Air Ship

XPAN2/TX2 with TMax100

The Book of Circles

This gorgeous book arrived in the mail today: The Book of Circles by Manuel Lima – I love data visualization, another book I own & find very inspiring is RAW DATA by Steven Heller Infographic Designers’ Sketchbooks which provides invaluable insight into how infographics are created…. Meanwhile The Book of Circles focuses exclusively on the use of circles for such work…

I also recently got the new Haruki Murikami book Men Without Women: Stories but opted for the Kindle version as wanted to start reading it immediately… but now find myself restricting my reading so I can enjoy it for as long as possible…


I thought I had the fastest Fibre UFB connection I could get via Orcon…
but yesterday I switched to BigPipe and lo & behold:

Especially amazing when look back at the speeds I used to suffer with via ADSL

nuzic 29

Its a brave person who takes on creating a version of a Bob Marley song… many have tried & most fail to improve on the original, but here are three worth a listen: Ishivu, Photek & Bill Laswell

nuzic 28

▶ Giriu Dvasios – Tyla via COLD TEAR bandcamp


▶ . . ..and a great mix by Giriu Dvasios


▶ Mark Pritchard – Light Bodied


▶ Carl Craig – Versus
with pianist Francesco Tristano and Les Siècles Orchestra
via & via


Music Box

oh how I would love to write music for this music box, in the Dargaville Museum


Rich boy racers were interested in my drone…

‘you can take it for a fly… if I can take yours for a drive’

yeah, nah