Detritus 427

▶ birds play rhythm with swing!


▶ new documentary about West German studio legend Conny Plank to be released this year


▶ I have a feeling this kind of news will become common in future: Facebook kills bots after they create their own language… Makes me think of the sample (from the Outer Limits episode “Demon with a Glass Hand”) in this Cabaret Voltaire song


▶ I tend to keep an eye on sites that offer remix competitions, partly as a chance to hear stems from artists I like… So I reccomend checking out this remix competition for Ladi 6 track Royal Blue – the EP mix is here if the embed doesn’t work

Download/listen to the vocal stem here


▶ inspiring gallery of new graphic scores by Anton Lukoszevieze


▶ Dunkirk, a review of the 70mm experience


▶ mmmm mochi gif


Banks Peninsula

Lyttleton Heads

Purau Bay long exposure

Port Levi

New Brighton

The giant S curve of New Brighton

Man on beach…

Canon 5D3 with EF100-400L lens

Godley Heads mission

Yesterdays mission:

When I lived in Christchurch as a youth I visited Godley heads a number of times – it is a reserve area on the West side of the heads & entrance to Lyttleton Harbour. Along with spectacular cliff top views, the area also housed gun emplacements from WW2, the most amazing was the tunnels that went out to the very cliff top coast… So as I am staying in Christhurch for a few days I decided to revisit the area

After the awesome drive to get there, the first point of interest was this old munnitions building, I noted a few sonic possibilities & decided to return here – more on this below…

This area is very dangerous, as per the sign… but there are also a lot of areas where there is no sign… Off that grassy edge & its a long way down to the crashing waves & rocks!!

After a 20 minute hike I arrived at the main gun emplacements…

.. only to find them all fenced off with barbed wire & this sign, which might have been worth also displaying at the carpark FFS! So I headed back to the carpark, got my mics & recorder & then made my way back to that building…

Ahhhh… the resonant metallic creak of a 75+ year old very heavy door, now that is music to my ears!

Recording exterior I captured creaks, hits, slams – each door seperately & then both together…

And then moved interior… the concrete bunker had a really beautiful verb..

Then I discovered a little bit of magic – the rear wall of the bunker had metal rods protruding from it (presumably to support shelves holding munnitions?) and when I hit one with my fist it wasn’t loud but it had pitch! And that pitch of course filled the verb… Quickly testing the other rods verified this was worth pursuing, so I started looking for something to hit the rods with. My first thought was a rock, but I didnt want a harsh peaky attack so I kept searching & out behind the bunker found a fairly solid lump of timber. Wack! > 5 second pitched verb, Wack! > 5 second pitched verb, Wack! > 5 second pitched verb etc etc… I recorded lots close up & then another series with the mics wider…

Thankfully no one else was around…

“Excuse me Sir, why are you beating the crap out of this WW2 bunker??”

Distant Sea, Christchurch

This is a great AirBnB find – I actually booked it for the view, wasn’t thinking you could hear the sea so clearly, but it is a lovely diffuse roar… Flew the drone to shoot this, but will do more recording once darkness falls, neighbours STFU & the tide turns….

Earlier today, heavy diffuse roar at New Brighton


Arthurs Pass
Hasselblad XPAN2/TX2 + 30mm lens + Velvia100
(click photo for full screen)

Just got 7 rolls of Velvia 100 back from ReversalCine Lab (thanks Ian!)

Cat Yoga

Murphy, hard at work…