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> Two different collections of thoughts on the role the internet plays, one by Brian Eno,
the other by Jaron Lanier


> Seems to be lots of speculation about Apples new product release next week, but these two articles (here & here) seem to hint towards products & services beyond the tablet… Although of course there is an actual leaked release photo of Apples tablet


>Interested in the intersection of art & science? Heres an epic list of practitioners
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> What holds people back from doing what they want? Are you committed?


> Banksy at Sundance!?! (thanks Chris!)


> DIY bass traps – get rid of that murky low end!


> Like listening to numbers stations but find them a little abstract? How about a real time russian air traffic control feed – there’s even an iPhone app for it!


> Theres life above 20kHz? Damn right! “At least one member of each instrument family (strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion) produces energy to 40 kHz or above, and the spectra of some instruments reach this work’s measurement limit of 102.4 kHz”


Lusine – two dots

I’ve been listening to Lusine for what feels like a decade or more, but only just came across this video for a song off his latest album


When I was in Auckland last weekend I went for a walk around the waterfront & there was a massive cruise ship parked at the wharf, and by massive I mean the size of an entire inner city apartment block. The area was swarming with tourists and the people who facilitate their visit and I didn’t think too much about it… But the following day I read about a similar cruise ship, which irrespective of the recent & ongoing disaster is scheduled to park at a private beach, reasonably close to the centre of the Haiti epicentre. And there its passengers can have a BBQ, drink cocktails and frolic, protected from the inconvenient disaster victims by a large wire fence with armed guards… The mental image this scenario forms in my head is enough to make me feel sick, but it is too easy to sit back & judge. Am I actually doing any more to help than those tourists?

monome haiti

In response to the Haiti disaster the monome community banded together & created a compilation album featuring 27 artists – go have a listen here and buy a copy (for as much as you can afford to donate, minimum $1) – 100% of the proceeds go to the Médecins Sans Frontières. Quoting from MSF: “It is like working in a war situation,” said Rosa Crestani, MSF medical coordinator for Choscal Hospital. “We don’t have any more morphine to manage pain for our patients. We cannot accept that planes carrying lifesaving medical supplies and equipment continue to be turned away while our patients die. Priority must be given to medical supplies entering the country.”

…and not tourists…

haiti waveform


haiti aftershocks