Comedic duration

I had an experience recently that reminded me of a very funny scene in the brilliant Coen Brothers film Barton Fink – if you’ve seen the film you’ll know the scene I mean & the durational sound gag staged in the lobby of a hotel… (If you dont know what I’m taking about then go watch the film! I’m not spoiling it for you)

Anyway, while I was down the bottom/south of the West Coast a week or two ago I rented an old school bach, appropriately called Kiwi Cottage


Okarito is a very small town which means its amenities and infra structure are a little more basic than that of cities, and this became evident when i used the kitchen to make dinner…


I have no idea where the drain from this sink leads to, but I discovered if I filled the sink up with water & then pulled the plug out, something a little strange happened: meet the sink that wouldn’t stop glurping!

The first few times I did this, I was amused that once the glurps settled into a rhythm, every so often the sink would suddenly change time signatures on me! I listened to it for a long while, waiting for it to stop… and it didn’t! It was only when I recorded it & was resolute about recording it until it did end that I discovered that eventually there was an end (after 5 minutes!?!) with a final, slightly odd faint gurgle…

“Hey so did you have a good night last night?”

“YES! I recorded this sink that wouldn’t stop glurping!”




Detritus 352

▶ The Man Who Broke the Music Business aka the dawn of online piracy


▶ a few people commented about how my slowed down kiwi recordings sounded like dinosaurs, have a read HERE about the source sounds Gary Rydstrom used to create the dinosaur sounds for Jurassic Park


▶ beautiful & unexpected bird photography


▶ interview with Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard (thanks Peter!)


“run!”…. “…how long is its power cord?” via


▶ Werner Herzog walks to Paris


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.00.05 am

euclidean beats in your browser!


Shitty (camera) rigs


▶ CGI is getting worse?



▶ clever idea: automating clip gain in ProTools via a plugin!


“..every metaphor is seen momentarily as a mistake, but then suddenly as a deeper truth about the thing named and our relationship to it. The greater the stretch between the “thing” and the “name,” the deeper the potential truth.”

I’ve always loved that quote from Walter Murch, but always wondered where do metaphors come from?
Can metaphors be designed? perhaps…


Wry comedy: The Art Of Foley ep 1 here and ep 2 here


235 Motueka








Tiny intervention




shot in Kahurangi National Park, near Karamea (thanks Debussy for the chords)

Aerial view

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day – first time I’d seen the sun after a week of rain & clouds… and having acquired 3 more batteries for my drone I decided to see what I could capture from my backyard…
I took the drone up to its allowed maximum height (as per regulations, can be manually over ridden) and it was quite bizzarre doing a vertical tracking shot from shoulder height up, watching the altitude meter on my iPad clock up past 100m…


Apart from learning to fly I’m also practicing shooting – stills & video. Unlike the GoPro cameras the DJI camera lets you shoot stills in RAW, so as per my 5D and x100s I shoot JPG+RAW…
It also provides access to manual controls for exposure, from the remote… the JPGs from the Phantom 3 come in at just under 4MB while the RAW images are just over 18MB, illustrating how much more data is contained….


One of the favourite features of my house = no neighbours!


Heres a bit of the video I shot – down rezzed to 720p so excuse the aretfacts, the 4k straight out of the Phantom 3 looks stunning, although I am still waiting on some ND filters for it..

(music is some ambient noodles of mine, called ‘kevin spacy’)


One of the longer term projects I am working on for a HISSandaROAR library is a collection of Cave ambiences, and while I have half a dozen locations recorded I still feel I am only a small way towards my goal of a diverse ambience library… And sometimes things don’t go quite as planned eg while on the West Coast a week or so ago, we travelled quite a long way to check out a few caves I had recorded before, only to discover that due to lack of rain the caves were very, very quiet… So a potential recording session became a recce for a future recording, but the frustration associated with the lack of recording meant the recces became a bit more thorough & two new epic locations were found, which I will return to in a month or two once winter & associated rainfall fully kicks in….


While there weren’t any drips, I did have my starter pistol with me – so we recorded some inpulse responses, first in the same space as the mics, then moving the mics so one pair were facing into the cave & the other pair out towards the entrance… Then fired shots from 50m, 100m, 150m etc…


Despite their being no drips in the caves, it was lightly raining in the forest and directly outside the cave were some lovely drips coming from the roots of plants directly above the cave entrance…


This was the entrance to another cave, also dry but also a much smaller cave with lower ceiling…


to be continued…