Pico drumkit


My Pico 8 voice drumkit just arrived, all the way from Latvia thanks to @EricaSynths – I got the programmer too, so I strongly suspect some EMF sounds are going to get loaded on to some of these – you can use CV to change samples, so could be very interesting for randomised rhythmic glitches! Great work fitting these on to 3HP, perfect for my Intellijel 7U portable cases….

more EMF


The Elektroluch loved my Dyson battery powered vacuum cleaner… Slowly my instincts are developing as to the kinds of devices that will generate interesting EMF!


I’ve done a few sessions of using motion control to capture slow moves across circuits, but today swapped roles & captured the EMF generated by the @SYRP Genie and Genie mini – fun recording speed ramps (ease in/out)


Also recorded this vintage massager I bought ages ago – it looks & feels like some retro scifi space laser, but the operating manual is a little terrifying!

Elektroluch 3 ♥ motion control


It is unreal how much variation in EMF there is, when you move an Elektroluch across the screen or body of a laptop… So rigging up motion control seemed a no brainer – a 1 minute pass across revealed a beautiful landscape of sounds!


Had this crappy old scanner/fax/printer donated to me a few years ago… and it sat in the basement for the last few years, waiting for this moment!


Same for this poor old unloved PS2

Electromagnetic Field Recording FTW

Whats your Grotbox?

I was just reading this article at Sound on Sound from 2014, about options for secondary monitors i.e. ‘less than ideal’ monitors for checking your mix…. No matter what I’m mixing I always use the reality check technique of turning down the monitor level until its very low, to see which elements disappear & which still rate (or are too prominent) as it is easy to be seduced by great monitors…

And I know there is an Eno Oblique Strategies card about listening from another room, to again help identify any balance issues… But its made me think, it really would be wise to get a pair of crappy speakers for comparisons – so if you do already, what do you use?

Relatedly I screen capped this image of French electro producer Surkins studio from a promo video for Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet – watch the vid here – do the smallest speakers look like Auratones?


Also another question – I’d love to hear from anyone using one of the MOTU AVB interfaces, especially with ProTools. Considering getting one to route audio across Cat5..

update via twitter – thanks Keith!
@keith_robichaux Avatones in the pic. NIN/film composer Charlie Clouser loves AVB.

great interview/article with Charlie Clouser re his set up here and what great advice: “I’d just advise those starting out to not be afraid to try something new, different, or off the beaten path. The one thing I’ve tried to do, whether making records or scoring films, is to avoid doing what I hear everyone else doing. If someone out there is just killing it with a particular sound or style, then I try to steer to one side and find a path that hopefully fewer people are taking.

Sometimes I wind up hacking my way through the underbrush with a machete, wondering why I wandered off the road and into the overgrown bushes, but hopefully I’ll wind up in a nice secluded spot that I have all to myself. This approach might not work for everyone, but it seems to have worked for me.”

2am Jam


Finished reforming my studio – migrated to two Intellijel 7U performance cases + the big wooden custom Goikes case… And also moved my Toft desk so it is primarily now for the modular & outboard…




nuzic 8




▶ Atom™ & Burnt Friedman


Death Grips – Eh
Directed by: Sean Metelerkamp
Post production by: Christopher Bisset


▶ Self Indulgence with Buchla and Nagra – Giorgio Sancristoforo



▶ Have you ben following along with Olafur Arnalds Island Songs project, as he circumnavigates Iceland collaborating with locals?


new Rival Consoles due for release on 5th August 2016.


Detritus 399

▶ korg plugkey seems like a nifty idea, shame they aren’t bi-directional…


▶ pills!



▶ these are beautiful, almost look like calligraphy: the stark beauty of Japan’s soaring Cormorant population


▶ nice analogue studio – Kyle Dixon working on the ‘Stranger Things’ score


Wallwave Vibrations by Loris Cecchini


▶ love these tiny Japanese turntables


▶ Great interview – i love MUBI – but especially this part of this interview:

NOTEBOOK: When discussing your work, you are always replying in plural…

TARR: You have to know that Béla Tarr is a brand, not only me. First of all, it’s Ágnes Hranitzky, László Krasznahorkai, Mihály Vig and me. These four people were working together for thirty years and we were doing what we did. That’s why I prefer to reply in plural. I have never said any of those are my films because that is not true.

NOTEBOOK: How did the creative process work? Did you divide the tasks or everything was a collective effort?

TARR: Well, I had the final decisions all the time, but they have really big sensibilities and somehow, when we were talking about the life, situations or anything, they had the same point of view. Of course, Mihály is a musician and László is a writer. Even though we have a different language, we somehow think about the life together, not about a film.


a Northerly blast!

This morning I got up early & raced into town to see Werner Herzogs new doco LO AND BEHOLD, which was excellent – funny, profound and very thought provoking about the role of the internet past, present & future. Coincidentally when I got home the power was off = no internet!

Last night a big northerly storm arrived & it was still blowing a gale today, but about the time I came home from the screening coincided with high tide, and I was greeted with this as I drove around the waterfront:


Debris washed up on to the road.. and the waves were breaking right up onto the road!!


Of course I went home, grabbed some lunch & my 722 recorder & mics & camera… The ocean was fierce, but the wind meant the sound of the waves was very diffuse & not so interesting…


But the wind was fairly shreiking in the rigging of all the yachts in the boat club car park, so I left my 722 recorder rolling for half an hour while I went off & took photos….



Couldn’t help but wonder how it might sound, pitched down two octaves… & filtered…
Kinda retro/almost archival sub Antarctic doco sounding?

My neighbour Dave had also told me about an interesting sound he’d heard ages ago, so I went to see if I could find it. On the beach side there is a drain vent:


The drain runs under the road & into a covered concrete culvert, and eventually emerges 50m away – by the entrance to Karehana Bay park:


So I put my pair of MKH8040s on to a boom and had a listen to the quite freaky sounds coming from inside there, have a listen:

Wow – its almost like a blowhole, like distant explosions! As it was high tide, the beach vent was almost underwater, so I’ll have to try another recording mid tide…

Thanks Dave for sharing the sound!