Ramen heaven

It was worth joining the inevitable queue for 30 minutes to experience such awesomely great ramen!!

Mutekiya ramen = highly reccomended, and thank you for helping gaijin ramen addicts

patience is a virtue

Izakaya ambience

great izakaya ambience with very vocal chefs (& great food!)

Day 1

After a great night out in Auckland with friends (back to hotel 2am) and then a 10 hour flight, plus 2 hours prior check in and then a few hours getting through customs, immigration and via Narita Express to Ikebukuro, Tokyo I was very, very happy to finally arrive to my favourite AirBnB

A few duty free drinks, and a quick dinner followed by some very high quality sleep… and despite the 4 hour difference I managed to sleep in & adjust my internal clock… next step:

A bit of 35mm film shopping & some GAS denial, and then:

Back to the apartment to have a jam on the piano, load cameras and get ready to head out & meet Hide san for dinner & revisit La Jatee…

re the Natura 1600, as I understand it that is a film that is only available in Japan and was designed by Fuji for a specific camera, the Fuji Natura S, which I also managed to buy via a Japanese auction site… and am now just waiting patiently for it to arrive… Its a tiny 35mm full frame camera that fits in the palm of your hand, but has a gorgeous fast f1.9 21mm lens – perfect for late night, low light shooting!

Check some of the photos shot with it here

nuzic 44

▶ Yamatashi Yaskura – Yakuza


▶ Ryuichi Sakamoto – Disintegration – (Alva Noto Remodel)


▶ Four Tet – New Energy


▶ Daphni – Joli Mai


▶ Dub Syndicate – Boggled Minds Displaced Masters
(Boggled Minds” is a version to “10K At 0VU – 60 Hz – Mind Boggles!” from The Pounding System, itself an alternate version to the title track of Bim Sherman’s Across the Red Sea released in the same year.)




HISSandaROAR EDITIONS are long form, single take field recordings.

While HISSandaROAR Sound Libraries primary purpose is for use in soundtracks – films, TV, theatre, video games etc – EDITIONS are directly aimed towards listeners, specifically for use as:
• study or writing aid
• meditation or relaxation
• sleep aid for insomniacs
• for tinnitus sufferers
• a virtual holiday
• a traffic masker

When I need to focus & do some writing, I often find radio or music too distracting, but silence can also be distracting as it is so easily interrupted. For me, the ocean falls into that psychological middle ground of being present but also ignorable. And nothing makes me sleep better than staying in a beach house where I can hear the ocean.

EDITION 001 Palliser Bay was recorded at (surprise!) Palliser Bay, which is a location I have visited and recorded many times before, but never quite like this. I selected a part of the beach with an evocative swell and recorded for 90 minutes, using Sennheiser MKH8040 ORTF microphones and a Sound Devices 722T recorder.

Back in the studio I created four versions, each 60 minutes in duration:

1. Palliser Bay – waves close, 60 minutes duration
2. Palliser Bay – waves close, 60 minutes duration, slow fade starts at 30 minutes
3. Palliser Bay – waves distant, 60 minutes duration
4. Palliser Bay – waves distant, 60 minutes duration, slow fade starts at 30 minutes

The versions with fade outs are primarily intended for sleeping.

Each EDITION also comes with two 4k photos of the location (as per small version above), so you can use it as the desktop of your monitor or TV. Turn on the heater, hit play & zone out like you are virtually at Palliser Bay.

HISSandaROAR EDITION 001 Palliser Bay is now available at Bandcamp for US$5

I am slowly working towards an album release, and when I say slowly I mean there are glaciers receding faster than my progress… but some/any progress is better than none. And I am intensely interested in ‘the form of things’ and particularly interested in the form of my things, so this is a test, a low stakes, version 1 dry run for part of what might be. If there are shortcomings with a platform I do not want to discover them 2 weeks before my album is released…

Two HISSandaROAR Libraries Released

AMB013 CAVE AMBIENCES 14GB of multichannel Cave Ambiences is now released

FX003 ELECTRIC GOLF CART MiniFX Library is now released

Use coupon code ‘KANPAI’ for 33% discount, expires Oct 14

As per the HISSandaROAR Email, I leave soon for Japan and plan to record a library of INTERIOR Ambiences – stealth recording in museums, art galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants, train stations, shopping malls etc… But I am also open to requests, especially from owners of our JAPAN CITY Ambience Library, for example one element I will capture is close up recordings of pedestrian crossing signals – comment or email me if there is something you’d like me to try & capture? I am also aiming to record some Suikinkutsu, their acoustic resonance reminds me of my Mutable Instruments RINGS modules (or maybe that should be vice versa)



Detritus 436

▶ “Where you don’t score is as important as where you score. And almost more important.”


