Detritus 326

the next step from a stand up workstation? imagine editing/syncing fight sounds (or writing angry emails to AVID) by smacking punching bags


▶ a great rant by Steve Albini in the Guardian


▶ Bandcamp offer new subscription services


▶ Critic’s notebook: ‘Interstellar’s’ sonic soup or: How auteurs diss their audiences (?)


▶ melody of a dying star


▶ Wim Wenders advice to the young & young at heart


▶ Rosetta’s comet sings a mysterious ‘song’


▶ and the sound of touchdown


▶ listening to wifi


▶ regretsy for kickstarter?


▶ a beautifully austere concert hall in Germany


▶ making vinyl art


▶ interesting thoughts on the (un) reality of photos


▶ nice mix by pablo bolivar – free download on soundcloud


▶ A beginners guide to field recording by Lawrence English


▶ a recent artist talk by David Toop from ICC Gallery


▶ suspect I am going to have to make a quick trip to Tokyo to see the OTMO Yoshide exhibition at ICC Gallery – they have details of the exhibition posted now in english here


▶ Always know what to say with the “History/Philosophy/Metaphor” rule!?


▶ I knew it: Wellington is the worlds windiest city!


▶ Acoustic Ecology and Ethical Listening – interesting thoughts by Eric Leonardson


Eunoia from Lisa Park on Vimeo.

interesting work applying EEG by Lisa Park


Reality overwritten

I know I’ve posted this video before but I have seen the original speech/crying on TV here in Japan a few times and every time my brain replays the guitar version – there must be a name for that i.e. when a parody or version replaces the original source – I guess its happened zillions of times with samples (amen break etc etc) but with video?


not unprecedented, from 1989 (thanks Greg)


Scattered Light 174



shot with Fuji x100s somewhere in Chiba, Tokyo while recording industrial ambiences