Raspberry macro


shot today 10th November with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100L macro lens

Successful Bids

Managed to win my bidding for these three vintage drum synths at the VEIMA auction that just finished


YES – another HUMDRUM! Love the sound of the one I have & they are super rare….
The Seak Drum brain was apparently made in Czechoslovakia in the mid 1980s and the RYAN Sounds is apparently a very rare drum/drone analog module something between Simmons/Moog synth, sounds can be “very very low to very high” and its brand new old stock, so never been used!

Also got another Doepfer G6 rack (I am out of space on my modular & unused modules floating around is a waste) and some Analogue Systems patch cables but there was also one surprise, this:


Ever seen one before? Or heard one?


Its apparently a YENO ‘les jeux du savoir’ – I think its a French Speak & Spell? (translates as Knowledge Games) – “should be excellent for circuit bending (or can be used like that as well) moreover, Yeno will come with its original box, original documents, and 3 cartridges ( great cartridge ‘Module VOCAL’ is included!)”

I didnt remember actually bidding on it, but it didn’t cost much & is very intriguing….
Just got to get all these atoms from UK to NZ now!

The setting sun

shot with DJI Phantom 3 Pro about ten minutes apart – click them to see larger/uncropped
Never get tired of that view

Parallel lines cross at infinity

The first work I ever experienced by Carsten Nicolai was back in London in 2000, looking through the Time Out guide as to what concerts & exhibitions were on I came across mention of a german artist and his ‘Sound Art’ work, so I went along not knowing what to expect…


The work involved a series of shallow water filled trays, lying on top of a grid of subwoofers – you heard and felt the deep tones before entering the gallery but the lighting was such that the patterns formed on the surface of the water were projected on to the walls of the gallery… It was one of those beautiful minimalist concepts, where what appears as a simple idea creates profoundly complex outcomes. It was beautiful and despite it being a decade and a half ago, I remember it like it was yesterday….


So when I read of a new book Parallel lines cross at infinity documenting his work I instantly tried to order it but the publisher would not ship to this part of the world so I waited & eventually ordered it via Amazon – thankfully the wait was worth it!


I’ve managed to see a number of his works over the years, usually in Japan and while I have also seen Alva Noto perform a few times (both here in NZ once & in Kyoto) it is his sound art practice that interests me more.


This is a hefty book with beautifully photographed works, an interview spread across five or six pages and a career long documentation of his works… Highly reccomended!


Chaos rained


I put the drone up to its legal height limit of 120m and let off some skyrockets, just to see how close they got to it…. Brought it down to about 50m and they were looking great: seeing the launch, spiral up & then kapow! Showers of sparks!!! Shot a few doing that & then landed as didn’t want the drone droning away in the background…

Managed to record all the loud fireworks last night, the ‘official’ fireworks night… will record the quieter ones over the weekend


A couple of photos/frame grabs from the drones POV



Goutte d’Or

Goutte d’Or is a great short film I first saw on Kickstarter – they were primarily raising funds for the stop motion animation and art dept, but I got in touch & offered to help with sound… So I did a first few passes on the sound design & then handed over the session to some local sound designers to complete the work & do the mix… And what you see & hear above is the end result! Beautiful work by director Christophe Peladan, producer Søren Fleng and a large team of animators!

ps check out the awesome gallery or wip/production stills here

Detritus 368

by Adrien M / Claire B


▶ love these: converting old cameras into desklamps


▶ Why self-driving cars must be programmed to kill


▶ I can’t feel my (fist in your) face!


▶ “Don’t have the stupid argument; don’t spend this day in a funk; and don’t waste it on all this nonsense. Just calm your ego to Hell, nothing else matters.” – great life advice from David Mitchell


▶ a book cover is like a great album cover – it alludes to the contents and when it really works it becomes iconic… and these beautifully animated minimalist book covers really (again) make me wonder why digital releases (music and books) dont offer more than a few crappy JPGs!? via open culture


▶ lots of live sets at ursss or on their vimeo account


▶ “a very quiet piece of architecture” – mini Tadao Ando doco on NOWNESS


The Lost Paradise is a new documentary about Arvo Pärt – more info here (thanks Stephen!)


▶ too much unobtanium in one place? perhaps, but one more week and the VEIMA synth/studio gear auction finishes… I mention this with the proviso you don’t bid against me 😉
Heres a direct link to a csv file of all listings & remember the 41st Vemia Auction closes Saturday November 7 (with Second Chance Sunday on November 8) & “lots are starting to close at 14:00 British time (15:00 CET)”
& mmmmm mint EMS Synthi previously owned by Pete Namlook (RIP)


▶ a great read about pioneering video artist Bill Violas early sound works


▶ “It’s strange to say, but the more often you do that, the better you actually are, even though it’s something new each time. You kind of have a ritual of how you get used to a new instrument.” – guess the artist?


TELEPRESENCE WIND by David Bowen – This installation consists of a series of 42 x/y tilting devices connected to thin dried plant stalks installed in the gallery and a dried plant stalk connected to an accelerometer installed outdoors. When the wind blows, it causes the stalk outside to sway. The accelerometer detects this movement transmitting it in real-time to the grouping of devices in the gallery. Therefore the stalks in the gallery space move in real-time and in unison based on the movement of the wind outside.

via s-v-m.tumblr.com



“You shape your tools and they shape you. Its a loop. You start out a consumer and you wind up consumed.”


To listen

▶ Pharoah Sanders – “Kazuko” – An Abandoned Tunnel


▶ this is adorable – kids cover Kraftwerks Robots via


▶ Christopher Ledger & Sten Ernald Hermundstad – Berlin – Oslo


▶ check out these intriguing hydrophone recordings by Audrius Simkunas – “Aqua Radio is a cut-up series of non-processed hydrophone recordings mixed and presented as a special kind of composition. All sound materials were collected with a DIY stereo hydrophone in a pond near Utena town, Lithuania.”


▶ beautiful deep music from ro noise dubplate


▶ its pretty rare I post a ‘rawk’ song, but this by locals The Phoenix Foundation is so freaking catchy!