Detritus 266


(anyone help me with credit for this?)


> Are you a cyclist who likes to listen? Check these – via SSD (still surprised Rycote don’t make ear shaped wind protectors – would be a likely viral hit, choose your style: Vulcan, Cat etc….


> Late, often? (I worked with a director who was reliably late by 20+ minutes, I soon learned to make our meetings half an hour earlier than when they would actually start, problem solved!)


> OMFG! f/0.7!!! Stanley Kubrick’s bokeh FTW!


> Vox the great little music player/iTunes repalcement for OSX is out of beta & still free!


> A poster child for everything that’s wrong with modern movies?


> bass dogs, because… thats all


> How to help ensure your next flight doesn’t suck


> This borders on a number of philosophies that I concur with: developing a flexible mind and reminds me of a great quote about life: pain is inevitable, suffering is optional



> The music of light


> I first became aware of Keith LeBlanc via Tackhead and his work for the legendary On U Sound record label, so this is interesting news: ‘Keith found the ‘business’ process of distributing his sample CDROMs so confusing, tedious and downright maddening that he was tempted to abandon the project completely… but then came the obvious solution… GIVE IT AWAY FREE!’ More info here and downloads here (& remember ‘free’ really means donate if it has value to you)


> A very interesting booklist, subject: creativity



> oishi! an english version has launched of Cookpad the largest online source for Japanese recipes! mmm okonomiyaki & its variations!



> trees? some really fckng amazing trees


> invaluable advice


Detritus 265


> reanimating dead composers


> there’s a new Miyazaki film!!


> Wish I could visit these Sound Art installations in NY


> I’ve been researching accelerating rhythms for an upcoming project and came across this attempt at evoking the Risset illusion: music that accelerates forever? Have a listen:


> This is a fascinating read, the latter half is a review of Jaron Laniers book Who Owns the Future? but read the first half!


“Stanley was generally very disappointed with commercial cinema… that it could have been so much more… budgets that were squandered on silly stories.” — Anthony Frewin, assistant to Kubrick (1965–69 and 1979–99) – so what did he like?



> Whether you use ableton LIVE or not, this is a great read about Nick Yulmans music and approach


> Edward Snowden’s not the story. The fate of the internet is


> The science of chunking



> The 10 Rules of Change


> an interesting angle on what Google plus actually is


> A whale tries to make contact with humans!?


> Tax rebates for film makers? New Zealand just lowered the entry point


> The largest photo of Tokyo?


> The 10 strangest sounds heard on the TED stage (your idea of strange may differ from theirs!)


> Listen to Wikipedia



Scattered Light 94

Scattered Light 92

Shot in Milford Sound July 18th, 2013 – the boat shows the scale, they backed our boat right under the waterfall!

Scattered Light 92

Scattered Light 92

Scattered Light 92

BIG SURF Library Released

New HISSandaROAR Ambience Library is released now! – 33% discount in place until Aug 3rd

Next library due for release in a few weeks is a classic themed HISSandaROAR library with some VERY diverse source material for sound design: FRICTION

When Bjork met Attenborough

This doco screened on BBC last week, but is only available on demand if you live in the UK (or have your proxys sorted) or via dodgy means…. So I’m not sure how legitimate this upload is to youtube so have a look before it gets taken down from youtube!

Detritus 264

>Fascinating high speed films by Trevor Cox of sound vibrations


> Great interview with James Turrell on apprehending light


> Percy Principles of Art and Composition (I like the sore thumb analogy)



> “You want to quiet the noise in your head to solidify that fragile germ of an idea”


> Beautiful quiet album & for a good cause: How to Catch Stille


> Ryuichic Sakamotos new installation at YCAMForest Symphony – “Trees are geniuses that convert sunlight into energy, or in other words, catch electromagnetic waves by way of photosynthesis. I’d like to translate that periodicity into music.”


> Happy Birthday Stanley Kubrick! – wonder if they buried him in his jacket?


> Interesting app for real time musical analysis


> Great idea – a cheap dongle by Google (aka a gongle?) to turn your TV into a net connected


> handy iPad app for realtime interview logging


> something to try on your next vehicle recording?
(or to annoy boy racers)