▶ essential project to support: Jaki Liebezeit: Life, Theory and Practice of a Master Drummer


▶ Andreas Tilliander and Brendon Moeller interview each other


▶ perfect mixer for a suitcase synth/pedal rig


▶ Dave Cole – The Music Box


▶ Ornithology I by Juan Fontanive


▶ Clouds of knotted sound by Ronald van der Meijs

via this excellent thread: mechanical sound sculptures



Took delivery of my APRA award today…

the cast fronds have very interesting pitch, contact mic & I shall bow & sample them!

Detritus 435

▶ “I was fascinated by the view of the paint flowing down the skin….” = beautiful! via


▶ The secret history of messages etched into records


▶ celebrity troll level: expert


▶ wow, amazing photos!! check out the winners from Scuba Diving Magazine 2017 Underwater photography competition – love reading the brief back story to each photo..


▶ Kyoka provides a tour of my favourite gallery: ICC Gallery, Tokyo (normally photos are not allowed in that gallery so this is a chance for some vicarious tourism)


▶ genius!!




nuzic 43

▶ Com Truise – Propagation


▶ Deepchord co-founder @mikeschommer presents “something to listen to with a coffee in one hand and a paintbrush in the other” – tracklist


▶ uon – ‘zlo’


▶ Ryuichi Sakamoto doco – Coda





5D3 + Zeiss 50mm


This is my entry for the Ryuichi Sakamoto – async short film competition

music: disintegration by Ryuichi Sakamoto
(used with permission as per the terms of the competition)

film, sound design, edit by Tim Prebble

mmmm Valves

Just picked up this Metasonix module from my old foley editor – thanks Simon!

Now for some modular synth tetris to create some room for it





Incredibly thrilled by this – I’ve won a bunch of awards for sound design over the (many) years but this is my first for score… As per the speech thanks so much to everyone involved in the project – an experience of a lifetime!




Detritus 434

▶ interesting Kontakt instrument: Vinyl Carving Station


Eno: “I find that you’re a completely different person as a maker than you are as a listener. That’s one of the reasons I so often leave the studio to listen to things. A lot of people never leave the studio when they’re making something, so they’re always in that maker mode, screwdriving things in—adding, adding, adding. Because it seems like the right thing to be doing in that room. But it’s when you come out that you start to hear what you like.”


▶ Why do orchestras seem to play behind the beat?


▶ mmmm Scanimate… ‘thats analog!’


▶ meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, all 120+ screens you see in Alien Covenant were simultaneously driven on-set by Soma CG’s application MOTHER, made entirely in TouchDesigner.


▶ Laurie Anderson on VR


▶ The father of the modular synth was…. Harald Bode? Check out the two MP3s at the end of the article, such great sounds!!





The Two Twitters

I had a (Twitter DM) conversation with someone yesterday and it soon became aware they were using the first Twitter, and that was all they were aware of, as Twitter.

That version of Twitter is similar to Facebook or Instagram or whatever ie it is an ongoing stream or timeline of detritus from you and the people you choose to follow. While you likely subscribe or follow many people, groups & businesses on Facebook, you experience it through a single timeline or stream of content:

But, there is another Twitter which only exists due to a combination of user generated metadata (aka hashhtags) and apps like Tweetdeck

So in my case when I use or view Twitter, this is what it looks like:

So I currently view 22 different Twitter streams.
Why might you want to do this? Well there are a million reasons and each reason is unique to the user.

Some of the feeds I have in Tweetdeck are based on search terms eg if someone uses the terms “hiss roar” then their tweet appears in that feed. Note it doesn’t matter whether I follow the person or not, Tweetdeck searches & displays all current tweets with those terms.

Another column I view is based on the hashtag #dubtechno – again I don’t follow any of the individuals who use that hashtag but when they post links to new releases or mixes, I see them.

For the election in New Zealand there were two hashtags used, first #nzpol which is a permnanent hashtag for political discussion in NZ, and #decision17 which was created for the election. So I have a column/feed in Tweetdeck for both of those (but once the election results are finally achieved I will likely delete the #decision17 feed) and

Another reason why Tweetdeck is important is simply due to scale. Once you get past a certain number of friends/followers etc it becomes impossible to see them all eg I follow over 9k people on Twitter and the real time stream of all of them moves rapidly! But some of those people I am more interested in than others, and thats where twitter LISTS come into play. Whether you follow someone or not, you can create a Twitter list and add them to it. So I have one Twitter list called ‘endearing space cadets’ for media personalities that I find amusing and in Tweetdeck one of the feeds displays their posts. Similarly I have a fed for ‘uzic tech’ and another for ‘film’ and another for ‘uzic’ and another for #believeinfilm (which is a great feed of film photos) etc etc… When you create a list in Twitter you choose whether it is public or private, so while someone will be notified when you add them to a list, if the list is private they cannot view it or see who else is on it.

