Detritus 398

▶ Goat simulator IRL?


▶ Minimoog exploded diagram


▶ Shibuya x ray


3D Calvin & Hobbes! via Notational


▶ The 50 Best Animated Films Of The 21st Century So Far


▶ fascinating to hear Martinez describe Soderburgs process for score….
from BAFTA Conversations with Screen Composers


▶ the next Mars mission is going to include… a microphone!


▶ interesting interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto – great to know he’s completed two new film scores & started work on a solo album!


▶ so great to hear some of the SEAL VOCALS library used brilliantly in new Netflix series Stranger Things – great work by sound designer Craig Henighan – check out the series, it is very good!


They’re here…


Elektroluch looks a little evil watching TV on his own…

Avante Garde Fence 2


shot at Turakirae Head with Sony a6300 + Zeiss Distagon Touit 12mm

Turakirae Head



I counted 13 seals when I took the photo above… and as below a few babies







shot with Sony @6300 + MetaBones SpeedBooster + Canon EF100-400L lens

Master Class initiated!

I signed up for the Werner Herzog Filmmaking Master Class today – more info here – I’d seen ads for Werner Herzogs class but wasn’t aware of the others eg you can do a tennis master class with Serena Williams or photography with Annie Leibovitz… Not so interested in the music offerings but hey, there’s no accounting for taste…

Here is the syllabus for Herzogs classes:


Playing eurorack_Tetris…

… with my new @intellijel 7U case… config v01


I’m keeping my big main modular setup, but plan to sell all the Doepfer G6 cases and distill down to two of these great Intellijel 7U performance cases, so that with my Buchla Music easel I have a fully portable modular setup… Add a few bits of outboard, some stomp boxes, a controller keyboard, laptop & speakers and away I go… Hatching a vague plan to go do a self funded Artists Residency for a few months in Granity (population 216) over summer…

nuzic 7

▶ loving the new Segue album: Over The Mountains available now via Silent Season


▶ Nisennenmondai meet Adrian Sherwood via xlr8r podcast


▶ check out the first ever performance of Daphne Oram’s Still Point by The London Contemporary Orchestra


▶ beautiful new album by Message To Bears: Carved from Tides


▶ nicely done!


▶ David Lang’s “man made,” So Percussion with the LA Phil