Temp Mix – almost finished!

Phew what a monster!!! This has been the biggest temp mix I have ever done, just check out the two PT sessions we were running live – I’ll explain the whys & wherefores below…

Temp Mix FX and Foley Session (click here for fullsize)


Temp Mix Atmos and Fixes Session (click here for fullsize)


So we ran all six reels in one session – I prefer working this way when editing as well as mixing as it makes it so much easier to refer to moments elsewhere in the film… Its only since getting PT HD and an Intel Mac (with 4GB of RAM) that this has been possible… but it makes for a BIG PT session; the PT session file above is 22MB and my editing session back at the studio is even larger as it has all the source material for the film in it (on library tracks etc) whereas the session I bring to the mix stage has only the material we are using…
The FX session is organised into sets of tracks/predubs which I am busing to 5.1 auxiliarys, which are then fed to the Euphonix desk… Because this temp is so complex, there is too much material to go through panning every source track on the mix stage so I spent a lot of time panning in 5.1 beforehand. I was a little worried as to how this would translate from my edit room to the mix stage but we did some tests the week before the temp mix & it sounded great so I went ahead & did as much panning as I had time to do…. and I am so glad I did – theres nothing better than doing a first play down of the tracks on the mix stage and sounds are placed and/or moving as they should…
I had originally thought I might print 5.1 stems instead of run it all live via auxiliarys but it became apparent we would be getting VFX/picture updates through out the mix & accordingly I would need to be updating the source material for the mix… In the end I was happy about that too as it meant I could keep editing rather than stop and spend a day or two printing stems before the temp mix….
Ok, I’m almost ready for some time out…. and archiving…. and checking the print… and checking the stitch & layback to HD… and checking the blu ray disks… and then having a rest… and THEN starting the next stage in developing the sound design for this movie – YEHAR!

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Live Looping with Andrew Bird

How to make a simply beautiful string arrangement with a looping pedal… and equally beautiful when he drops it back in later in the song… artist site here

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Show of Hands

Show of Hands is a film by Anthony McCarten that we completed sound design for earlier this year, so I was thrilled to hear the other day that it had been accepted to screen at the Montreal Film Festival. The film is an incredibly engaging dialogue driven drama starring Melanie Lynskey and Craig Hall, and was scored by the incredibly talented Don McGlashan. This is the second film I have worked on with Don (previously Toa Frasers film ‘Number Two’) and apart from a dramatic score that illustrates his deep undertsanding of drama, both times Don has also delivered a hugely emotive song that in normal circumstances (ie just as music) would be wonderful, but in the context of the film is almost overwhelming…. check the trailer below, the film is released in NZ on November 13

direct youtube link for iphone/ipod touch

Show of Hands is partly about sleep deprivation, a subject I have had more than a little personal experience with & it was fun to explore sound design for dramatic moments in the film where the effects of sleep deprivation start to become apparent, especially moments in point of view…

And a few fun facts about sleep deprivation:

- People who drive after being awake for 17–19 hours performed worse than those with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent, which is the legal limit for drunk driving in most western European countries!

- Randy Gardner holds the record for sleep deprivation: 264 hours!!! Thats 11 days!?! If you want to try competing with this, bear in mind by the fourth day he was hallucinating & for example mistook a street sign for a person (I wonder how long that conversation went on?)

From personal experience, I think the worst I have ever done is 24 hours straight & yes it was due to a deadline for a film! But that was many years ago – as I get older & one hopes wiser I aim to avoid those kinds of schedules. The one thing I remember from serious sleep deprivation was the lovely feeling of ‘instant meditiation’ ie you can be wide awake & concentrating, but then momentarily close your eyes & quickly enter a state that is like very deep meditation… But funnily enough I know of another certain film being made in NZ at the moment (not the one I am working on) where the sound crew recently did a 27 hour day in aid of meeting a temp mix delivery deadline!!?!! I sure hope they all got taxis home….

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Second best use for an iPod Touch/iPhone?

Ok, you would have to be a ProTools user to agree with me, but even a year ago if you tried to tell me I could remote control ProTools using my iPod I would have laughed – yeah right… but lo & behold Far Out Labs new product: ProRemote for Ipod touch & iPhone

Methink the idea deserves support… and it begs the question as to why the Dexter doesnt even have this level of ProTools control!?!

via CDM

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Break glass with your voice?

Who else would you ask to prove if its actually possible?
Mythbusters of course!

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