Relaxing ambiences…


Stopped at Kinleith Pulp & Paper Mill to record some ambiences for my slowly gathering INDUSTRIAL AMBIENCES HISSandaROAR Library… so relaxing on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon! Mostly complex drones & whines, but after about ten minutes this weird siren went off & then it got all sustained percussion for a minute or two…. I roleld for another half hour & the siren went off again but back to drones soon after… c’est la vie!

ps the smell was very un-beautiful!

Detritus 355


▶ amazing gaffer tape sculpture by Takahiro Iwasaki


▶ Cave long exposure photos, illuminated by glow worms


▶ Just finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir, about a guy getting left for dead on Mars… (its being made into a film starring that smeghead Matt Damon… suspect the book is better than the film will be, check the trailer – its like they’ve used that bass drop cliche every bar towards the end :/

Its the first book I’ve actually read & finished on my iPhone/iPad via Kindle app… I’ve started/am reading dozens but I think this particular book was easy to read on phone etc due to the style of writing (its like a first person account of surviving on Mars, and as the trailer says ‘we need to science the sh+t out of this!”)

Just started Japanese speculative fiction The Gene Mapper by Taiyo Fujii, set in a near future where designers can engineer/alter DNA like css stylesheets… Both books highly reccomended..


▶ A few people I know have had MRI scans & tried to describe the incredible sounds to me, so if you’ve never heard one:

(thanks Peter)


The Boiler


infra red shot from previous location (40D + 10-22EFs lens)

Tunnel Point


Tunnel Point, Karekare – the tunnel was built as part of a railway for carrying timber around to Whatipu


Detritus 354


▶ using TukTuks as instruments?


▶ details & construction of Aphex Twins robot snare drum


▶ wild slinky spring reverb/thing! (thanks Bernado!)



▶ someone replaced all of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park with cats


Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier for Sinfini Music from Alan Warburton on Vimeo.


▶ fascinating: the full costs and income of a £1 million indie filmPapadopoulos & Sons (2012) – including budget (no breakdown on sound post costs: presumably all sound editing, design, foley, adr etc was included in Post Production Deal of £66,801, but music costs etc are all listed)


▶ Steve Albini vs. Marc Ribot



En Plein Vol (création 2014) from Antoine Terrieux on Vimeo.



While I was in Auckland last week I went & visited the Auckland City Art Gallery, primarily to see Lisa Reihanas new work In Pursuit of Venus [infected] and although it had been described to me, experiencing it was totally entrancing!
Theres a video excerpt (from the multi screen installation) at the website here and more info about the project, which is described as “a moving image interpretation of the French scenic wallpaper Les Sauvages De La Mer Pacifique” – its free to see it at the City Gallery (on the second floor) so don’t miss it before it finishes on August 30th!

Apart from checking out it and some other great works, my visit also coincided with the release of a new book: Zizz!


The life and art of Len Lye, in his own words, edited by Roger Horrocks & published by Awa Press
Its also available at Amazon

“Roger Horrocks was Len Lye’s assistant in New York during 1980, the last year of the expatriate New Zealand artist and filmmaker’s life….

Len Lye was startlingly original and endlessly inventive. Scottish poet Alastair Reid called the New Zealand-born filmmaker, kinetic sculptor, painter, and poet “the least boring person who ever existed.” Today Lye’s work is held in major galleries around the world. In this captivating book Lye’s biographer, Roger Horrocks, weaves the artist’s writings into a memoir of his fascinating life. Lye spent much of his life creating innovative art around the world, including New Zealand, London, New York, and Puerto Rico. Anyone interested in modern art and artists of the 20th century will be fascinated by these insights into Lye’s mind and art, which are enriched throughout the book with visually striking illustrations that capture the essence of Lye’s work.

Music, recent

Klavikon: “Attempting to reimagine electronic music through acoustic means” via The Wire

(thanks Peter!)


new album by Purl on Silent Season label


great new album by Hudson Mohawke






pretty sure I’ve posted this before, but heard it on Gilles Petersons show & was remidned how great it is!


Junk Store 7″ Gems



The Childrens Record Guild of New Zealand!


(seems a little bit Pavlovian?)






Can’t wait to hear those 1960s British voices!

scored at a junk store in Bulls for less than an album on iTunes #sample_fodder