Scattered Light 199


shot 26th March at Mcleans Island, Christchurch with 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens

Wind powered


I was doing a search for wind mills & wind sculptures the other day, as I have a hankering to create some kind of wind powered sound art ‘thing’ and I came across these great windsticks so I ordered a set & they just arrived… I installed them in the garden temporarily, just to see how they respond – the developers of them say they use them as bird feeders & there are some great photos & videos on their site of waxeyes & other birds landing on them etc.. The flexible 3m sticks have small stones embedded on them for placing food etc…


No doubt I will try them for feeding birds & will photograph the results, but the movement in the currently gentle breeze is quite mesmerizing…

Music Thursday

from beautiful album by Sawako, check it out at iTunes


really love the deep dubby hypnotic electronics of WNDFRM – check out his soundcloud too!



Nils Frahm releases free album to celebrate March 29th = Piano Day!


new Herbert album coming – more info at The Guardian



De la Soul kickstarting a new album?


I don’t listen to much guitar based music at all, but Death Cab For Cuties new album Kintsugi just released is good! Check it out at iTunes


Same goes for new album Saint John Divine by NZ artist SJD – some great songs (clearly channeling the bleatles at one point) but I miss the electronic elements of his previous work…


▶ Alva Noto – Xerrox Vol.3 due for release April 6th!




tired arms are VERY tired!


What could possibly go wrong??