For me, one of the main benefits of all this is also archival. Because I live in NZ I am in a different time zone to many, and if I simply relied on the single Twitter stream it is unlikely I would ever see any tweets from eg people in the UK, who are in the opposite time zone. But Tweetdeck accumulates feeds and when I wake up & check Twitter via Tweetdeck, I get to see what was tweeted in the subjects that interest me.

Its funny, when Twitter first started I remember the common criticism is that “its just people tweeting what they had for lunch” but I tend to believe Twitter & most social media platforms are only as interesting as you are. If you are not curious and motivated enough to seek out what interests you then there is a pretty good chance it is actually you that is the boring one, and not the platform. YMMV

For a while I had a Tweetdeck feed labelled SATAN, which only listed tweets from the exalted orange one. But I deleted it, cos really who needs to see that sh+t! I also had a feed purely based on the word “silence” – that feed was like reading random poetry every day!


The mighty CR8K





And the award for best name for a drum machine goes to…









Using a Koma FT201 to rearrange the rhythms from a Roland TR66 Rhythm Arranger… BFF




Detritus 433


▶ Tan Dun on composing for film


▶ this is a great long read, save it for when you have time to read it: Dadbot


▶ Beautiful work by Tadao Ando, this giant statue of Buddha was built 15 years ago and “until now, the Buddha statue has stood alone in the field, giving an unrestful impression. The client wanted to give visitors a more serene appreciation of the Buddha” – the plants are lavender, so the scent must be amazing on a summers day…


▶ Jamie Lidells new music production podcast, Hanging Out With Audiophiles – interview here


▶ First trailer for new Wes Anderson stop motion film: Isle of Dogs’ and what a great list of voice talent: voice actors: Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Jeff Goldblum, F. Murray Abraham, Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban, Harvey Keitel, Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Liev Schreiber, Scarlett Johansson, Yoko Ono, and Greta Gerwig and score by Alexandre Desplat via Indiewire


IR 35mm

Just ordered infrared filters for my Lee Seven Five set to use with my Fuji TX2/XPAN2, and for my Lee 100mm set to use with my Canon 1V… Can’t wait to try it out! Hurry up FedEx!


Have you ever tasted Elderflower cordial? I hadn’t until very recently but really love the subtle flavour, especially with mint, limes & vodka… Since Spring is just starting in NZ I’ve been busy getting my garden ready, prepping soil and getting seedlings started… So I ordered a couple of elderberry plants and got them in the ground today!

Apparently the first season they do produce flowers & berries, but its not until the second season they really get going… fingers crossed! Also planted a goosebury bush, a tamarillo plant, a lemon bush and got mesclun & fractal brocolli in too… Next is radish, strawberries & tomatoes

nuzic 41

▶ Purl & Hivetribe – In Transit from Foreign Winds


▶ Nathan Fake – ‘REMAIN (Live Version)’ from Providence Reworks_ Part II


▶ Moses Sumney – Doomed


▶ Flume – Weekend feat. Moses Sumney


▶ Ibeyi – Me Voy feat. Mala Rodriguez
& (why the) autotune? although Malas lipsync annoyed me more


▶ Björk has a new song out… this isn’t it


Detritus 432

▶ Triadex Muse in Javascript


▶ audio reactive nature!?!


▶ perseverance vs obsession? 6 years and 720,000 photos


▶ interesting sound art by Massimo Bartolini


▶ new Burial!!


▶ wow I would love to play an instrument in the live rooms at La Fabrique!! Gorgeous recording studios


▶ Anne Lamott did a TED talk – its short, funny & as expected, worth a watch

I went to embed the video & discovered the very weird option in the photo above.. I never knew this was a ‘thing’ – watching/listening at 2 x real speed… I tried it, hoping for the helium effect but it just uses some time compression technique so the pitch stays the same… Really have to wonder about people who would use this feature? Too much coffee/meth? It is pretty rare I have time to listen to a podcast, but playing it at double speed is a very odd solution


nuzic 40

▶ Song Exploder: Ibeyi – Deathless (love their accents)


▶ Deepchord – Signals [Taken from forthcoming AURATONES LP]


▶ Thomas Brinkmann live @ send + receive 2015, via llllllllllllines



▶ Funny story about this next track – yesterday, Tuesday, I was heading out to do some recording, location is about a 90 minute drive from my house… so by the time I’ve loaded all the gear in the car, I cannot wait to get there… But about ten minutes from my house there was roadworks where there is usually a passing lane & I joined the queue and waited… and waited…

Before I left home I had made a playlist on my iPod of my favourite recent music and I hit play when I left home so only 1 or 2 songs had played…
So I am impatiently sitting in the queue & this song comes on… I crank up the sound system & it sounds so good!! The roadworks suddenly let us through & I carry on driving… slowly realising that my ipod is in shuffle mode. I fckng hate shuffle, if I could disable it for the next 100 years on every device I will ever use that would be fine by me. I never use it, NEVER…. I detest it. Musicians put their tracks in order for a reason, and thats how I want to hear them. I do not, ever want the track order randomised. Ever.
But slowly I become obsessed as to which song it was – the playlist had about 20 albums, EPs etc… Eventually, via a process of elimination and perseverance I finally find it, and its this track.
Play it loud next time you’re stuck in traffic…

▶ DAYLE – Concrete Noun


Free parking

Flew as close as I dared.. and shot until I filled the SD card – really mesmerising watching the ocean pound this abandoned 4WD…

Free the Modular!

