat Pharmacy – TIDES


▶ The Cult Of Aphex Twin ex BBC


Fail better

For the next HISSandaROAR library I have been torturing an old metal cabinet I inherited, and at times even more so some of my other equipment…. Apart from an angle grinder & mallets galore, I’ve also completed a number of sessions using the PolyEnd Percussion Pro robot beaters. These devices are incredibly well designed & I imagine have been stress tested a LOT!
But I still managed to break one… or thought I had!

You know that feeling when your car starts to make a new sound, and you wonder at first whether you should worry about it… Then you start to wonder where that new sound might lead…. And the possible worst case scenario? I went through some of these feelings when one of my Perc Pro beaters started misbehaving…
Then this happened:

Normally the little wooden beater is permanently attached to the thread in that hole, and when not in use it sits flush with the surface…

How did I break it? Well lets just say I was experimenting with velocity swells on 400bpm 1/16th notes for long periods of time, against metal… And to make it even worse, some of the time I did not even have the beater attached to a mic stand, I was using it by hand! You will see and hear the results of these experiments next week – it was seriously fun and I managed to create some really interesting sounds… But after a while the beater started missing notes, and it slowly became a bit erratic… I stopped to check what was up & the small wooden beater fell into my hand. Oh shit I thought! I really hope that isn’t permanent damage…

I emailed a photo to the PolyEnd guys who were super helpful, and after sending some more hi rez photos to them, they advised me that they use Loc-Tite on the thread and that I should be able to screw the beater back in. At first I couldn’t see how because when the mechanism is unpowered the beater is flush with the surface, so there is nothing to grip when tightening… But after messing around I realised if I pointed the hole towards the floor, the solenoid or whatever descended by gravity enough that I could start the beater on to its thread… Also kudos to Polyend, but I got the distinct impression this had not happened before… But then not everyone is recording 400 bpm snare rushes on a metal cabinet 🙂

Now I have some Loc Tite as I have used it before to permanently join mic stand adaptors, but before I attempted to permanently reattach the beater I had a thought: what if…. what if!

One aspect of the Perc Pro that was never really a perfect match for me and my needs, was that PP are only available with wooden beaters. My lounge is half full of percussion instruments – a drum kit, vibraphone, marimba, timpani, rototoms, marching bass drum, xylophone etc etc – but you would have to really hunt to find a bare wooden mallet. I just do not like them and rarely use them – I dislike sharp attack. Even on my drum kit I usually play with a pair of Vic Firth SD12 Swizzle G sticks which are double ended drum sticks, one end being a normal drum stick & the other end being a softer mallet, and 99% of the time I use the softer end…

Now I appreciate this approach only works as I am only playing my own music – same with vibes, marimba, glock etc…. In many musical settings a harder mallet or drum stick is necessary to make the instrument rate in a complex or busy arrangement, but thats not me… I prefer sparse music where instruments don’t fight to be heard, and to my ears vibes played with hard mallets is like a different mildly unpleasant instrument compared to dreamy soft attack….

When PolyEnd launched the PercPro there was talk of other beaters becoming available, but over a year has passed and there is no sign of them… So you’ve probably guessed by now where this is leading – I decided to see if my short term failure could become a longer term gain, ie a Perc Pro with a soft beater…

I went for a drive to a local company who are specialists in just one thing: if you need to attach, join or fasten two things together and Coastal Fasteners can’t help you, then no one can. Your next stop will be a fabricator or machine shop. A number of times when rigging camera & sound gear I have needed some weird non-standard bolt or often actually a ‘thing’ which I am not sure exists, and they always have a solution, so I took the PP beater with me and went to have a chat.

Turns out the thread is M6 (an M6 screw has a nominal outer diameter of 6 millimeters) so my next question, was there a way to extend the mechanism beyond the body?
CF: Sure, with one of these

OK, and if I wanted to attach the standard wooden beater?
CF: No problem, use a 6mm grub screw

OK, so my immediate issue is solved AND I have gained a 6mm connection point for attaching anything, clear of the body of the mechanism. Next stop: hardware store to see what kind of elements I can find for my new Franken-Beater

mmmm… Felt!



