Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100




Detritus 539





▶ fascinating thread about a photo of heart shaped honeycomb that went viral…
but years later was proven to be misappropriated



▶ Birds aren’t all singing the same song – they have dialects



▶ The end of credits – WTF Netflix?
Your branding stays but the actual people who made the thing!?!



People grow rhubarb in the dark!



▶ Roger Deakins has a podcast!



▶ This is ‘shoot rifles at approaching storm’ kinda crazy..





Takahē Floofs



Came across some photos I shot on Kapiti Island, December 27th 2008.
My sisters friend was working for DOC and we got to meet these baby Takahē
So precious – there are only about 400 still in existence…
















Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100






Lockdown Week 1






Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100
Seems a long time ago… 3 months!








Dawn, and the wreck of the Janie Seddon.
Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand




Bellbird Korimako spotted in Plimmerton!



I was sure I was hearing a bellbirds call from my house… the beautiful melodic chiming call would only happen every five or ten minutes and each time I heard it I would stealthily go to the window & try & see it… Eventually caught a glimpse so I grabbed my Canon 5D3 with 400mm lens and sat & waited…
Nothing… OK back to work…

Then heard its call, snuck back to window and managed to fire off a few shots…
Focus not 100%, they do not sit still for long… but enough for an ID:



Fantastic – I so love the bellbirds call! I’ve set my little Sony D100 recording, but will also try with my proper mics & recorder next time I hear it being active… Would be so great if it was a breeding pair & they became more plentiful…


This is what it was feeding on:



OK after leaving D100 rolling for 29 min, it sang again… Quick RX denoise/repair





nuzic 131



mix them together, i dare you



▶ GoGo Penguin – Kora, from new album



▶ Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto – Movement 8



▶ Miles Davis – All Blues



▶ Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto – Movement 7