Next Film Sound Study: Punch Drunk Love

Ok I know this isn’t next in the top 5 films but I decided I’m going to intersperse the top 5 with films that I personally am interested in…. So if you feel like it, go watch Punch Drunk Love – I’ll post the trailer below, and will kick off a discussion on it in a few days…

Look Around You!

mmmm synth prOn @2.40 “a state of the art song writing computer”

thanks to plan 9 for the tip!

Space Shuttle LIFT OFF at 24bit 96k!

I was completely oblivious to the recent Discovery mission but luckily was on twitter the afternoon of the lift off & someone posted a link to a live video feed of the event & I am so glad I got to see it in real time – it was really exciting!!!! If you didnt see it watch this video (& crank up your monitors – I love those sounds!)

Of course it made me think, I’d so love to witness a launch myself AND record it, but as this video illustrates, even if I was to go there I couldn’t get close enough to the action (or far enough away from the other spectators) to really enjoy it or record anything meaningful… I guess it would be a case of getting a few drinks together & a designated driver & leave the record kit at home…

And again yesterday on twitter I was blissfully ignorant of the Space Shuttle returning to earth until someone posted saying they just heard the sonic boom of re-entry… and of course someone & their dog was videoing at the time…

And while this video isn’t from the latest mission, it has such beautiful sounds!

After watching the live launch of the mission I dug out my DVD copy of the IMAX film THE DREAM IS ALIVE which is about the space shuttle & has great sound, thanks to Ben Burtt plus Walter Cronkites (RIP) great narration….

But the last bit of space shuttle media I will mention is the best& its via Bob Katz, the excellent mastering engineer: “Thanks to the help of a friend at NASA, I was able to record the liftoff of the Space Shuttle Discovery on March 8, 2001 from the Kennedy Space Center VIP viewing site at 3.1 miles from the launchpad (as close as they let anyone get during the launch except for crew members). Also with the courtesy and help of Gary Baldassari, Mike Morgan, and Andy DeGanahl, who supplied some of the equipment used. Andy and I braved the all-nighter and captured the launch at 6:42:09.059 am EST.”

If you visit this link you can download what I craved after watching those youtube videos ie a quicktime with high rez audio! But that isn’t all: “as of 9/10/09 we are very pleased to present to you the Shuttle Launch in Surround, at 96 kHz/24 bit. This is a free download of the original 4.0 recording (just the shuttle launch, without the music accompaniment). Thanks to Chris of for inventing the asynchronous conversion that allowed me to synchronize the front and surround channels of this recording, which were made on two independent Masterlink recorders. The result is incredibly realistic and natural. If you have a properly bass-managed surround system with high headroom subs (preferably a pair of subwoofers with accurate response) then this recording will knock your socks off. The proper reproduce gain is +7 dB above the Dolby standard calibration. That’s right, turn up your monitor gain 7 db higher than the SMPTE standard 83 (or “85”) level calibration. The free audio files are only available to registered users (it’s easy to register, just press the link at the top left of this page) and can be found in the media, download section after you register. If you download and can play these files go the Contact Us page and give me some feedback! Enjoy— Bob Katz.

I’m downloading the files now (200MB) but its 10pm and I’m not sure my neighbours would appreciate a shuttle launch in my apartment right now, so its going to have to wait until the morning…. But first thing Monday morning….

Thanks so much Bob! And thanks also for your book on mastering which I bought a while ago & have read cover to cover – highly reccomended!

27 Critters Perform Tchaikovsky

This is so cute but if there was actually a video of the critters synced up it would probably be a cuteness overload! More here