I am pretty much done recording for the new library, so I won’t test and evolve this setup immediately, but I did have one other thought relative to the new library. This will make far more sense once you hear some of the sounds – there is a short preview below – but I have the big metal cabinet within easy reach of my house now (OMFG it weighs a lot – I can only just lift one end of it!) and I bought some extention cables for the PercPro beaters (Hosa DMX 5-Pin XLR Male to 5-Pin XLR Female Extension Cable – 30′) so it now doesn’t take me too long to set up my microphones, recorder, laptop and the Percussion Pro beaters and controller… If there was interest, I thought I might offer to re-record peoples sequences using this set up. There would have to be some constraints – I don’t want to spend days of my life recording pounding metal… Owning the new library would be the first pre-requisite, and there would have to be a durational limit but sequences could easily be submitted via a standard MIDI file, with three preset notes as per the three beaters, with tempo, timing, velocity etc all being your choice… Would you be interested?
I’ll ask again when the library is released…



Update 20180711
“We’ve made three different types of strikers. We’re selling beaters on demand with mounted silicone, aluminum, and wooden (oak) strikers.”





New members of my orchestra




The big bass drum I have had for a while, as per the label it came from a pipe band in Bay of Plenty (one day i will peel off the ‘PIPES’ part and replace it with ‘BASS’) but I picked up the two Ludwig timpani yesterday after getting them for a bargain online… And funnily enough they are ex a brass band as well, although a more local one… They don’t have the pedals for tuning, but it seems they can take the pedals – there is a tuning gauge on the side of each, which has movable markers for notating tuning… So my next mission is to find pedals for them! But OMG I love their tonality & deep resonance, I just have to stop myself from playing the theme to 2001 on them!!





nuzic 61

▶ Leon Vynehall – ‘Movements (Chapter III)’ (Official Video)



▶ Leon Vynehall – ‘Envelopes (Chapter VI)



▶ Echologist – Slight Detour



▶ Sergei Prokofiev – Lieutenant Kijé (love the celesta at 1’10”)



▶ Ólafur Arnalds – saman





Rest in peace Robby Müller




I’m a huge fan of Robby Müller – I loved his films with Jarmusch and Wim Wenders – highly reccomend his book Robby Müller: Cinematography



“The absence of color can be a stronger factor than the presence of color.”






Jim Jarmusch at the Lincoln Center, New York, April 2014: “Robby Müller, I learned so much from this man about filmmaking, about a lot of things, about life in general and about light and about recording things and about capturing things in the moment and about trusting instincts. Robby and I had a really wonderful way of working: No storyboard, a shot list only if really necessary for ourselves. I still don’t like making a shot list each day when I’m working. Robby’s idea is about instincts, trusting your instinct and your intuition and Robby would always say things like: ‘Of course we can plan everything in advance and when we go to that location it’s a different time of day, the light is different, the clouds are different, so why would we cling to the idea we had previously? We must always be on our feet.’ Think on your feet.
And we did a lot of interesting things while scouting for this film together which was: We find the most dramatic, incredibly beautiful landscape you could imagine and then we would turn our backs on it and film the other way. [audience laughs] That was something that Robby said: ‘Look how magnificent this is, we’ve seen it in a fucking calender! Let’s look over there, it’s a small tree and a rock, very sad and emotional, you know?’ [audience laughs] So we would film that instead. And this is just one example of the kind of way that Robby thinks. And I learned so much from him, thinking that way. Don’t look for the obvious, always keep your eyes open, keep thinking on your feet. Shooting a film is a process and you can’t control everything in the process, so be open. Another thing Robby taught me was: O.K., you’re shooting a scene outside and suddenly it starts raining. And most crews would say: ‘Well, the scene doesn’t take place in the rain, so let’s pack up and we’ll have to stop for today’. And Robby would be: ‘I wonder what it would be like, if the scene’s in the rain. Maybe it’s much better’. Or if we already shot some of it: ‘O.K. think of some dialogue where they say it’s about the rain, you know?’ Like, keep thinking, keep thinking, don’t be set in your script. It’s something that came from Nicholas Ray, who said: ‘If you just gonna shoot the script then why bother?’ And that’s something Robby also instilled in me. Robby Müller is a kind of brilliant man who’s a very rebellious teenager in part of his spirit and yet an incredibly technically gifted person.”











