Scattered Light 157


metaphor shot at Ocean Beach 9th October with Canon 5DmkIII and EF16-35L lens

Detritus 321

▶ interesting idea: ‘found’ field recordings via youtube





▶ DPA at AES: “The heavy-duty 4060 and 4061 microphones….. features stainless steel housing, sturdy cable relief and a thicker .08-inch cable. Both enhanced models are exceptionally durable and ideally suited to the rigors of various productions.”





“▶ …to make sense of the world everything is contradiction and paradox and no one really knows much for sure, however loudly they profess to the contrary….


Scattered Light 156





#2 in a series? (#1 here) – shot today in Gladstone, with Canon 40D infra red with EFs10-22mm lens

Unobtanium obtained!

Ages ago I wrote a rant about unobtanium – outboard gear that was so rare as to be unaffordable eg the EMS SciFli etc… Anyway my vigilance on local Trademe site paid off a few days ago & I am now the proud owner of this:


I paid about a third of the going rate on eBay, or I would simply never have bought it…
I wont repost the info about the MuTron BiPhase, have a read here