“Genius is in the editing”

Apparently that quote is attributed to Charlie Chaplin, but it is a mantra of mine… Shoot 100 shots, or hours of material, or record for days and days… but edit it, so it seems effortless…

The image above, and another few hundred on my hard drive, are all from a location I revisited today, for the third time. I stumbled across it the first time by accident aka by being curious… and momentarily glazed over by the way the lakes tides & levels had left a Karesansui-like trail… Second time I revisited it, I was severely underwhelmed – was this the right place? Did I imagine it? WTF?

Third time, totally different season, 2 or 3 years later… and it was magic again!

Flew the Mavic Pro all over the place, and just as I was getting cold & ready to carry on down the road I pointed the camera directly down & discovered a beautiful unintentional form of Zen calligraphy…

Headed back to Tekapo, filled up with petrol & was off down the South side of Lake Tekapo, revisiting a small lake where I shot a fantastic timelapse a year ago… Except this time the lake was all choppy & grey & deeply unappealing… But on the way back out to the main road revisited another lake, where I had recorded ambiences for HISSandaROAR…

Go the MAvic!

I drove up that road as far as I could go… A farmer in a 4WD stopped by me, wondering if I was stuck… Waved my camera at her & she laughed & drove off… She couldn’t see the alien rave I was about to shoot…

Moral of the story: I’ve seen & read many rants about Ansel Adams incredible & inspiring photographic work, but it is almost always about his technique, his admittedly genius zone exposure process etc…
But never about how many times he revisited the locations he loved…

“Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind”

Dr. Louis Pasteur




Detritus 426

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▶ Vintage photographs altered by Anja Wülfing


▶ Fascinating reading: Avian Acoustics Research at Massey University, Auckland, NZ


Post horror? anything has got be better than dumb schlock frights… I don’t watch horror any more, whereas existential dread I do still appreciate…. maybe..


▶ “Imagine if Charles Dickens had left a record of some of his technical decisions—why, for example, he so often used a verbless sentence; or if Joseph Mallord William Turner had explained to his contemporaries why he chose a certain vivid pigment….” – the composer who broke the rules


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▶ With recent news of layoffs etc at Soundcloud, do you have backups/archive of your tracks on Soundcloud? This site can make backup easier (thanks Tom!)



I stopped a few places along the way hoping to see a Kea, and gave up….
only to find one at the cafe at Arthurs Pass!

Arthurs Pass

Arthurs Pass has been closed for the last few days due to snow, so I paced my trip hoping it would open today….and luck was on my side!

Back street








Inner city Wellington NZ
XPAN2/TX2 + 30mm lens + FormaPan400
(click image for full size)