Detritus 452

▶ playing records at the wrong speed? hold my beer…. ps skip to 6’00”


▶ sad & beautiful photos by Romain Thiery of abandoned pianos


▶ interesting project: sound of street view


▶ mmmm Blue Martian sand dune looks like a 3D spectral plot of beautiful sound texture! via NASA


▶ WTF Siri! – “they could hide commands in white noise played over loudspeakers and through YouTube videos..” – at last the real motive for voice control is revealed
(may also be useful excuse: I don’t remember ordering this module! WTF Siri!!)


▶ this made me laugh





Big fish




Fujifilm TX2 XPAN2
Ilford SFX200




More baches












South Wairarapa
#Fujifilm #TX2 #Hasselblad #XPAN2
#Ilford #SFX200




The bach












South Wairarapa
#Fujifilm #TX2 #Hasselblad #XPAN2
#Ilford #SFX200








a unique angle on Kapiti island
Fujifilm TX2 XPAN2





IR Rollei 400 infra red


These first two were shot using red #25 filter with Rollei RPX 400 infra red film,
the third shot was taken with a 720nm filter…












Fujifilm TX2 XPAN2 with Rollei RPX400 infra red film




Lake Onope rivermouth













Fujifilm TX2 XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200









Kapiti Island shrouded in cloud
Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with TriX400








Whitireia Park, Porirua
Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with TriX400





Cutest train station




Paekakariki Train Station
Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with TriX400





Eventful drone flights…

So far my Super 8 drone has been a rather worrisome project! Even the little Canon 514XL camera is really too much weight for my old Phantom 3 Pro… So far I have done 6 short flights with it

Flight 1 = I got it airborne and landed ok

Flight 2 = I got it airborne, but then had a forced rapid landing with the drone reporting the battery did not have enough power.

Flight 3 = I got it in the air, having swapped batteries and set the 10 second timer going. I managed to take off, and get it pointed out towards the ocean view in time for the ten seconds of Super 8 to roll… Then managed to land it ok, very gently into longish grass. The weight of the camera below it meant the drone didnt tip over & shred grass…

Flight 4 = I took off, managed to shoot another ten seconds of Super 8 but then tried to turn the drone a bit fast, and I think the excess counter weight meant the drone tried to autocorrect the swaying, and then spiralled out of control, crashing into trees beside my drive… I walked down the drive to try & find it and easily spotted the battery which had somehow been ejected on impact. And down the bank further was the drone and Super 8 camera….

Surprisingly it was all intact – well, no new damage at least… I put the battery on to charge, and planned next flight for the next sunny day.

Flight 5 = I took off, managed to shoot another ten seconds of Super 8 and land ok again…

Feeling a little braver I thought I will try and get a bit higher by powering up more in the ten seconds before the timer fires… bad idea!

Flight 6 = I took off, powered up and tried to turn at the same time to get into position… Oh sh+t! The drone angled over a bit and revved hard trying to autocorrect… Thinking maybe going up might help it stabilise I gave it a bit more upwards power but by then it was surging revs and spiralling up & out of control!? Yikes!! Having lost control I tried to keep an eye on its trajectory and as it spiralled down I waited hoping not to hear the sounds of serious damage… It seemed to descend at about a 30 degree angle, so I dropped the controller and ran down the drive looking for it.

