New Libraries: Handbells & Bowed Gamelan

Boulder Sounds have just released a lovely 3 octave hand bell library – check it out here – there are some beautiful demo MP3s there but if there is one piece of music that has inspired me to part with the cash to own this library it comes from the soundtrack to Mathew Barneys film Drawing Restraint composed by his partner Bjork, the piece called Cetacea

Also check out Boulders free sound libraries as there are some interesting freebies for Kontakt, EXS24, Structure etc…

SonicCouture also just released a Bowed Gamelan library too… I hope they next do a Javanese Gamelan library, the softer tonality is hugely contrasting with the Balinese….

Ah such beautiful sounds!

Detritus 13

> I never wear a tie, but if I was to it would have to be one of these made from recycled tape

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> There are plenty of photo collections on flickr of people showing all the nifty gadgets in their camera bags, and they can be handy eg I bought a tiny spirit level that fits in the hot shoe of my camera (handy for shooting QTVRs & levelling tripod) because i saw it in someoens bag in that photo stream but this one made me laugh out loud!

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