Incase you missed the news yesterday VCV Rack has launched – when I read their URL I grok it as CV Crack.. and as per the image below, it felt confirmed after my first jam with it last night…

Think of it as virtual Eurorack modular, with the initial free release providing basic modules plus a set of Mutable Instruments modules based on the same code as their great Eurorack modules..

At present it is a freestanding app, but there is a plan to provide a VST bridge and I can easily predict this future: there will be a similar explosion of new modules as per what has happened IRL over the last many years. They likely wont be free, but I applaud the long term thinking of the developers to provide the platform for free, to encourage innovation.

Will this detract from real modular ie IRL? I doubt it – I think more the reverse will happen. This will be a gateway drug for people who have been interested in modular eurorack but have never had the opportunity to try it themselves, or the funds to take the leap of faith. While there are modular plugins already in existence the advantage this system has, is in its relationship to real available modules… For example not sure if you want to sequence from a real modular? Try experimenting with the SEQ-3 module (and no doubt there will be many new sequencing modules soon) and time will tell whether is inspires you or not.

The aspect I liked the most is that it made me think & experiment in a similar way to using my real modular… I started this patch knowing nothing about VCV & ended up with a constantly evolving rhythmic patterns, simply using multiple SEQ-3s with different sequence lengths… I own 3 Rings modules IRL and love them as an easily accessible harmonic pulse generators, so it was a pleasure to just keep adding more of them…

Modules I was most reaching for but could not find: an interesting LFO capable of very slow speeds, a clock divider and a stereo mixer. No doubt these will be coming soon, along with modules I could not predict. Exciting times…

This patch got up to about 45% of my CPU (iMac 5K iMac w 4GHz i7 & 64GB of RAM) and that CPU button is handy as it shows what % of CPU each module is consuming. Not sure how my poor old laptop will cope… YMMV

Congrats to the developers

606 Shoes

606 Shoes at Parliament today, each from a life lost to suicide


3 basses, 1 guitar, 1 ghuzheng & 1 koto
safely resting

Knowing what you don’t know

It might seem like an oxymoron but I believe knowing what you don’t know is an important skill, and if it requires explanation here it is. No one can know everything, it is simply not possible. But being aware of subjects in which you have no experience or knowledge is a useful awareness to have, because if you go opening your mouth to express an extreme opinion about a subject and suddenly remember “Oh thats right, I don’t actually have an experience with this subject… perhaps I should ask some questions, do some research, then do some thinking.. and maybe then start to create an informed opinion…”

A friend who worked at an Arts school told me about a contemporary technique called ‘de-skilling’ and in this seeming age of fake news and the dismissal of expert advice as though it is some form of unwelcome elitism, maybe just maybe it is symptomatic of a far deeper issue, with an old name: insecurity.

We’ve all met people who seem to be all bluster, with not much to support the apparent strongly held opinions, which are often presented as facts… And here are a couple of very recent examples that made me facepalm – one film sound related & the other political…

Facepalm #1

Read that statement again:

I don’t think the film industry understands the point of surround sound

Good grief…
As if he hasn’t already discredited himself from any sense of the limits of his knowledge, he then proceeds to dictate how film is supposed to be mixed. I could go on for an hour about how many ways his thinking is flawed (eg just for a start WTF is he ripping from and with? Does he have any idea whatsoever as to how a film mix occurs? How many hundreds & thousands of elements are carefully localised & panned? And that there are no set of rules, there may be generalised guidelines but every film is unique AND every scene & moment within each film is unique etc etc) Whats that saying about knowing just enough to be dangerous? As I said… Good grief!




