The best auctions…

The best auctions are for items put into incorrect categories!


I stumbled across this rack in a related but incorrect category on a local auction site – its an intriguing rack, the current owner apparently bought it at a police sale as it had been used for bugging houses/surveillance! Just imagine the things that Orban parametric EQ 622B (PDF manual here) and (??) monitor switcher have heard!

Scattered Light 151





Went for a walk through the botanic gardens in Wellington yesterday, while my car was getting serviced…
Love the way that Super Takumar 50mm F1.4 lens renders light!

Sensing Streams

Sensing Streams is an installation by Ryuichi Sakamoto + Daito Manabe at Moerenuma Park, as part of the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014. The installation involves visualizing and making audible electromagnetic waves between 80MHz-5.2GHz that are captured in realtime by antennas set up in various places in the venue, collecting signals from cellphones, Wi-Fi, digital terrestrial broadcasting, and FM radio. For more info see & hear HERE

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