The Fog

I shot a lot of photos in the fog yesterday morning…. Looking back through them the most extreme were the ones mid morning, the sun was starting to cut through the fog… and I drove around a corner & saw this:

It felt like a 1980s horror film, where they had put a 10k light behind the trees…

Same shot, slightly different angle – now it feels like ETs spaceship has arrived to pick him up!

A little further along I came to this, where shards of light were cutting through the trees & fog… amazing to see light so physically, like you could walk up to it & scoop some up in your hand

Titirangi Bay

Drove up & over to Titirangi Bay, Pelorus Sound – was a great drive up through forests, to 850m and then suddenly the bush ended & was left with this view!!

The road down to the beach from here was a slightly vertigo-inducing single lane farm road… sheer drops off the side!

field recording today!

St Omer

Saving all my best shots of the shipwreck at St Omer for due process….
This was on the way back to the car…

5D3 + Zeiss 21mm lens + Lee Super Stopper long exposure….

me & Bela

For an hour or two this morning, it felt like I had stumbled on to the set of a Bela Tarr movie…

that tree agreed…

as did this power pole

Kenepuru Sound

Edible art

Late afternoon light in Kenepuru Sound…

the grid is either:
1. an art installation
2. a mussel farm
3. some combination/edible art

The Fog

Woke up to fog filling the sounds,
drove to nearest bay (Picnic Bay)
& flew out to shoot this, my favourite shot today…

the wide shot

And the ‘400mm lens on my 5D3’ shot

wish I could have flown a film camera out there…

c’est la vie


Road Trip!

Sunday 7am, what are you doing?

I am getting in the 4WD and driving into Wellington to catch the ferry to the South Island
The next three days will be spent in the Marlborough Sounds – this part of NZ:

As an area of land, in the wide shot it doesn’t look that complex but given the size of the three main islands that make up New Zealand, that little area of the “Marlborough Sounds” makes up 1/5th of our entire coast line! If you dive into Google maps, or even better Google Earth in 3D mode and start investigating, you soon start to realise how complex the ‘sounds’ are…

So whats my motive?

1. HMS Sparrow, a shipwreck at St Omer
which is about a 2 hour drive on windy, gravel roads from Picton

I’ve visited & shot it before, by water taxi from Havelock (45min trip each way) and while that was an amazing experience I really want to be able to spend more time at the wreck – different tides, different light, different weather. Its an important shipwreck for my book project, and I can’t wait to revisit it…

2. Shoot the sh+t out of the whole area!
This area & these landscapes are geographically awesome – again in 3D on Google Earth or via Topomaps you soon appreciate how dramatic this landscape is. Last time I was in this area I didn’t have such a purposeful motive…

or the tech I am now travelling with:
– 3 film cameras (Fuji TX2/XPAN2, Contax T2 and Canon 1V)
– 3 digital cameras (Canon 5D, 40D ir & Sony a6300)
– 2 drones (P3P and Mavic Pro)
– 2 recorders (Sound Devices 788T + 722) & 8 mics (MKH8040 ORTF + MKH8020x2 + MKH70x2 + BB Contact Mics)



3. Record material for HISSandaROAR libraries
I am slowly recording/accumulating specific new material for 3+ HISSandaROAR libraries



And for all of the above, ditto for the next 3-4 weeks!



This is my road trip plan:

Needless to say, the best travel (& opportunities) requires being flexible….
So I will travel most of that red line but the order is to be determined!

On a more philosophical level: as much as I LOVE post production & working in my studio, nothing excites me more than doing trips such as this – it is for me, the best mental & physical health boost!

Every day is an adventure & a creative challenge: how best to make the most of the opportunities? And how best to create the best opportunities?

It is part instinct,
part research & local knowledge,
& part passion.

Shooting shipwrecks in Motueka, Lyttelton, Dunedin/Otago Peninsula, Bluff
& catching up with friends & family

Snow further South?
Hoping so…

Batteries charged? YES
Gear prepped & packed? YES
Tide charts captured? YES
iPod loaded with new music & audio books? YES
Good food & drinks loaded? YES
A vague plan? HELL YES!




And a caveat: I will be in & out of cell phone coverage for the next month.
Worst case scenario = 20 hour delay replying to urgent emails…