5D3 + EF100-400L + gumboots

nuzic 34

▶ biome bandcamp


▶ orchestrated version of Daft Punks Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


▶ Singers & Players 10″ version


▶ Porter Ricks – Port of Tangency


▶ AR album cover!




Poaka aka Pied Stilt at Pauautahanui today
Canon 5D + EF100-400L lens + 1.4x extender + gumboots


Kōtare aka Sacred Kingfisher at Pauatahanui today
Canon 5D + EF100-400L lens + 1.4x extender + gumboots

Nagra gif

and more testing…

nuzic 33

sorry, i’m not actually going to post any new music right now

i just wanted to take this moment, about half way through 2017, to identify the fact that

this year has already seen a phenomenal amount of great music released!

i have to wonder,
is it a symptom or reflection of the turbulent times in which we are now living?

you do not need to be a rocket scientist (or even a political scientist)
to wake up each morning, casually check the news & think to yourself

how did we get here!?

we’re only half way through the year and we have already been blessed
with more than a years worth of great new music!

“is music political?”

does a bear shit in the woods?
its the wrong question to ask,
try this:

“does music reflect our times?’

how could anyone answer, other than to say
“yes, of course (to varying degrees, but..) of course, yes”

every new year, I make a new folder in my music library: 20XX keepers
and my 2017 keepers folder already has more music in it than previous years

I guess if you can’t change global reality for the better,
the next best option is to change our own reality
and what better way to do that than to crank up your sound system!

Vive la révolution!

at 33 or 45rpm


New HISSandaROAR library due for release next week!

I have also just published the results from the first HISSandaROAR Sound Design Challenge, check out the winning 25 entries HERE – very well done everyone!!

And if its of interest, I made myself do the challenge and posted my process & results HERE