Detritus 469

▶ Japanese Noise Banker – Lucky People Center International via via


▶ 40 years of music industry sales visualized


▶ how to: preparing a toy piano


▶ DISTORTION. A Stop motion Animation by Guldies


▶ skills!!


▶ my new year resolution: no drunk online shopping
ps anyone know how to assemble a geodesic dome?


All good, got it built… on to the next stage!




Lyttleton x XPAN








Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2




nuzic 77



▶ Babe Roots – Sufferation Time feat. Kojo Neatness



▶ James Blake – Mile High (feat. Travis Scott and Metro Boomin)



▶ HVOB – Zinc (Vril Remix) via insight podcast #169



▶ Insight 169 – February 2019 – download here!


▶ G.U.A. – Love Fields EP (DE34) – Dubfields (SUBSET Remix)


(trigger warning: may contain james brown sample and/or excess syncopated bass)

▶ Mefjus – Ringshifter (Culprate Remix)





weird light



an hour or so before sunset the light started to get *weird*




the wind had been quite strong Northerly all day, kicking up plenty of moisture etc out at sea to generate an interesting sunset… but this was a little different… I grabbed my my 5D3 and shot some photos as a reference with my Zeiss 50mm lens as the sun… set? well, disappeared at least! I then switched to my 400mm lens… it was another hour or so before dusk fell, but the sun disappeared behind a giant dense diffuser… due to a raging fire in Nelson













Stillness strikes me



“Stillness strikes me. This bottle, this glass, a large stone on a deserted beach. These are motionless things, but they set in motion great movements in my mind…. Stillness makes me think of great spaces in which movements take place that do not stop at a given moment, movements with no end. It is, as Kant said, the immediate irruption of the infinite in the finite…. What I seek, in fact, is a motionless movement — something equivalent to what’s called the eloquence of silence or what St. John of the Cross meant by the words “mute music.””

Joan Miro





Detritus 468



(trigger warning: wonky pan)

▶ Saul Bass on making money vs quality work


▶ new handheld recorder: Sony PCM-D10Yodobashi has it listed for Y53,870 = US$490


▶ MIT used a laser to transmit audio directly into a person’s ear!!


▶ Anna Behlmer on battling sexism and nepotism in the sound industry (ps a guide to supporting women in sound)(always makes me cringe a little to see dub stage crew photos of the entire sound team on a film and… 100% male)


▶ profound interview with Brunt Friedman


▶ Zuckerberg wants to redefine “transparency, choice and control” – let’s not give him consent


▶ RIP Jonas Mekas, theres a great conversation with him & Jim Jarmusch here – love mention of the idea of watching foreign films with no subtitles & “translating by sound”… also this line from a poem quoted: “The permanent defiance of gravity”


▶ Guess the artist: “I find deadlines are a great spur to my…


▶ cyriak – soemthing 2010





nuzic 76



▶ Mira Calix • ‘rightclick’


▶ Apparat – Dawan from imminent new album


▶ Various – Touched Electronix 002 (TE 002) preview


▶ Hiroto Kudo – Yume