Freaky Cloudbank!



I stopped to take a photo of the clouds, by Frog Rock in North Canterbury
but when I got out of the car and looked behind me, there was this freaky cloudbank!!!




Molesworth Station






drove through some epic landscapes today!!



Port Underwood

Ocean Bay sounded beautiful today!
Could have stayed here all day



White Bay – primo fishing spot!



Robin Hood Bay



Field recording at dawn



nice wake from these two passing by!



Off to explore Port Underwood today… so much history!!
mission: shipwreck hunting, field recording & shooting longexposures!



Late night shenanigans







pretty colours from my Sound Devices 788T vu meters










greeted with a gorgeous sunset at Waikawa Bay, Picton



South Island road trip starts here



winch? surely this is for launching drones!



knotted minimalism



know the feeling/s?



sea monsters?



WTF is this sign for? family mode in loderunner or something??