Facepalm #2

As I mentioned NZ is now 2 weeks from an election and we have just had the third leaders debate. The first two debates were broadcast on TV and the third was hosted by a media company and was only available via streaming (their own site + Youtube + Facebook)
From the first moment of the start of the third debate it was very very obvious audio was compromised. They were using radio mics on the two leaders & the host, and the mics for both the MC/host and the incumbant Prime Minister Bill English sounded fine – very similar in quality & level to the well presented TV debates. But the leader of the opposition, Jacinda Aderns mic sounded dreadful. If you have ever worked on production dialogue you will know the tonality of a badly placed lavalier. Jacinda sounded thin & reedy, which combined with her being a woman & her voice being naturally more present in mid/higher frequencies made her voice sound whiny & harsh. I cringed when I heard it & when others online commented to ‘fix her levels’ I commented it was not just levels, it was mic placement.
When they stopped for a break mid way, the MC acknowledged they had an audio problem which they would resolve. They switched to using fixed mics on the lanterns and the MC rightly insisted on a quick mic check to verify the problem was solved. Both the debaters said a few words, it was deemed ok & the debate continued… or did it?

In my opinion Matthew Hooton is a well know National Party lobbyist, who masquerades as an impartial political commentator. And in an apparent moment of desperation he gave birth to a political conspiracy involving the technical crew managing the debate. Again the facepalm – how could anyone not have noticed the appalling audio that Jacinda Adern gracefully suffered for the first 20 minutes of debating? And to not acknowledge it, but to then announce some vast left wing audio conspiracy after the earlier problem was publicly acknowledged & addressed is about as absurd as it is laughable. But what it actually reveals is more interesting: Bias.





Coming soon!

Thanks to my Dad for this one!

& apologies to Wagner




Your oldest partners in crime?

Q: what two bits of gear in your studio have you owned for the longest time?

me = Juno106 & Roland 201, both with me 30+ years now

my Juno still has the stickers I put on it for MIDI remote control of Opcode Studio Vision Pro #oldschool



and you?




nuzic 39

▶ LCD Soundsystem – Oh Baby


▶ Upwellings – Slow Lane from Telrae M006


▶ Phaeleh – Icarus from new album ‘Lost Time’ release Sept 8th


▶ Jig – Distune

▶ Gravity Well by Renraku – bandcamp



First time the three Kowhai trees I planted have flowers on them!

Canon 5D3 + EF100L macro lens


I apologise to any & all of my Twitter friends, New Zealand is having an election in 3 weeks and its starting to get fractious… I’ll try to tag any of my Twitter political brouhaha with #nzpol, so you can easily mute it… In short (feel free to skip this part) we have suffered a neoliberal government for 3 terms (9 long years) and while one of the policies our current government was elected on was identifying a rapidly developing housing crisis, they have spent the following nine years doing very little to stop it…
In Auckland, our largest city, owning a house is now a distant dream for most, and even affordable rent is becoming an issue… In opposition Labour have been essentially useless, with a stream of ineffectual leaders… until a poll a month ago forced the replacement of then Labour leader with someone younger, smarter and who appears to have more empathy than the entire current government combined. While many feared it was just ‘social media bubble’ popularity, she has gone on to lead the most recent poll, for both party & preferred Prime Minister…
As we’ve seen happen in the UK and USA, polls do not determine the outcome of elections… But it is at least a welcome start in the right direction!!


As a side note, much is made of the missing millions of voters, who do not vote… My confession: I did not vote in the first few elections of my youth. The main reason was that I felt my vote meant nothing, I felt totally disconnected from politics and that an uninformed vote was worse than no vote. So i chose the latter…
Now that I am old(er) and theoretically wiser, I now believe that everything each of us do is political – every choice, every day alive is a political act. There is no avoiding it. And when you read of the atrocities that have occurred in history due to political regimes running amok, it feels like now more than ever I/we need to be engaged and make informed choices. Ours lives, the freedoms so easily taken for granted and the environment depend on it.

My suggestion to any disenfranchised youth is this: Do you really want a bunch of old farts/crustifarians dictating the terms of your life? Do you think Mother Earth is healthy? Getting better? or worse?
Make your vote count and have your say!

ps you don’t have to agree with me, but I feel Mark Twain put it perfectly:


Politicians are like diapers;
they need to be changed often
and for the same reason




nuzic 38

▶ Photay – Bombogenesis from Onism album



▶ Akira Kosemura – In The Dark Woods new album due for release Sept 15


▶ Mount Kimbie – Delta, from the new album ‘Love What Survives’ out 8th September.


▶ Ibeyi – Deathless feat. Kamasi Washington, from the forthcoming album Ash out September 29th


▶ and another Photay track


Detritus 430

▶ thanks Spitfire


▶ do you make time to daydream?


▶ “John Cage’s personal library, housed at the John Cage Trust, is a reflection of his wide ranging influences and interests. The library, photographed by Ralph Benko in the Cage/Cunningham loft, has now been carefully catalogued and can be explored here


▶ “Audio software is ugly and confusing…” – agree? disagree?


▶ great interview with the Surreal Machines plugin developers


▶ wow awesome flying fish!