Being an older drone, the P3P does not have the ‘find my drone’ app which my Mavic has… So the only help the drone app was, was for it last known position before crashing… But I thought it should have kept power until impact so the last GPS should be reasonably accurate…

I walked down the drive to where it last was according to that yellow line above and started searching… No sign of it down the bank, or on my neighbours property… I went down to the road and into the bush reserve and searched below my property… Found a soccer ball but no sign of the drone… After an hour of searching it started to get dark, so I called it quits for the night & went home a little defeated…

Next morning after a good sleep I was out at 8.30am searching with help from my neighbour. We covered more of the bush reserve and rechecked his property. No sign of it. After a couple of hours search we knocked on the door of the house way out in front and asked if we could check their garden… Another hour and still no sign!

By now I was thinking there was only three likely scenarios.

1. Someone walking their dog through the bush reserve has found it & taken it home. So I put an ad on the Plimmerton Facebook page, offering a reward…

2. It was stuck up in the tree tops, as the bush reserve is very dense in places… So I got my Mavic out & flew over most of the area, carefully scanning but to no avail…

3. The third option? The drone has become sentient and has escaped to freedom, to start a new life as a free robot… with a Super 8 camera to document its activities…

Thankfully the weather has been good all week – cold frosty mornings but clear sunny days with no rain… This gave me hope, but rain was forecast for today and sure enough I work to the sound of rain on the roof… If my drone was still out there somewhere it was now going to be a very wet drone, which might likely ruin the electronics…

But when I got up & checked my messages, there was a FB message saying my drone had been found at 1 Reserve Road!!

Wow! So while out of control it travelled more than twice as far as it did when it was under my control… Thankfully it looks ok, no damage and the drone battery still has charge in it… And the Super 8 batteries are still fully ok, and another 10 seconds has been shot… although of exactly what I don’t know….

So I might have to revise my next flight!

When I was at Palliser Bay a week or two ago, I shot some previz using my Mavic drone and converted it to B&W, imagining what it might look like on Super8… So that might be my next flight, away from any houses or people… But also with the danger of a rocky landing if I do lose control… So here is what I am hoping to capture (spot the nerdlinger at 1’08”)

Given the stability issues with my Super 8 drone I suspect I wont be flying over the sea any time soon 😉





Ilford SFX200





Think I’ve found my favourite film stock – Ilford SFX200! Blown away with the shot above (make your browser full screen & then click on the photo) which was taken in really difficult light. I flew my drone a bit and shot some video but with such contrasty side light a lot of the video is either underexposed or blown out… But the detail and totanlity of the photo above is gorgeous to my eyes…
I just got scans of four rolls of SFX200 back from the lab, a lot of the shots I took three version of: first as above shot with a red #25 filter, then with an infra red 720nm filter with normal focus and then a second infra red shot focused as per the infra red focus marks on the xpan lens. I’ll post some comparisons once I’ve gone through it all, SFX200 is not an infra red per se but is sensitive to infra red. I also shot a roll of Rollei infra red 400 film so will be interesting to see how it compares…









nuzic 60

▶ Ital Tek – Blood Rain (new album Sept 7th)


▶ Nas – Adam and Eve


▶ Braun tube jazz band – more here


▶ Martyn – Voids


▶ Lifeless – Luminism [ssi​-​146]





Robo beaters



Doing some very loud field recording for next HISSandaROAR Library using three Polyend Perc Pro robo beaters on a rusty old very heavy metal cabinet!






triplets at 800bpm sounds a lot like a diesel engine!




6U of POWER! bwahahah


After a patient six week wait, the rather unfortunately named Rossum Assimil8or arrived!


Having tracked its travels I was ready for its arrival and had carved a space for it, playing ‘module tetris’ between cases with the aim of creating a playable self contained instrument… But also pulling together all the modules that involve programming, so the case can split its time between sitting beside my computer getting loaded, and over with my main modular, being assimilated and modulated… (Cirklon is still in transit, on some kind of world tour – it left Berlin, transited Shenzhen, China and is now resting at Changi, Singapore)


The realm of modular regularly blows my mind – every time I engage, it feels a little like jumping into some kind of swimming pool of infinite creative potential, where I could stay underwater, doing nothing other than messing with my modular and a few decades could pass without ever reaching any limits in possibility… I used to think that was primarily due to scale i.e. my modular growing past the point of predictable or knowable outcomes… Of course taste, aesthetics, intent all steer whatever experimention and creative process is occurring but the creative power contained in even just this little 6U case is really freaking unreal!



