For sale via this auction (in Motors/Aircraft category)
Two were built for the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch…
And as the saying goes “The past is a foreign country…”



More info on the one for sale here



update: there is one in Dunedin, available on AirBnB! thanks Greg!




Not possible




Is it even possible to walk through a tunnel without clapping your hands?
No, it is not.




Aesthetically pleasing




Hope the honey is as aesthetically pleasing as the hives!




Photo bomb




Here I was pretending to be Hiroshi Sugimoto and I got photobombed by a gull!




Three Sisters



Decided it was better to go on a road trip than to doom scroll through the US election results… First stop Three Sisters!



You can only reach the Three Sisters at low tide…





Shot 2 rolls with XPAN, as I suspected I wouldn’t be able to revisit it on this trip as weather forecast wasn’t looking so good… And sure enough, different vibe today!






Free parking




Contax T2 with Kodak TriX 400








Canon 1V SLR with EF100-400L lens and Kodak TriX 400