Drove past this van yesterday, parked beside Pauatahanui inlet, pointed across the road into trees… was out in same area today so drove past and they were parked up again… would love to see what the shot was they were after… must have been a nest or something in the trees opposite?

Stormy Weather

beautiful timelapse by Mike Olbinski

Making a robot speak

I have a project where I need to have a robot speak text,
what options/approaches are there?

– mac text to speech still exists so I could record it
– record a human reading the lines, direct them & then process their voice
– what else?

I’ll collect up all the replies (Twitter/FB/DS/etc) and post them





Not for this robot…

These ones:

A recording of their current english voices (& me, trying to make it easy for the voice recognition)

Kamikaze Cicada intervention

Maciej Janasik was kind enough to send me a version of one the one HISSandaROAR Xmas present tracks – the kamikaze cicada, on which he had staged a really great minimalist intervention – have a listen:

Thanks Maciej!
And do check out more of his work eg some of his recordings on aporee maps and instagram

If you’ve made something interesting with the HISSandaROAR Xmas present, email me a link

The Bridge

shot with Sony a6300 + Lee Filters


WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Joseph Bennett & Charles Huettner
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Matt Harrigan & Dave Newberg
ANIMATION: Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, Caleb Wood, Nelson Boles, Jonathan Djob Nkondo & Sean Buckelew
BACKGROUND ART: Charles Huettner & Joseph Bennett
SOUND DESIGN: Mike Jansson
MUSIC: Joe Wong & Didier Leplae

btw great work Mike Jansson!

Detritus 410

▶Ryoji Ikeda :: the radar [kyoto], Kyoto Experiment, 1-6 NOV 2016


▶ the exponential view


▶ the ultimate sound designers message hidden in a movie?
deciphering what was typed based only on the sound


▶ “My religion is the imagination. Human imagination is the strongest thing we have, whether we’re scientists or artists or whatever…” – guess the director?


▶ Tactics for dealing with difficult directors?


Kodak reintroduces EKTACHROME!!


▶ Bansky interview c1995 ex VHS!


▶ useful for locals, but no doubt something similar exists for where you live:
what to plant & when in NZ
ps ate my first raspberries of the season last night – oishi!!!


▶ CRT TV at 1000 fps


nuzic 16

▶ Nebula from new Subset EP Dub Forms on Dubmission via bandcamp


▶ Travis Scott – Antidote


▶ Flucht – Komplex LP


▶ A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Iris just released


Cable labels

I started re-organising my studio a month or two ago, with the clarity of vision that comes from being away from it for a few months…. One aspect of my modular synth that changed form was to move away from trying to mix within the modular. My Toft ATB 24/8 desk was too big to be at the front of my studio, especially with a sit/stand desk so I moved it to the rear of my studio, right alongside my modular synth and I have since found a way to install a rack of outboard kind-of floating above it… I still have mixers in my modular synth, but they are now destined for use as sub mixers – for audio and/or cv…. So the next step was to cable from the modular to the Toft desk, in a way that I could easily keep track when re-patching, without having to revert to a clean slate… Basically I wanted to be able to glance at a module output and see a number on the cable that relates to the channel on the Toft desk, so I began hunting for cable labels…

If I was making my own cables, or commissioning them, I would request numbered labels were used on the cable, maybe printed & sealed in place by clear heat shrink. But I instead bought a big bag of 1/4″ to 1/8″ readymade cables and had to stop & think about how I could retroactively label them. After searching online I came up with these options:

I’m not convinced the white cable ties with the plastic labels are the best idea, although I’ll give some a try with a permanent sharpy pen. The numbers were what I was really after, and I found these two options locally:

Network Cable Number Label 10Set(0-9) (100pcs), RJ45/11/12 Cable management
NZ$6 each pack from PBTech

JLP Clip On Cable Markers PLIO®-CLIP, 3.6 → 6mm, 512 Markers
NZ$64.65 for pack from RS Online

Will be interesting to see if they last… I’ll post some photos in a few days when I have it all configured…