For a composer, the choice of instrumentation and associated performances are in effect the realisation of their musical art form. Accordingly for a classical composer, having regular access to an orchestra or ensemble must enable a profound cycle of creative feedback – writing for specific performers. Hearing the results. Iterating.

For many decades electronic instruments have been accessible, but now – right now – we are truly in a golden age of evolution. Whether you are a ten year old kid who just got a Volca sample, or some middle aged geezer who just got an Assimil8or, all benefit from the confluence of decades of creative evolution and the current mass rapid growth in production of music/sound hardware and software.

I wonder when we will see entirely new forms of music based on this evolutionary leap? Do you feel you have heard it yet, because I sure don’t. One of the biggest creative issues I have with a lot/most music produced with modular is due to maximalism. Almost every piece starts, gets denser, and denser, louder and louder… until it ends. Why is it so hard to turn off? or even just turn down? Is it simply due to the newly found skill or pleasure of making sound? More is more is more is more is more, until… the end?

There is an ongoing joke/meme that ‘you can never have enough VCAs’and that may be a potential source of the issue. Due to cost and space limitations many people work with small cases such as this 6U. But when it comes to priorities, generating sound/music is often high on the list – voices, followed closely by a means to play or trigger those voices. But unless for every sound source there is a means of controlling its volume (a VCA or filter, controlled by an envelope) then those sounds are going to start, play and keep playing… More and more and more… until… the end?




A new old bunker




I thought I had visited all of the gun emplacements & bunkers in Wellington… but this one was new to me! These are crappy iPhone photos, can’t wait to see XPAN shots from here!




Have to wonder if these gun emplacements ever actually fired a shot in anger? Testing and range finding, sure… but thankfully our remote location made it a bit of a wasted mission in previous world wars ie could NZ be a potential staging post to invade… um… Antartica?





To the LAB!




ex XPAN2:
1 x Velvia 100
1 x Ferrania P30
2 x Kodak TriX400
4 x Ilford SFX200
1 x Rollei IR 400

ex Nizo Super 8
1 x Kodak TriX Super 8








Test flight




First test flight with a Super 8 camera attached to my drone was successful!

As with attaching my Sony D100 when recording sound, I am using my old Phantom 3 Pro and scored a Canon 514XL Super8 camera as it is tiny & lightweight, plus it has a timer function where it waits 10 seconds then shoots 10 seconds… So next test is an actual camera test, shoot a roll!





nuzic 59

▶ Mr. Cloudy – Goodbye Last Snow (Love Sprockets Dub)


▶ Blue Calx by Aphex Twin, performed by Alarm Will Sound


▶ Stay On It by Julius Eastman, performed by Alarm Will Sound via I care if you listen




















dreamy dusk light












Lake Onoke, Wairarapa yesterday
Canon 5D3 + EF100-400L (first two) + Zeiss ZE18mm long exposure (last one)
Can’t wait to see xpan shots from here!




Test rolls




Just finished first roll of Rollei Infrared 400 film, using a 720nm filter…



Next step: Ilford SFX200 with deep red Heliopan #25 filter









Syncussion, later rather than sooner…


step 1 for a synth nerd/obsessives is to monitor DIY versions…
I’ve stalked a few of the originals & inevitably bailed out
when they passed $2k beyond my budget…


And I kinda failed even being aware of version 1 of this DIY edition
but as posted previously, version 2 is currently available
and these atoms arrived today: case & PCBs
Next step: ordering the BOM
Next step: further patience, waiting for all elements to come into stock
current estimate: October… OCTOBER!? WTF?
ok then… I’ve waited a year or two to get to this point
Still don’t know who is going to build this for me
but it sure won’t be me…


patience is a virtue





Stereo… for your eyes!?


sorry, its a prop… likely part of some kind of robot
I opened the back & it has a film half way shot
so… apart from the shot/s I just blew suspect I will finish the roll
just to see what stereo shots were shot before me



I actually prefer stereo photos as ‘twitch’ gifs, for example:






Line Rider – Mountain King


DoodleChaos: “I synchronized the song “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg to my first line rider track drawing everything by hand. It took me over a month of my free time to create. Hope you enjoy!”


















