Short long exposures

When people, including me, speak of long exposures
they usually mean 30+ seconds or (many) minutes…
Every situation is different, but today I tried
capturing short long exposures, ie still shooting bulb exposures
with a Lee Big Stopper ND10 filter or Lee Super Stopper ND15
but in bright light, cranking iso so exposure was only 1-5 seconds…

The motive: trying to time the shot to capture the movement & interaction
between a stream exiting into the ocean,
and the waves occasionally crossing over into the stream…

I shot maybe 50+ photos, experimenting with the idea
these are a few…

















Wainui South Coast



#longexposure 180seconds
The sun was setting off to the left,
and it was casting golden light on to the sand
I just couldnt make myself convert to monochrome,
and lose the gorgeous tonality…





Wreck of the Paiaka







Wrecked 9 Jul 1906 in Fitzroy Bay between Baring and Pencarrow Heads



South Coast







Gorgeous day on the South Coast yesterday!
tired legs today, hiked about 5km around to a shipwreck



nuzic 54

▶ Digitalism – Red Lights


▶ Erland Cooper – Solan Goose for 8 pianos, 1 Violin & 1 Glockenspiel


And reposting nuzic 53, which got lost in the server crash:


▶ Jóhann Jóhannsson – Jói & Karen


▶ Jóhann Jóhannsson – Jói & Karen – Ryuichi Sakamoto Rework


▶ Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Not in Love We’re Just High


▶ Downscope – Axiomatic Systems



Powers of Ten


Powers of Ten™ (1977) by Charles and Ray Eames