Tora Long Exposure

I was going through photos from a trip last year to Tora and came across this long exposure…. love how it is almost a graphic image… shot with Canon 5D, Zeiss lens & Lee Big stopper


Thanks Georgi, I didn’t know this existed – I absent mindly clicked ‘make a fan page’ when buying some tunes the other day… Lo & behold, it has populated it with all the music I have bought from Bandcamp recently

IMHO there are no duds here, I tend to only buy music once I’ve heard it elsewhere (often via Benji B or Gilles Petersen) – feel free to post yours in comments

Cirkut Panoramic 4 CastlePoint

Panoramic view of Castlepoint, taken in the 1920s by Robert Percy Moore.
Inscriptions: Photographer’s title on negative – bottom left: “Castlepoint” New Zealand No. 910
Marginal notes on negative – : [Written in pencil] Castlepoint Beach Masterton
Quantity: 1 b&w original negative(s).
Physical Description: Panoramic negative 19.7 x 112.4 cm

Castlepoint New Zealand. Moore, Robert Percy, 1881-1948 :Panoramic photographs of New Zealand. Ref: Pan-0838-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Detritus 418


▶ love these tiny robots made from electronic waste


▶ Awesome google map of where eurorack module companies are based (come on New Zealand!)


▶ a great philosophical read “After Sound Design” by Rob Bridget (I’ve always felt similarly about film sound design – the aim is to think & collaborate like a filmmaker, rather than solely a sound designer)


▶ Thom Yorke has shared professionally shot footage of his and @JnnyG’s new 16-minute “Bloom” mix via Pitchfork

UNDERCOVER 2017-2018 AW SHOW from UNDERCOVER on Vimeo.


▶ so… which brake drums should I be using?


▶ Bonobo – Song Exploder (mmmm… kicks & claps)


▶ The self-destructing modules behind the 1956 soundtrack of Forbidden Planet


Go on AI – flood spotify with dreadful EDM… but… wow, I sure hope their investors actually listened to their soundcloud examples – $4 million venture capital? yeech!


▶ this looks freaky, but not as freaky as when the blades bend due to rolling shutter



beautiful drone footage of Northland, NZ by Man & Drone

“Shot on the DJI Inspire 2 Drone with X5S Camera 15 + 45mm. 30FPS UHD. Mostly in ProRES 442HQ and 4444XQ (no alpha), couple of h.264 shots, delivered to YT as an H.264 65Mbps file. Polar Pro ND 8, 16 and CP used for bright morning and midday sun”

Cirkut Panoramic 3

Date: 8 May 1923

Panoramic view of the intersection of High, Manchester and Lichfield Streets, Christchurch, on the 8th of May 1923. A building called `Ridley’s [?] Buildings’ is in the centre and houses the Singer Sewing Machine Co. Also visible are signs advertising the businesses of J Rhodes – hatter, J O McGillivray – public accountant, Mrs Penhalluriack – confectioner, and Strange’s. Photograph taken by Robert Percy Moore.

Inscriptions: Photographer’s title on negative – bottom centre – Intersection of High, Manchester and Lichfield Streets, Christchurch NZ 8.5.23; Marginal notes on negative – “Christchurch” [Beneath] “36 2” [written randomly]

Intersection of High, Manchester and Lichfield Streets, Christchurch. Ref: Pan-0458-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

And sadly, after almost a century of progress & development, here is how it looks now via Google StreetView and the devastating earthquakes…

kia kaha Christchurch!


This is the first of two new HISSandaROAR libraries due for release next week…
a perfect companion to VEGETABLE VIOLENCE!

This new library is also available as a pre-release free gift to everyone who currently owns a HISSandaROAR Library, to say thanks for help transitioning to the new site… So if you are a registered owner of any HISSandaROAR libraries and have not received your gift coupon code yet, please email me, as they have been sent out now.

One new feature at HISSandaROAR site is based on users feedback, which I hired a great WordPress coder to implement: while your personal HISSandaROAR purchase history is available as a list of past orders, you can also now access a simplified list of the libraries you own via MY LIBRARIES Tab and a simple list (with links) to the libraries that you don’t yet own, via MORE LIBRARIES Tab


Moody Mana

the close up looks far more moody than the wide shot…

shot with Sony a6300