Canon 1V + EF100L macro + TriX400
technically out of focus, but still



Incredibly beautiful new work by Mark FellIntra is “performed with Drumming Grupo De Percussão on the Sixxen metallophone system: a set of six microtonally tuned instruments originally conceived by Iannis Xenakis in 1976.”

Have a listen/order at boomkat











nuzic 58

▶ Resina – Procession via


▶ Jack DeJohnette – Epilog (1974)


▶ Sangatsu / ”TOKYO”


▶ Tortoise – Find The One (Remix by Bundy K. Brown)

its kinda funny – I have vinyl of this song & have listened to & LOVED it for years… at the wrong speed! Have a quick listen to the ‘correct’ speed Youtube copy, then have a listen to this:

▶ Tortoise – Find The One (Remix by Bundy K. Brown) at the wrong speed…

so much more space… its hypnotic! And the drums sound so much deeper
I’ll continue listening at the wrong speed thanks!




Alien arrival greeting party

If/when aliens ever arrive to this planet, these people should lead the official greeting party!




NSU Spartan Legion




Cape Palliser





view from Cape Palliser lighthouse,
above looking to the East
below looking to the West




Fuji TX2/XPAN2




Detritus 451

▶ Peter Gabriel: “TV smash take 1… uh take 2… TAKE 3!”


▶ DIY Pearl SY-1 Syncussion second run is currently available – ordered the PCBs, will find someone to build it for me!



▶ if you own & play a SH101, these two videos are worth a look


▶ infinite realtime composition for computer-controlled piano by Karlheinz Essl


▶ how Herbie Flowers got a double session fee for the bassline of Walk on the Wild Side



▶ public transport in NZ: 1974 versus 2018


▶ what a brilliant initiative! kudos to Wellington City Council


▶ funny: xkcd on GDPR


▶ also GDPR:





Super 8×8

All of the short films entered in the Super 8×8 Wellington Festival are available to screen online now, HERE

If ever you doubted how difficult it might be to shoot a 3 minute short film, with only one take per shot and all editing done in camera then I highly reccomend trying it! Aspirations and ego rapidly get crushed and soon become grateful that *anything* works in it! I kind of treated mine as a camera test, trying as many techniques as I could during the week of shooting including slow mo shooting at 48fps, some stop motion single frame shots, motion control tracking shot, zoom etc etc….


So below is a copy of my entry, as screened on the night i.e. with a soundtrack created without having ever seen any of the developed film… so despite my best efforts at the time, sync is a little blurry…

And below that is an updated copy with a revised soundtrack which is a lot more specific with sync, plus I fixed the offaxis titles and horizontal flipped one shot at the end, for continuity…


Full screen, good speakers please!










Updated Screener: THROWING SHAPES







No Tresspassing




Now that is my kind of entrance!
Fuji TX2/XPAN2





The day has finally arrived – after 2 years on the Cirklon waiting list I at last made it to the top and today am placing an order for a Cirklon sequencer!

Funnily enough I had been reading an interesting thread on MW: How are you sequencing all of your voices? which is primarily people describing how they sequence their modular synth, but also how they integrate into their studio…

Time to start reading the manual while I wait for the Cirklon atoms to travel across the globe to me!





bokeh overdose













Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens + glass orb thingy



nuzic 57



▶ Altone – Small Soul





▶ Karlheinz Stockhausen – 2 pianos and ring modulation





▶ The Black Dog – Black Daisy Wheel









▶ Nightmares On Wax – Deep Shadows (Moodymann Remix)





▶ Second Woman – Apart I