Music for a Friday

▶ just discovered (& really love) this EP by Cio D’Or


▶ new Pole album Wald just released, audition/buy here


Love From Dust by Donnacha Costello (cassettes & vinyl sound out)


▶ new GRISCHA LICHTENBERGER release on Raster Noton – audition/buy here

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.53.15 am


update: new Donnacha Costello album just released: Stay Perfectly Still #buchla


Detritus 363


▶ adblockers aka the battle for online ad revenue


▶ fascinating project, creating art from your map browsers cache


▶ The 82 Commandments of Alejandro Jodorowsky


▶ warning, may contain hawk screech


▶ ERD/ERD puts a small block of forest earth into the Eurorack circuit, allowing control and audio signals to be distorted and amplified as they pass through the earth block (wonder what border patrol would say about that?)


▶ studio ghibli tattoos


▶ overtime? over rated


Last few days of their Kickstarter (goal of US$84, currently at $11k)


How to charge your batteries twice as fast

Sounds like click bait right? Well it isn’t – it actually works, but if you haven’t guessed already the solution is VERY simple:


Buy more chargers!

I’ve met a few people who have bought a new camera & proudly showed it to me & when I ask how many batteries they bought I’ve been surprised when they say one & have no idea why they should have bought at least one spare battery. Imagine you’re on holiday and back in your hotel room after a full on day exploring & taking photos – your *one* battery is charging… and suddenly something amazing happens, so amazing no one will ever believe you unless you can document it, you grab your camera hit the power button & nothing happens…. oh right, your *one* battery is still charging…

But if you’re out shooting or recording a lot, having a lot of batteries is a necessity and keeping them charged & ready can be a bit of a chore. I actually have four chargers for the batteries I use with my Sound Devices recorders, but I do have two recorders and a LOT of batteries which take quite a while to charge… So if I suddenly decide to head off on a recording mission tomorrow I can get at least get 4 large capacity batteries fully charged in a few hours.


Sound Devices recorders = 10 batteries & 4 chargers
Canon 5D = 8 batteries & 2 chargers
DJI Phantom 3 = 6 batteries & 2 chargers

And while I only have one charger for my iPad & iPod and one for my iPhone I do have two USB batteries which carry a lot of power & can easily recharge my iPhone a few times over – essential for travel with long flights!


A few other observations about batteries:

– DJI are soon releasing a charging hub for the Phantom 3 batteries, which you can plug four batteries into and the device charges the fullest battery first, then switches to the next fullest etc etc… this is such a great idea, I could shoot for weeks with my 5D and its batteries but the Phantom chews through batteries fairly rapidly (each battery = 25 min flying time)

– I love how on the Shinkansen they have a power outlet by each set of seats – makes sense as a lot of people in Japan travel for business and the transit is a work time too. One stint on my flight home I managed to upgrade to business class for not much and was surprised they didn’t at least have a USB outlet at each seat…

– Seen these fake power outlet stickers? You’d really have to be a bit juvy to go stick them on a wall at an airport, just to seek entertainment as desperate travellers try to plug in their devices

Soon come


Each new location makes
(a) the library better
(b) the release date later
(c) the download larger
(d) the wait more worthwhile
(e) all of the above


Old skool


Love this photo from the National Library NZ on Flickr of “Japanese merchant, identified as “Mr Shojiro”, holding an abacus, taken between 1867 and 1869.”

Anyone with a few more 3d/comping skills than I care to swap that abacus with a TB303?

You will make my day


Usually when I see construction happening in my street I assume the role of grumpy old man – no doubt there will be unwanted noise, traffic and interruption to services… But this I am happy to see!


My house is fairly secluded, up a steep drive into bush at the end of a no exit road – no close neighbours which is good for quiet when I want to record and also good when I want to disturb the peace & crank up my studio… But the ADSL internet here has been fairly slow – download is bearable but upload is simply appalling. I tried upgrading to VDSL but I am too far from the closest exchange, which meant my only hope was waiting for UFB – the government funded fibre roll out that aims to be “reaching 75% of New Zealanders in 33 towns and cities around New Zealand by 2019”
I am patient but 2019 seems a little too long to wait, so I was thrilled to get a letter in my mailbox before I went to Japan saying work was scheduled to start in my street in September!

For me the main impact is upload speed. With my sound libraries I have resorted to driving into Wellington and borrowing a friends fibre connection. In most cases I can upload my big libraries (10-20GB) in an hour or two… On my home connection that would take weeks, and would also likely fail requiring repeated attempts. But UFB will also make streaming HD video far more feasible, and that includes my own video – I have usually down rezzed my own videos from 1080 to heavily compressed 720p videos just so I can actually get the file size down & get them uploaded & online.

But these are all known benefits, what is most exciting is the unknown: the new projects & work that will be possible simply due to having a heavy duty & reliable feed to/from the rest of the planet! Maybe periscope my raspberry plant growing and start a slow TV channel…


mmmm raspberries….




Shot near Osakas NMOA – 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 18mm ZE

Detritus 362



▶ infinity in a room? would love to see this


▶ heartbreaking read about refugees & smart phones?


“How can you be irresponsible and responsible at the same time?” – great interview & studio visit with artist Olafur Eliasson


▶ “I can control my distractions in Taos”


▶ great interview with Laurie Anderson re her new film The Heart of a Dog (thanks Peter)


▶ Thinking inside the box???


“This shows around 30k “drum samples” from a few different sample packs, organized in 2d (position) and 3d (color) – imagine browsing your sound effects library this way #cacophony! via



▶ incase you have never heard the ‘real’ Darth Vader:


▶ a tip for any ProTools users who already own some GRM Tools plugins – someone on MW Forum (thanks Loopy C!) mentioned that depending what you already own, the upgrade to GRM COMPLETE II is VERY affordable… I checked and in my case the upgrade was only EU$100 so now I have the new GRM Spaces plugs! mmmm SpaceGrain… Heres two links – it depends which packages you already own: