This is definitely worth watching full screen & on good speakers, in fact go to the films vimeo page & download the 720p quicktime… The film is designed and animated by Kevin Megens, Floris Vos, Arno de Grijs, André Bergs, Music and sound design (very well done) by Alex Debicki Script by Jan Eduards. Produced by il Luster Productions. Pivot website

& thanks for the tip Michal!


Director – Julien Vallée
Concept – Julien Vallée & Nicolas Burrows
D.O.P. – Simon Duhamel
Flash Development – Jérémi Dallaire
Sound Design – Nicolas Burrows & René-Pierre T.-Guérin
Motion Design – Julien Vallée
Additional Keying – Pierre-Olivier Nantel & Marie-Michele Bergeron

Open Thread

I have a week off, but as a freelancer that really means I get to work on my own projects but don’t get to invoice anyone… So its going to be a busy week off as I have lots to do, but one thing I have noticed with the virtual interns which may apply here as well, is that it is often faster for me to answer their specific questions than it is for me to dream up, develop, write & edit a decent rant on some worthy topic… I also noticed this when i did a talk on sound design at Dunedin University – the most fun part for me was the Q&A, as it meant we discussed topics the audience were specifically interested in & it became less of a monologue… So while I am busy this week if there is anything you want to ask me, then please consider this an open thread specifically for that purpose.

all your bass