SWISH 2 recording 2

Getting packed up, ready to head in to Park Road Posts lovely huge quiet foley stage… suspect this might be the loudest doppler to record today!


How long should the rope be? How low to set gain… we shall soon find out!
Will post some photos later on, if my arms are still working by then..

Detritus 345

▶ this is quite a funny riff on the cochlear implant videos where we watch someone hear sound for the first time… & while they are always heart breakingly beautiful & emotional moments, there is also something that makes me cringe about them and I think its that such a deeply personal moment is being commodified as clickbait… anyhoo…

Watch This Incredible Moment When A Father Of Four Hears Silence For The First Time


▶ Petrol camera/sound gear bags have been discontinued/merged into the Sachtler brand! More info here


▶ another musicless music video… doubly funny: sound-wise and… who was she again?


or… reasons to not get addicted to cocaine


▶ Chasing the blue whale’s song – a fascinating article/video!


▶ i’d like to load (& mis-label) some really disturbing audio on to one of these dead drops


heh heh, its all about boom this week!



No, not some new fangled kawii (but actually lame) google autonomous car… A carpod is actually my pretty dreadful name for Ansel Adams use of a car roof as a tripod raiser… But look at it – what a genius idea!


But case in point, that previous photo….


That photo of a sculpture on the waterfront would have been much ‘better’ if I had been able to shoot from ‘slightly above’ head height – in fact a step ladder would have done… but I am already a chronic over-packer, so if a step ladder actually did fall out of camera bag I am sure my GF would just shrug her shoulders & point at it every time I complained about excess baggage charges…. But as that photo shows the sculpture actually leans out over the water & when looking through the EVF of my x100s it would so very easy to take one step too many… hence the closer shot – I don’t mind getting wet, but it would be a horribly expensive swim!

I have started searching for a roof rack for my 4WD though…

Scattered Light 197


slightly altered sculpture on the Wellington waterfront
shot with Fuji x100s + WCL + Lee Grad Filters



no results from Tineye, credit anyone?

Sunday walkies = tripping with giant lizard?

No, Hunter S Thompson meds weren’t involved, unfortunately… I went for a walk this afternoon, taking the long way to get to the top of the bush reserve beside my house – here is the view from the top, with the South Island in the distance…


The track drops down quite steeply, but thankfully the council have done a lot of work with wooden steps, making it safe even when its wet… which reminded me I must go do some rain recording in here!


So I was walking along when I heard this sudden rustle/movement right near my ear – I stopped and looked, and it took me quite a while to see it:


Can you see it?



I got a bit close with my macro lens and he moved around the darker side of the branch… so I had to crank this in LightRoom a bit





Rewarded with Good Vibes

I used to reward my months of hard work on each film with a new instrument of some kind and I like the idea for a few reasons but mostly that the instrument becomes tied to the project in a way eg my double bass arrived from working on Gaylene Prestons film Perfect Strangers… But now its more likely the reward comes from months of work on a HISSandaROAR library, so the MECHANISM library has rewarded me with this lovely old Kosth vibraphone that I picked up today

Kosth vibraphone

Vibes feels a bit like a Fender Rhodes to play, even the dischords sound beautiful… This Kosth vibraphone wasn’t expensive due to its age & condition – it doesn’t have the tremelo motor, but that doesn’t worry me since if I want to use tremelo I’d rather do it after recording & have the option (sorry if that offends any purists, I love my Sonic Couture vibes virtual instrument and it was genius of them finding a way to virtualise the tremelo but I’ve never actually used the tremelo, different strokes etc etc)

For now it sits opposite my Deagen marimba: a pair of percussive resonance generators = such fun to play along to sequences from my modular synth.

So thank you for all the support with the MECHANISM library, and for all the brilliant ideas towards the SWISH TWO library – its going to be awesome & I’m aiming to do some recording for it in the huge foley stage at Park Road Post very soon! Onwards



Visited my favourite bookstore UNITY BOOKS when I was in town the other day & grabbed these two great books, I was kind of hoping the Unified Field book might have been photos but when I got them to take the plastic wrap off so I could have a look turned out its a book of his paintings and they are quite incredible, I wont post photos of them, doesn’t do them justice, but what a wild imagination he has…
While I was checking it out the super helpful guy at Unity got me the smaller book to have a look at too: Lynch on Lynch, by Chris Rodley – I wasn’t planning on getting it but after having a quick skim read I couldn’t help myself as it is fascinating & reads like a conversational Q&A with a chapter centred on each film, as well as chapters on his other works (photography, painting, building sheds etc) Suspect it will prompt a retrospective David Lynch film festival via my BluRay player!

LYNCH ON LYNCH by Chris Rodley