XPAN2/TX2 with Velvia50

600 prepared dc-motors, 58 kg wood

600 prepared dc-motors, 58 kg wood
Zimoun 2017
Installation view: Le Centquatre Paris
Solo Exhibition: March 25, 2017 – August 6, 2017
Info Le Centquatre: 104.fr
More works & information: zimoun.net

Brutalist Shadows

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XPAN2/TX2 + 30mm lens with Fuji400Pro

I’ve been to this location a few times before, but had forgotten about it & only revisited as wanted to finish a roll of film before sending it & other rolls off to the lab… Soon as I got there & looked through the viewfinder I realised what a great location it is for wide angle lenses…

I wandered in amongst them, taking photos & pretty much oblivious to anything else.. and slowly found myself at the centre of what was a giant spiral… and for a very brief moment felt trapped – how to get out? Oh… right… same way I got in!

Must revisit this location and set a few timelapses going, it would look so great to see the shadows creeping across surfaces!


XPAN2/TX2 + 30mm lens with TMax100

Detritus 419

▶ James Turrell | Art + Film Honorees


▶ hmmmm declassified nuclear test footage


▶ imho The Wire Magazine has been the best music magazine & resource for a very long time now, and regardless of a plethora of websites it remains as relevant as ever.. But due to an address change mistake on my part, I only recently got the last 12 issues and have been so enjoying reading them… and just a heads up, the February 2017 issue 396 has a great interview with Edward Artmiev – ‘Soundtracking Tarkovsky’ – fascinating!! And yes, if you’re allergic to paper you can read The Wire via your device


▶ Great back story to one of New Zealands first/best guitar distortion pedal makers


▶ re United Airlines appalling behaviour & the media coverage


▶ Cannes lineup announced



▶ handy VPN comparison spreadsheet and if you really want to get your privacy on, read this


▶ quite possibly the best review you will read of Ghost in the Shell


▶ DIY waking dream machine


▶ love this idea: local video store starts an adopt-a-movie scheme


▶ “I try to remember that making is fundamentally as natural as breathing.”


▶ The man who interviewed the wind
(The Guardian is one place where commenters actually have a sense of humour!)



Long Exp Rocks

XPAN2/TX2 + 30mm lens + Lee Big stopper + TMax100

New family member

After stalking it online for many months I finally took the leap and bought this beautiful & mint condition 1965 Trixon vibraphone… I haven’t actually picked it up yet, but am going to record an oral history with its original owner as he bought it new in 1966!

Cannot wait to hear it tremelo in Stella Maris Chapel!