▶ related to that last video, someone posted it on Twitter with the description “Flying fish evades underwater predator” which is brilliant, as it provides some context without ruining the surprise… So WTF is it with sites like Laughing Squid and even Kottke has started to do it, where the title description for a video explains literally exactly what happens!?!
If a video has a unique or fascinating reveal or surprise, they tell you in the fckng title! It is so moronic – the whole point of an intriguing & creative video is that each individual viewer gets to experience a moment of realisation, which is ruined by dumbass literal blog post titles!
I can’t be bothered going through their RSS feeds to find examples, but this would be typical: a music video for NZ band Bailter Space for a song called Splat. Please start watching it before I ruin the fascinating aspect of it…

Now some viewers will immediately twig to how it was made, but here is the thing: each viewer will realise at a different point – some will notice immediately, others will take longer…. and this is how it should be! It is a reveal, and what should not occur is the creative revelation be explained in the fckng blog post title!
/end rant


Audio Errors

I started watching this great animated short film yesterday but instantly noticed something wrong, have a look/listen…

I find it hard to believe that the video has had 152,000 views and no one noticed the glaring audio error… At first it made me check my playback – had my monitoring somehow changed!? No… So I downloaded a copy of the film, imported it to Protools and instantly verified the error… I presume its a mistake in the layback/embed of sound to image, and is easily fixed but… 152,000 views!?

I commented about it on twitter & someone commented maybe it is due to the fact most people had watched it on a device that sums to mono.. which i can concede could account for many/most but not all… Do people really not notice this? I know I live in a bubble, where most people I would discuss this with would pick the error instantly i.e. within the first 15 seconds… but this is also a good reminder of how many people are either simply unaware – can you remember when you could hear only music or a soundtrack as being a single ‘thing’? No, me neither…

I left a comment on that video, but I will see if I can contact the sound designer & let him know – the soundtrack is really nicely designed & mixed, its a shame when great work is let down by a technicality at the last stage…

So staying on this theme of technical fck ups, whats the worst audio mistake that you have experienced? Where you just had to ask ‘How long has it been like this?’ Hopefully the answer was not “for 152,000 views”

Apocalypse Now Now

Directed by Michael Matthews
Written by Sean Drummond
Director of Photography Shaun Lee
Editor Daniel Mitchell
Sound design by Morné Marais
Score by James Matthes

nuzic 37

▶ Babe Roots feat. E. Pertoldi – Tribal War


▶ Portico Quartet – new album Art in the Age of Automation release Aug 25th which means my pre-order should be ready in 3, 2, 1…. got it!


▶ oscilloscope music vid for Zola Blood track Get Light
download oscilloscope app for osx/windows/linux here and prepp’d track here via earmilk


▶ Pessimist – Peter Hitchens


5×5 Velvia

Velvia 100 is my favourite colour film, and I managed to order 5 boxes of 5 rolls via a recent sale… The unreal part is what this would have cost me, if I paid the retail price! I almost ran out of Velvia when down South & bought a couple of rolls at a retail camera shop…
They charged me NZ$48 per roll or $225 for a box of 5! So 5 boxes of 5 would cost NZ$1,125! Compare that to Yodobashi where 1 roll of Velvia 100 costs Y1,220 (NZ$15.45) and a box of 5 costs Y5,330 (NZ$67.49) – so my stack of 5x 5 rolls x Velvia 100 in Japan would cost N$337.45… not $1,125

For B&W film I stocked up via BHPhoto, since apparently low iso monochrome film doesn’t have the same issues as colour with XRays… and not many local shops actually stock Kodak TriX400, let alone TMax100…

Camera shops in NZ currently sell Kodak TriX400 for NZ$15/roll…
BHPhoto stock it for US$4.95 = NZ$6.87 & Yodobashi stock it for Y937 = NZ$11.86

Camera shops in NZ sell Kodak TMax100 for NZ$16/roll…
BHPhoto stock it for US$5.09/roll = NZ$7.07, Yodobashi stock it for Y880 = NZ$11.13

Kodak is presumably manufactured in USA (which explains why its cheaper to buy it in the USA) and same vice versa for Fuji, in Japan… But that local NZ pricing on Velvia 100 just seems excessive…

My “beer” fridge



Why 35mm is booming – And what might happen next – By Stephen Dowling
35mm films you can still buy today – part 1
35mm films you can still buy today – part 2
35mm films you can still buy today – part 3

Detritus 429

▶ Zimoun: Compilation Video 3.7 (2017)


▶ “So much of what “Twin Peaks” is in people’s minds, is Angelo’s music. And then I guess it’s that moaning wind. I love winds. I think that wind sound came from Alan Splet, when he was in Findhorn, in northern Scotland, I think it was. He was recording winds in the ’70s. It’s a wind that just feels so good to me….” – NYTimes


▶ An homage to the great Giorgio Moroder by Nicolo Bianchino


▶ There is a great article in latest issue of The Wire about Peter King, who creates vinyl lathe cuts and who happens to live about 20min from my parents house.. check the photos at The Wire


▶ fake shadow street art


▶ Berna is available again


▶ Great advice from great local director Gaylene Preston, speaking specifically to women in the film industry: ‘play the long game’


▶ very interesting idea: PATCHBOOK a mark up language for documenting modular synth patches



▶ found your mantra?


