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▶ LCD Soundsystem – Oh Baby


▶ Upwellings – Slow Lane from Telrae M006


▶ Phaeleh – Icarus from new album ‘Lost Time’ release Sept 8th


▶ Jig – Distune

▶ Gravity Well by Renraku – bandcamp



First time the three Kowhai trees I planted have flowers on them!

Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens


I apologise to any & all of my Twitter friends, New Zealand is having an election in 3 weeks and its starting to get fractious… I’ll try to tag any of my Twitter political brouhaha with #nzpol, so you can easily mute it… In short (feel free to skip this part) we have suffered a neoliberal government for 3 terms (9 long years) and while one of the policies our current government was elected on was identifying a rapidly developing housing crisis, they have spent the following nine years doing very little to stop it…
In Auckland, our largest city, owning a house is now a distant dream for most, and even affordable rent is becoming an issue… In opposition Labour have been essentially useless, with a stream of ineffectual leaders… until a poll a month ago forced the replacement of then Labour leader with someone younger, smarter and who appears to have more empathy than the entire current government combined. While many feared it was just ‘social media bubble’ popularity, she has gone on to lead the most recent poll, for both party & preferred Prime Minister…
As we’ve seen happen in the UK and USA, polls do not determine the outcome of elections… But it is at least a welcome start in the right direction!!


As a side note, much is made of the missing millions of voters, who do not vote… My confession: I did not vote in the first few elections of my youth. The main reason was that I felt my vote meant nothing, I felt totally disconnected from politics and that an uninformed vote was worse than no vote. So i chose the latter…
Now that I am old(er) and theoretically wiser, I now believe that everything each of us do is political – every choice, every day alive is a political act. There is no avoiding it. And when you read of the atrocities that have occurred in history due to political regimes running amok, it feels like now more than ever I/we need to be engaged and make informed choices. Ours lives, the freedoms so easily taken for granted and the environment depend on it.

My suggestion to any disenfranchised youth is this: Do you really want a bunch of old farts/crustifarians dictating the terms of your life? Do you think Mother Earth is healthy? Getting better? or worse?
Make your vote count and have your say!

ps you don’t have to agree with me, but I feel Mark Twain put it perfectly:


Politicians are like diapers;
they need to be changed often
and for the same reason




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▶ Photay – Bombogenesis from Onism album



▶ Akira Kosemura – In The Dark Woods new album due for release Sept 15


▶ Mount Kimbie – Delta, from the new album ‘Love What Survives’ out 8th September.


▶ Ibeyi – Deathless feat. Kamasi Washington, from the forthcoming album Ash out September 29th


▶ and another Photay track


Detritus 430

▶ thanks Spitfire


▶ do you make time to daydream?


▶ “John Cage’s personal library, housed at the John Cage Trust, is a reflection of his wide ranging influences and interests. The library, photographed by Ralph Benko in the Cage/Cunningham loft, has now been carefully catalogued and can be explored here


▶ “Audio software is ugly and confusing…” – agree? disagree?


▶ great interview with the Surreal Machines plugin developers


▶ wow awesome flying fish!


▶ related to that last video, someone posted it on Twitter with the description “Flying fish evades underwater predator” which is brilliant, as it provides some context without ruining the surprise… So WTF is it with sites like Laughing Squid and even Kottke has started to do it, where the title description for a video explains literally exactly what happens!?!
If a video has a unique or fascinating reveal or surprise, they tell you in the fckng title! It is so moronic – the whole point of an intriguing & creative video is that each individual viewer gets to experience a moment of realisation, which is ruined by dumbass literal blog post titles!
I can’t be bothered going through their RSS feeds to find examples, but this would be typical: a music video for NZ band Bailter Space for a song called Splat. Please start watching it before I ruin the fascinating aspect of it…

Now some viewers will immediately twig to how it was made, but here is the thing: each viewer will realise at a different point – some will notice immediately, others will take longer…. and this is how it should be! It is a reveal, and what should not occur is the creative revelation be explained in the fckng blog post title!
/end rant


Audio Errors

I started watching this great animated short film yesterday but instantly noticed something wrong, have a look/listen…

I find it hard to believe that the video has had 152,000 views and no one noticed the glaring audio error… At first it made me check my playback – had my monitoring somehow changed!? No… So I downloaded a copy of the film, imported it to Protools and instantly verified the error… I presume its a mistake in the layback/embed of sound to image, and is easily fixed but… 152,000 views!?

I commented about it on twitter & someone commented maybe it is due to the fact most people had watched it on a device that sums to mono.. which i can concede could account for many/most but not all… Do people really not notice this? I know I live in a bubble, where most people I would discuss this with would pick the error instantly i.e. within the first 15 seconds… but this is also a good reminder of how many people are either simply unaware – can you remember when you could hear only music or a soundtrack as being a single ‘thing’? No, me neither…

I left a comment on that video, but I will see if I can contact the sound designer & let him know – the soundtrack is really nicely designed & mixed, its a shame when great work is let down by a technicality at the last stage…

So staying on this theme of technical fck ups, whats the worst audio mistake that you have experienced? Where you just had to ask ‘How long has it been like this?’ Hopefully the answer was not “for 152,000 views”

Apocalypse Now Now

Directed by Michael Matthews
Written by Sean Drummond
Director of Photography Shaun Lee
Editor Daniel Mitchell
Sound design by Morné Marais
Score by James Matthes