Komiyama Books

My last day in Tokyo felt weird – partly as I had checked out of my Air BnB apartment by 10am and put my two cases & backpack into coin lockers & was then kinda homeless, floating in Tokyo until my flight home that evening…. I had planned to go recording but rain was forecast so I flagged that idea & did some shopping instead, heading first to Komiyama Books which is a secondhand book store specialising in photo and art books… International shopping info here


I went with no specific intent, other than hoping to become aware of some Japanese photographers but when i came across a whole section of rare Michael Kenna books my credit card took a beating!


Michael Kenna early works 1976-1986


Michael Kenna catalogue from an exhibition in 1990

Upstairs were different floors/sections – I think third floor was fashion books and top floor was rare prints… and a robot


Fantastic store – I could have spent hours & many thousands of dollars here!!

Last stop was Yodobashi to stock up on film…. esp after checking the price of Velvia 50 back in NZ


After some great sushi for lunch I had an hour to spare, so headed back to Ikebukuro where my bags were stashed and went & sat in the sun in a nearby park… and had a classic Tokyo experience!


A friend had mentioned this park as a mecca for people playing Pokemon Go and sure enough there were quite a few people standing around, staring intently at their phones… but the most surreal thing that happened was when a young woman turned up, put her bag down in the exact centre of the park, plugged her headphones in and then proceed to practice dance routines for the next 30 minutes! It was kind of cute, especially as no one else could hear the music… Most people just ignored her but every so often she’d do some routine that involved hand claps and she would catch peoples attention briefly…
How great, that people can do such things & no one really bats an eye…

Eventually I went & retrieved my bags from coin lockers (momentary panic when one of the lockers would not unlock… I stashed that bag the previous night & ahar – the locker needed feeding for day 2 before it would release my bag, phew! Glad I didnt leave it until the last minute to learn that!!) Then on to the Narita Express, a cruisy 90 minute train ride to the airport and homewards bound…

nuzic 12

▶ Machinedrum – ‘Morphogene (ft. Ruckazoid)’


▶ remixes please, needs some #distortedtb303


▶ new Bonobo! New album ‘Migration’, released 13th January 2017 on Ninja Tune


▶ new Porter Ricks!!! release 4 November 2016


▶ Overcast Sound – Brackish EP



Two months in Japan


106GB of field recordings
428Gb of photos & video…


backup to NAS,
then the editing begins!

Ryoji Ikeda at WWW Shibuya

Merzbow gig at start sounded like idling jet engine… 3 seconds later full revs…. for an hour… Marshall stack on stage… thank jah for ear plugs!!!

Ikeda was fantastic, esp when being brutally sparse – heres a quick burst (watch your monitor level!)

Shibuya Halloween

Got out of the fantastic Ryoji Ikeda gig to this craziness!

















The Crows

Earlier today I went for a walk through Yanaka Cemetery, thinking it might be a possible recording location for quiet distant city…. but the rain arrived early & I didn’t get any recording done, but it was still a valuable recce for a future mission…. and peaceful, if a little damp


Not sure if these crows have been watching too many Hitchcock films or what, but they definitely owned the cemetery…


With halloween being such a big deal in Japan wouldn’t it be great to be able to summon a murder of them to Hachiko crossing!?




really missing my 400mm lens & a DSLR for these shots….

Echigoya Music

When I visited FiveG the other day to pickup MI Warps, I asked if they had the Korg Volca Kick yet – they had but received only three so far & sold them immediately… I checked the Echigoya Music site today & noticed they had them listed so thanks to google translate sent an email, asking if they had one & if so, could I come pick up… Reply came ten minutes later; they had one and only one & would hold it for me… So off into a rainy Shibuya I went…


Four or five blocks past the scramble of Hachiko crossing & up to the 9th floor…


While they made me an invoice for the Volca Kick I had a quick scan of the room, oh an EMS Vocoder! Would love to have a play with that.. Y283,800 = US$2,7k


They had a couple of Space Echos, and presuming they were in good working condition the prices didnt seem too bad, one was Y66,400 = US$630 other was Y62,600 = US$594, apart from the excess baggage/freight thats less than they would sell for in NZ… and there always seems to be more than a few of them on the Buyee auction site


But then I spotted this:




EMS VC3 for Y1,314,200 = US$12,480

Cram my way back on to the Yamanote line and home to jam with my little mobile modular

Late night trains



*love* these sounds, especially the precursor – the weird harmonics that occur 5-10 seconds before the train passes…


Had a great day shopping in Tokyo today – first into the depths of Akihabara (god I hate that place) but needs must… and I needed/wanted to visit one of those crazy LED shops for an upcoming project…

Then to Yodobashi, to stock up on B&W film… then to Harajuku to pickup a Mutable Instruments WARPS module from FiveG (while the inevitable other gaijin randoms took GAS-y photos) and then to Shibuya… wandering past here:


Love the asyncronicity of this FB comment, based solely on the photo above


I had planned to visit Daniel at Avid in Tokyo, but as schedules go we are each where the other isn’t….
c’est la vie! I hope he is enjoying Wellington as much as I am enjoying Tokyo!

Apart from sticker art I was in Shibuya to damage my credit card here


love Tsutaya Books!

damage done