▶ I can’t make it through more then 15 seconds of most modular synth videos…
but this is beautiful




7 Years, 44 Libraries

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nuzic 36

▶ Ametsub – Mbira Lights 1 on nothings66


▶ Mount Kimbie – We Go Home Together ft. James Blake


▶ Seamus O’Muineachain – Cloves via bandcamp


▶ Mike Schommer – Anamnesis 12″


▶ John Luther Adams – The Light that fills The World


Detritus 428



▶ “In 1939, I didn’t hear war coming. Now its thundering approach can’t be ignored….”


▶ marion pinaffo and raphaël pluvinage create a pop-up book of DIY electronics
via designboom


▶ backed up your soundcloud yet? Here is the best way
(I backed mine up manually… 490 clicks and 9.6GB later…)


▶ great Q&A with Bjork


▶ extracted minerals rendered into their landscapes by Dillon Marsh


▶ RIP Eric Zumbrunnen – editor on every Spike Jonze movie… and this awesome vid:


Open C





Past Pencarrow Head & home!





Full Circle

On my way home I stopped for the night at a great AirBnB apartment in Nelson, and it rained pretty much the entire way from when I took the photos of the Kea at Arthurs Pass until I got to Nelson.

I had chosen this apartment as it’s on a hill directly above Nelson port and the photos of the view looked amazing… But when I got up the next morning I actually LOL’d at the view!

It amused me that a month ago, on my first morning in Kenepuru Sound I woke to a view of fog filling the sounds… And I then proceeded to shoot some of the best photos of the entire trip… So I wasn’t disappointed at a lack of the panoramic view, far from it… But I just hoped the fog would lift enough to see something, before check out time…















Lake Hood

Canon 5D3 + Zeiss ZE 18mm
























Lucked in and three Kea were hanging around the lookout above the massive viaduct at the top of Arthurs Pass…. A guy turned up in an old ambulance, started cooking lunch and one of the Kea was being very inquisitive (& clever!) checking out one of his bags…

5D3 + EF100-400L lens


Orari Gorge Reserve today
Canon 5D3 with EF100L macro lens

No Shooting

I concurr

Contax T2 + TriX
Kenepuru Sound

Golf Cart

Fun recording session yesterday, capturing my Dads electric golf cart…

EXT = MKH8040 ORTF and MKH70XY
Onboard = MKH8020x2 and Elektrosluch EMF

Detritus 427

▶ birds play rhythm with swing!


▶ new documentary about West German studio legend Conny Plank to be released this year


▶ I have a feeling this kind of news will become common in future: Facebook kills bots after they create their own language… Makes me think of the sample (from the Outer Limits episode “Demon with a Glass Hand”) in this Cabaret Voltaire song


▶ I tend to keep an eye on sites that offer remix competitions, partly as a chance to hear stems from artists I like… So I reccomend checking out this remix competition for Ladi 6 track Royal Blue – the EP mix is here if the embed doesn’t work

Download/listen to the vocal stem here


▶ inspiring gallery of new graphic scores by Anton Lukoszevieze


▶ Dunkirk, a review of the 70mm experience


▶ mmmm mochi gif


Banks Peninsula

Lyttleton Heads

Purau Bay long exposure

Port Levi

New Brighton

The giant S curve of New Brighton

Man on beach…

Canon 5D3 with EF100-400L lens

Godley Heads mission

Yesterdays mission:

When I lived in Christchurch as a youth I visited Godley heads a number of times – it is a reserve area on the West side of the heads & entrance to Lyttleton Harbour. Along with spectacular cliff top views, the area also housed gun emplacements from WW2, the most amazing was the tunnels that went out to the very cliff top coast… So as I am staying in Christhurch for a few days I decided to revisit the area

After the awesome drive to get there, the first point of interest was this old munnitions building, I noted a few sonic possibilities & decided to return here – more on this below…

This area is very dangerous, as per the sign… but there are also a lot of areas where there is no sign… Off that grassy edge & its a long way down to the crashing waves & rocks!!

After a 20 minute hike I arrived at the main gun emplacements…

.. only to find them all fenced off with barbed wire & this sign, which might have been worth also displaying at the carpark FFS! So I headed back to the carpark, got my mics & recorder & then made my way back to that building…

Ahhhh… the resonant metallic creak of a 75+ year old very heavy door, now that is music to my ears!

Recording exterior I captured creaks, hits, slams – each door seperately & then both together…

And then moved interior… the concrete bunker had a really beautiful verb..

