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M4L plugs

> Robert Henke aka Monolake has released some of his MaxforLIVE plugs for free (thanks!) including Circular Doppler: “Two virtual microphones rotate around a single sound source. Doppler delays, distance dependent amplitude modulation and filtering included. Movement of source and microphones synced to song position. This allows 100% reproducible effects.”


> This is a map of your brain on music (not!)


> I started a little meme on twitter the other day about #overused_Lib_FX
Heres a copy of the list everyone posted:
– the BBC SFX ‘crying baby’
– Creaking metal door sound
– Feedback anytime someone approaches a microphone
– “Well, basically all of these…
– Red-tailed hawk
– The opening of a DOOM door
– Crow caws
– Sword being drawn
– The same magpies every time
– The Wilhelm
– Bell trees for any xmas related graphics
– Bullet impact into metal
– Gun chamber cocking
– Whispy wind through wires
– Children playing in the park
– Single spark zapping
– Fireball whoosh
– Hawk screech
– Metal hatch squeak
– Dog next door
– Doppler truck horn

I think half the problem with these #overused_library_FX is people use the exact same version EVERY time… Methink someone should release a library of “Alternates to the most #overused_library_FX” with ten different doppler truck horns & 20 dogs next door etc….


> Why screenwriters & film makers fail


> Protools running slow? here are MIx Mags top 5 ProTools cripplers & how to fix them – I’ve been using the little free app that they mention for years & its invaluable at trashing corrupt DAE/DigiSetup files, get yourself a copy here



My Tokyo by Alary Romain
Music: Wasabi Shot – Interlope’s sushit Remix

Shortcuts II: Using a Second USB Keyboard

I’ve ranted before about how important learning shortcuts is for sound editors (SD101: shortcuts) & I’ve also posted about a nifty USB device which enables you to assign shortcuts to dedicated keys in any layout you like (the Ergodex) but recently I found out about a means of adding dedicated physical keys that must be the most cost effective yet: simply plug in a second USB Mac keyboard!
Now like me you probably thought of this long ago & discovered it wasn’t possible. I had dreams of using gaffer tape to permanently hold down eg the control & command keys on a second keyboard & thereby have a whole new set of 100+ keys to assign shortcuts to. But I soon discovered that to hold down the command key on one keyboard equated to holding it down on both keyboards, so I wrote off the idea as fundamentally flawed, and so I bought my Ergodex (which I like, but I don’t use it as much as I imagined I might)
And then Quickeys version 4 was released and all that changed!

Quickeys devices setup

In Quickeys 4 there is a menu item for DEVICES, which lists all the USB devices connected and by choosing “Use this device exclusively with Quickeys” you can preclude it from having any effect on anything else on your Mac, other than as a means of triggering Quickeys! Brilliant! (And thanks to Emile for pointing out this new feature!)

two USB keyboards

Also of potential interest, Quickeys 4 supports the iPod Touch/iPhone, so you can trigger Quickeys shortcuts or scripts via wifi – check the iTunes App Store for more info…. but thats not all, check this:

Quickeys MIDI triggers

So any time I play a tritone it can dim the lights? Handy….

A small sidenote: Quickeys 4 requires OSX 10.5+ which I have finally made the leap to… So I’m also now on ProTools 8, which I am still getting used to…. and after migrating all my plugins and applications, guess which was the only company that required me to completely reinstall the plugins AND the libraries & then totally reauthorise? Native Instruments… FFS! I’ve only updated my home Mac & PT LE – I still have to go through the same painful process for my studio PT HD… Grrrrrrrr! Native Instruments get my vote as having the worst authorisation process!

The End of the Road

I’m not sure if this twitter account is actually his but it makes for some pretty amusing reading:

end of the road?

And what a long & twisted road it appears to have been!

Articles were published making all sorts of claims:

“It was Brice Carrington who gave King Kong his roar, the T-Rex and other dinosaurs their menacing sound in the movie Jurassic Park, put the hiss in Snakes on a Plane, the swoosh in Superman’s flight and the swirling sound in Spiderman’s web-shooting. Carrington is the man behind the pops, bangs, booms and blasts of the firepower in Miami Vice, True Lies, The Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, etc.”


“Carrington received 3 commemorative Oscars for “King Kong,” “Ghost and the Darkness,” and “Jurassic Park.”

But then retracted:

BRICE CARRINGTON RETRACTION: ‘Hollywood Sound Man’ Now Admits he Lied to ‘People of Note’ Columnist.
“I am Brice Carrington. I am writing this note to address comments made about me and to state some facts about my work. All the statements made that say directly that I have NEVER worked on a film or have won an academy award for sound is absolutely true. I have never worked on a motion picture nor have I ever won an academy award. The fact is, I am a sound designer, and I make recreations of sounds found in films and sell them to the public through a brand called Ultimate FX.”

Ah so! Recreations… Hmmmm…. A visit to his website is similarly entertaining – listen to his sounds for films such as Batman & Jurassic Park except please notice the fine print! And by fine I mean in the smallest legible font size: “These sounds are recreations of sound effects used in feature films. They are original works created by Brice Carrington and no claims are expressed or implied to the original works by the authors of the films.”

Now at this stage you might think it’s all just a great big misunderstanding. Here is this poor guy struggling to make ends meet, running a fledgling company that recreates sounds from famous movies… Sadly it seems the truth is another matter again.
As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle: “A Pleasanton man who falsely claimed he was a three-time Oscar-winning sound designer was sentenced Friday to four years in federal prison for defrauding investors of nearly $4 million in an investment scheme.”

“Carrington admitted that he had lured investors by spinning a series of yarns. He told people he had won three Oscars, had an extensive background in sound design and had ties to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Carrington admitted that he had received $3.6 million by victimizing 13 people. Almost none of the money went to designing sound effects; most went for such expenses as the mortgage on his $2.6 million Pleasanton home and fancy cars.”

Wow – ok the guy definitely isn’t slumming it then! But it gets even weirder:

“In 2006, Carrington paid $52,000 to Walnut Creek jeweler Davidson & Licht to create three fake Oscar statuettes, according to a civil suit that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences filed, claiming copyright infringement. He displayed at least one of the fake Oscars at his home, authorities said.”

Now I’m sure Brice probably still thinks its all a big misunderstanding, but 4 million dollars is a lot of other peoples money to be playing with. Either the guy is pretty damn convincing, or those investors simply did not practice due diligence when parting with their money…

brice the twit?

brice the twit?

brice the twit?

brice the twit?

Life is so much easier when you tell the truth. Imagine the energy involved in maintaining this masquerade?

end of the road?

Synaesthesia 003

Defocused Rose Garden

What do you hear when you look at this photo?


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