WIND INSTRUMENTS Library Released!

Our 28th sound library has just been released: SD020 WIND INSTRUMENTS is a library powered by the human breath and comprises of sound effects, notes, tones & phrases created with Wind Instruments – over 5,000 sounds 8GB of 24bit 96kHz delivered as 318 .WAV files – check it out here

soundcloud preview below…






Mod Wheel Double Bass for Kontakt

THE LOWDOWN is a new deeply sampled Double Bass instrument for Kontakt and is the first release for new local sound developers MOD WHEEL. But what makes this new release particularly special is the people behind it – the first film that I was Sound Designer on (Saving Grace back in 1997) was scored by a trio of composers, collectively known as Plan 9. Their musical heritage reaches further back to the legendary Six Volts and a multitude of Jazz and experimental acts, and it is from all of this experience that Mod Wheel has been created.
As the double bass player in the collective David Donaldson has always been an extraordinarily inventive and expressive player, so it comes as no surprise the creative depth & unique nature of a virtual Double bass Kontakt instrument originating from his primary instrument for 35 years. This is most definitely not just another generic double bass Kontakt instrument:
go check it out for yourself


Scattered Light 139

I thought my internet was running a little slow… and sure enough a Wood Pigeon was downloading wikipedia!







Ten minutes later his mate was back to try & finish the download…










shot today 16th August 2014 with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100-400L lens

Rain Town

by Hiroyasu Ishida


watch full screen!

Detritus 312


> cats – is there anything they can’t do?


> “It’s very important to save this” – the Brazilian bus magnate who’s buying up all the world’s vinyl
(thanks Tom!)


> Disney meets reality


> Exploring the sonic potential of documentaries with Peter Albrechtsen


> I’m sure we’ve all met people at some point who start a sentence with ‘I’m not rascist but…’ or ‘I’m not sexist but…’ and the part following the ‘but’ is exactly what they are denying…
The few times its happened in my life I’ve learned to not let them carry on, when the ‘but’ arrives you have to just take over & tell them to STFU. But anyway, re the sexist part, next time someone questions the existence of sexual harassment, show them this.
Being unaware is not an excuse.


> love it or loathe, one thing is sure: you have to to be careful what you like


> manipulated city buildings x 88?

NHDK from victor enrich on Vimeo.


> great interview/chat with Werner Herzog


> yeech… looks like hyperlapse will just be a plugin soon



> free time, what a bizzare concept…. I suspect it only realistically applies to either the very young or the unimaginative, but here are some tips to try & help maximise your chances of having some ‘free time’… and the only tip they offer which I really agree with is #7 (#3 is a given = let voicemail/caller ID answer/filter your phone calls) and to prove that isn’t clickbait I’ll save you the round trip re #7:
7. Schedule non-negotiable YOU time in your calendar every day.
Better advice might be to live your life & enjoy the world in a way that doesnt HAVE to involve calendars & schedules, but regardless it is important advice ie to consciously carve out time that is for your own use & not for others to commodify/distract you etc..


> So what frame rate you shooting at? 23.9756? 24? 25? 30? 48? 4.4 TRILLION FRAMES PER SECOND! – WTF? (I bumped the shoot button and it filled every hard drive I own!) But what is most interesting is that despite all the R&D into shooting visually at high speeds, it is pretty rare to hear of anyone doing the same for sound, why is that?


> I’ve always found asymmetrical waveforms slightly disturbing…
their existence explained here & here

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.15.18 PM


> xkcds universal convertor box!


> love & synths & reverse psychedelics?


> remember the first time you heard this record – I don’t, it was too long ago (back in the steam age) but I do remember going to a photo exhibition in Osaka a few years ago: the exhibitions theme was ‘out of focus’ and include all sorts of very creative work & quietly in the background there was some music playing that I just knew that I had heard a million times but couldn’t place what it was. Rather than rack my brain I asked & sure enough was the same: the first ambient album!


Ei Wada – Toki Ori Ori Nasu – Falling Records from FILE SP 2014 – JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL
via FILE


Untitled V by Marianthi PAPALEXANDRI-ALEXANDRI and Pe LANG

“Untitled V is a sound sculpture that consists of miniature speakers acoustically activated by a motor driven mechanism. A nylon thread is fastened through a hole at the center of the membrane; the end of the nylon thread is loosely secured to a motor turned rosined wheel to produce friction. Sound is produced by the action of the rim of the rotating wheel rubbing the thread as the wheel is turned. The two surfaces alternating between sticking to each other and sliding over each other, with a corresponding change in the force of friction. The motor speed is reduced at the lowest speed. The slow turn of the wheel creates changes in the tension of the thread, resulting as sounds (crackling impulse) in the membrane of the speaker. Untitled V creates a very quiet listening experience.”


Taro Yasuno’s Zombie Music “DUET OF THE LIVING DEAD”


Modular Love x3


My favourite treat was waiting in my POBox for me…



On the left an Evaton Technologies RF Nomad (Voltage controlled shortwave radio !) in the middle is an SSF Quantum Rainbow 2 (various coloured analog noise source – grey noise FTW!) and a Qu-Bit Nebulae, an audio file granulizer… Now to juggle some space to get them mounted & fired up!


Battery charge markers

These are a great idea that someone mentioned on FB (I don’t remember who, so please remind me if it was you, thanks!)


They are tiny battery charge state indicators which you stick to your batteries and can then use them to identify batteries that need recharging. For scale here are the ones I just put on my batteries for my Sound Devices recorders:


Each one comes with double-sided tape already attached, so you just peel the back of them & attach them wherever you want. The slider has a small notch, so when you set it to green or red, it stays there & it would be fairly unlikely that it could slide across accidentally… They work great on my Sound Devices batteries but I was also hoping they would also work for my collection of Canon LP-E6 batteries. Unfortunately there is not enough room to stick them on any part of the battery and still allow the battery to fit inside my 5DmkIII – I tried every permutation and the battery compartment door on the 5D would not close. Probably for most people they don’t chew through enough batteries with their DSLRs that its a problem, but when out shooting timelapse its a different story… plus I have some LED lights & an LCD external field monitor which all use the same Canon batteries, so it would have been super useful.

Anyway these are made by Turnigy and if you google ‘Turnigy Battery Charge Marker’ you will find a local seller, HobbyKing has them here US$4 for 10 and Mr Positive has them locally in NZ here