FUJI (不死) from Joanie Lemercier on Vimeo.

“Fuji” is part of Lemercier‘s ongoing artwork series on volcanoes. It combines a large scale hand drawn landscape depicting the Fujiyama,
augmented by a layer of projected light. The abstract narratives are inspired by the legend of Kaguya Hime, a folk-tale from the 10th-century
and a key element in Japanese culture. It gives an imaginary and poetic vision of this story in an immersive environment.

a 14 minute audiovisual installation by Joanie Lemercier
music by Paul Jebanasam
production by Juliette Bibasse

more info here

music for a Sunday

free download at soundcloud


Masayoshi Fujita – love the fact erased tapes make the album Apologues available as a 24bit master .WAV (but like most digital releases I wish they included more artwork than just the front cover – no doubt they have it all in digital form already, so why not?)


’Nespole’ is taken from the forthcoming album by Floating Point, ‘Elaenia’, released on 6th November 2015



Takami Nakamoto/Sebastien Benoits – Nonotak


such a great tune/so hooky! @theweeknd


Spring has sprung

shot with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100L macro lens (+kenko extention tubes for the last one)

Birds in the hood

Anyone ID this bird for me? Never seen it around here before


This fantail/piwakawaka looks like its yawning, but it was singing its little heart out



gorgeous young Tui


Wood pigeon


All shot with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens with 1.6x extender

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Speck Electronics SSM-24, SSMex-Mono, SSMex-Stereo, EQ16

We are selling the original and unique analog mixing console from Moritz von Oswald.
A lot of legendary productions like Basic Channel, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound,
Recomposed and many many more were produced on this mixing console.
The quality of all of these productions speaks for itself.
on eBay HERE – EUR 17.500,00
(yikes, almost hit the BUY NOW button while copying text 😉

The mixing console has some expansions (equalizer modules,
external Input functionality) to fit the need of Moritz von Oswald…

Equalizer Expansion (Speck Model EQ16):
Additional to the built-in EQ section of each mixer module you have an extra EQ module
with 16 three-band equalizers which can be flexibly inserted on each channel.

wiring using stage boxes:
Five high quality handmade stage-boxes expand the plugin flexibility for outboard equipment.
With convenient mulit-core cabling technology you can place stage boxes next to your sound generator
racks and have a very flexible connection method using Neutrik patch bays between mixer inputs
and synth output.





ps interesting to see the channel labels on that desk

TC2290 Delay
EMT246 Verb


Seeing music

Jarbas Agnelli: “This is the first test for my big Birds on the Wires Project, an expansion of the original Birds on the Wires video (vimeo.com/agnelli/birds) I did some years ago. For a long time, I thought about how to continue and expand the original idea. The musical translation of random patterns of nature or mankind. Since everything moves (from galaxies to atoms) and every moving pattern can be read as numbers or notes, then everything contains music. When we cross this with the human spirit, and combine those patterns in a pleasant way, we have the chance to transform them in art. That’s the idea behind this project. On this first test, I used cars on a New York freeway, and choose small loops from several minutes of footage, picking special moments when the elements can be read as intersting musical phrases. No speed changes. No effects whatsoever. Just plain trial and error. Different from the original Birds on the Wires video, I will not add my own arrangement over the captured pattern. The arrangement will come from the patterns themselves. Several ones, layered and combined, with no interference, but the curation process.”


Detritus 365

funny, but not half as interesting as tales of his recordings & instruments etc….


▶ humans versus algoirthms: who makes the better mixtape?


▶ Willie Christie on the Fripp/Eno NO PUSSYFOOTING album cover


▶ great long read on books – digital and real… and frankly, having just moved my X00 books from upstairs to downstairs I have a whole new appreciation for my own personal ‘real’ library…


▶ Listening to the wind on Gunkanjima


▶ “I often make decisions from a gut feeling. This has been the more successful path in business, rather than engaging in heavy market analysis that often looks backwards. I think it’s necessary to have a feeling of where things will go. Then you can create something new….” – fascinating tour of the Zeiss factory and interview with Dr. Winfried Scherle, ZEISS Executive VP…
“I believe it’s advantageous for the artist to have a really good lens and then make modifications to reduce some of the perfections by modifications. It never can work the other way around. You can’t take an inferior lens and add a filter to make it perfect.”


▶ a house built on calculus?