Christmas presents

I read two parallel articles recently, that made me think…

1. What I learned about the record industry by carsharing with a millenial
2. How do you convince kids to listen to vinyl?

In the past I have always just given my nine nieces & nephews cash as a Christmas present, so they can spend it on whatever they want… I’m not going to buy them a set of turntables, but I have started to think that maybe I will gift them some credit for music. Whether its Bandcamp or iTunes or wherever, it seems it is an opportunity to make sure they understand that music isn’t free. They each enjoy music so it has value to them, but is it not also an opportunity to reinforce that music also has monetary value?



This is super cute:

Isn’t the switch upside down?
In New Zealand light switch up is off, down is on
Is this another of those things like how in the Southern hemisphere the water vortex goes counter clockwise when you pull the plug out from a sink (& vice versa in the Northern hemisphere) although at least that has a basis in science…

Dusk + kō




shot with Canon 5Dmk3 and Zeiss 50mm 1.4 ZE

Nice day to be airborne


After a week of strong winds, today was perfect for flying! So I went to Whitireia Park and flew out off the cliffs and wow – that landscape!!


This second shot is a frame grab from some 4k video I shot, slowly rotating as I flew about 500m out to sea – thats Titahi Bay in the distance….

Through You

Written, directed & animated: Lucette Braune
Music: Han Otten
Sound: Jeroen Nadorp
Sound design: Max Frick
Producers: Chris Eimers-Mouw, Arnoud Rijken & Michiel Snijders for il Luster Films

Detritus 371

RANCH BEATS by Jarbas Agnelli


▶ new book worth a read on/by Timbaland: The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir – he was very funny on the Daily Show a week or so ago!


▶ Speaking of books, check out the Sonic Terrain book list


▶ always wondered what this Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia sounded like…


▶ “dysfunction this and dysfunction that….” – the art of the microcomplaint aka whining….


▶ The daily life of superheroes?


▶ Seinfeld door sensor?


▶ Facebook – love it or loathe it? Maybe worth a read about its effect


▶ this is nifty! make music as you type – Typatone


▶ Inside the Sony Hack


▶ Check out this site predicting awesome sunsets in USA: SunsetWx – via slate


▶ Whales make music EP/app thingy


▶ fascinating listen: cognitive reframing


▶ ravens can talk? who knew…


▶ interesting graphic score generator project: Karlheinz score scanner via cycling74

relatedly, i LOVE the idea of this wall sized graphic score
(apologies, cant remember where I frame grabbed it from)



▶ support UNFOLD – Ryoichi Kurokawas new work, on Kickstarter HERE
Would love to see his work live, check this out:

"Syn_" performance by Ryoichi Kurokawa, ACT Festival 2015 from Jorge Alves Lino on Vimeo.


Loose sync


my reward for finishing THE DOORS library = a pair of well worn but beautiful sounding MEINL congas!






& Carl Craig is on Benji B/BBC6!






and yes, I did mentally compare the price with a percussion module…

Kaiwharawhara Creek


GIF made from a Stereograph
L H Duval and A B Keyworth, Kaiwharawhara Creek, Wellington, 1886
Reference Number: 1/1-025976-G
Photographer William Williams.
Glass negative
Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library
found on Flickr

Three kids

GIF made from a Stereograph
Edgar and Owen Williams and Edith Kenworth inspect a Nikau palm flower bud, at Motohou near Wanganui, 1901
Photographer: William Williams
Reference number: 1/2-140268-G
Glass stereoscopic negative
Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library
found at Flickr

Two photographers

GIF made from a Stereograph
Photographer and assistant, with a camera,
between 1902-1922
Photographer: Isaac Henry Bowen Jeffares
Reference no: 1/2-076364-G
Original negative
Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library
found at Flickr