Oscars Foreign Film QA




“Parasite” (Bong Joon Ho, South Korea)
“Pain and Glory” (Pedro Almodóvar, Spain)
“Les Misérables” (Ladj Ly, France)
“Honeyland” (Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov, North Macedonia)
“Corpus Christi” (Jan Komasa, Poland)




Spring Jam



Spring Jam from oneedo on Vimeo.


After screening at Festivals, SPRING JAM a short film by Ned Wenlock that I did sound for back in 2016 is now available online… The most fun sequence for sound starts about 2’30”




Detritus 514



raster. schwellen was designed for the electriciteitsfabriek in den haag for todaysart festival 2019.


Accelerometers as Acoustic Pickups in Musical Instruments



▶ picture editing podcast: art of the cut



interesting Melodic Drumming Demo by Allison Miller



▶ You’ve (likely) been tying your shoelaces wrong (or not as well as this)



▶ “More time is not necessarily better time. Sometimes in less time, you really crystallize your sense of who you are, your sense of what something needs, and you go for it.” – guess the composer?



▶ those goddamn hipsters have all angles covered: Espresso machines are the ideal tool for THC extraction, scientists discover



▶ “A prototype is worth a thousand meetings” – guess who?



▶ Teenage Engineering x IKEA? FREKVENS – PDF and a review
(for anyone local, I ordered some of the LED lights via Youshop)



▶ FREKVENS hacks









Garage Project – Pernicious Weed
“..a celebration of the NZ-developed hop varieties Nelson Sauvin and Rakau….
Aroma of yeast and hints of fruit. Clean and crisp no dominant flavour.
Very easy to drink…”





Baby Pumpkins




Last time I was down South, my Dad mentioned saving the seeds from a particularly tasty pumpkin he had enjoyed, so I took a few home, soaked them in a glass of water for a few days & sprouted them in my tunnel house… After googling what pumpkins like, I went for a drive & gave $12 to some kids for 6 bags of horse pooh… Dug it into the two most unattended plots in my garden, and a week or two later transferred two pumpkin seedlings in there and forgot about them. Two months later I checked on them today and one has just taken off, currently has seven baby pumpkins forming and is spread across about 3 metres of garden… The other plant looks healthy and is growing well but is maybe just weeks behind….




Botanically Brewed






Fentimans Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime
+ Absolut Vodka + Fresh Crushed Mint + Perma Frost Ice
= super oishi/delicious!



I understand a Moscow Mule should be enjoyed from a copper mug
Is electricity involved?




Sunset 20200201




Gale Force Northerlies
5D3 + Zeiss 50mm ZE lens




nuzic 115



Mike Schommer Feat. Milly James – Breathe from Come Home EP





Little Dragon – ‘Hold On’



Khruangbin – Evan Finds The Third Room







Sunset 20200129




5D3 + Zeiss 50mm ZE lens