Then I discovered a little bit of magic – the rear wall of the bunker had metal rods protruding from it (presumably to support shelves holding munnitions?) and when I hit one with my fist it wasn’t loud but it had pitch! And that pitch of course filled the verb… Quickly testing the other rods verified this was worth pursuing, so I started looking for something to hit the rods with. My first thought was a rock, but I didnt want a harsh peaky attack so I kept searching & out behind the bunker found a fairly solid lump of timber. Wack! > 5 second pitched verb, Wack! > 5 second pitched verb, Wack! > 5 second pitched verb etc etc… I recorded lots close up & then another series with the mics wider…

Thankfully no one else was around…

“Excuse me Sir, why are you beating the crap out of this WW2 bunker??”

Distant Sea, Christchurch

This is a great AirBnB find – I actually booked it for the view, wasn’t thinking you could hear the sea so clearly, but it is a lovely diffuse roar… Flew the drone to shoot this, but will do more recording once darkness falls, neighbours STFU & the tide turns….

Earlier today, heavy diffuse roar at New Brighton


Arthurs Pass
Hasselblad XPAN2/TX2 + 30mm lens + Velvia100
(click photo for full screen)

Just got 7 rolls of Velvia 100 back from ReversalCine Lab (thanks Ian!)

Cat Yoga

Murphy, hard at work…

If Tarkovsky had a pet lamb

This sheep made me laugh… I was in a small town called Nightcaps, shooting a very wide panoramic shot with my XPAN2 of an abandoned convenience store… on each side was an empty paddock, so it felt very bleak… But I suddenly felt I was being watched, and sure enough on the very edge of frame this big woolly sheep was watching me… So I walked over towards it and it ran around like a lamb, hopping & skipping, wanting to be patted… Obviously a loved pet lamb!

Can’t wait to see the film – I handed 14 rolls of film off to Ian at Reversal yesterday – 7 rolls of Velvia 100, 5 of TriX400 and 2 of Tmax100!

Some gems amongst them!!

Random field recording

The cottage I rented in Bluff had one of those retro cane blinds in one of the bedroom doorways… so of course I had to record it for eventual DOORS vol.2, but also interesting to perform designy sounds with too!


awesome trip through the Catlins!


3 gulls, panned hard left…

mmmm Bluff oysters…

new hi tech walking boat!

Did a 3km hike to reach shipwreck at Baracoutta Point


“Genius is in the editing”

Apparently that quote is attributed to Charlie Chaplin, but it is a mantra of mine… Shoot 100 shots, or hours of material, or record for days and days… but edit it, so it seems effortless…

The image above, and another few hundred on my hard drive, are all from a location I revisited today, for the third time. I stumbled across it the first time by accident aka by being curious… and momentarily glazed over by the way the lakes tides & levels had left a Karesansui-like trail… Second time I revisited it, I was severely underwhelmed – was this the right place? Did I imagine it? WTF?

Third time, totally different season, 2 or 3 years later… and it was magic again!

Flew the Mavic Pro all over the place, and just as I was getting cold & ready to carry on down the road I pointed the camera directly down & discovered a beautiful unintentional form of Zen calligraphy…

Headed back to Tekapo, filled up with petrol & was off down the South side of Lake Tekapo, revisiting a small lake where I shot a fantastic timelapse a year ago… Except this time the lake was all choppy & grey & deeply unappealing… But on the way back out to the main road revisited another lake, where I had recorded ambiences for HISSandaROAR…

Go the MAvic!

I drove up that road as far as I could go… A farmer in a 4WD stopped by me, wondering if I was stuck… Waved my camera at her & she laughed & drove off… She couldn’t see the alien rave I was about to shoot…

Moral of the story: I’ve seen & read many rants about Ansel Adams incredible & inspiring photographic work, but it is almost always about his technique, his admittedly genius zone exposure process etc…
But never about how many times he revisited the locations he loved…

“Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind”

Dr. Louis Pasteur




Detritus 426

▶ Robots, they’re coming for your drum solo!


▶ MPAA Adds New Rating To Warn Audiences Of Films Not Based On Existing Works


▶ Vintage photographs altered by Anja Wülfing


▶ Fascinating reading: Avian Acoustics Research at Massey University, Auckland, NZ


Post horror? anything has got be better than dumb schlock frights… I don’t watch horror any more, whereas existential dread I do still appreciate…. maybe..


▶ “Imagine if Charles Dickens had left a record of some of his technical decisions—why, for example, he so often used a verbless sentence; or if Joseph Mallord William Turner had explained to his contemporaries why he chose a certain vivid pigment….” – the composer who broke the rules


▶ Does music played in a metadata void actually make a sound


▶ With recent news of layoffs etc at Soundcloud, do you have backups/archive of your tracks on Soundcloud? This site can make backup easier (thanks Tom!)