These locations are all a short drive from my place,
first the lookout on Paekakariki Hill Road



Otaki Forks:








XPAN2/TX2 with TMax100






Wellington, as seen from the gun emplacements in Brooklyn
XPAN2/TX2 with Velvia 100 (click to view large)






Did not expect to come across a tiny penguin when out for a walk last night!!
Happy New Year tiny Pengu!




Peka Peka

Went for a drive along Peka Peka beach yesterday – once you got out into shallow water the reflections were like a dream!
Sony a6300 + Zeiss 18mm lens




Happy New Year

perfect day for New Year
Titahi Bay 2018 January 1
Sony a6300 with Zeiss 18mm lens



The aim

The aim of art is to represent
not the outward appearance of things,
but their inward significance.





Detritus 443

▶ love this… sampling genius! There is also a part 2 and part 3


▶ ‘if he mix the same tune a dozen times you will have twelve different version.’
PDF article analysing King Tubby


▶ “My love for abstract music came from the air raid sirens … that was electronic music”
– guess the artist


▶ Netflix: What Happens When You Press Play?


▶ Making a neural synthesizer instrument (the speech examples are interesting) & some theory


▶ the ‘superstars’ of the classic Lou Reed song (love that bassline!)


▶ brilliant! phone security via xkcd


▶ The quest for ways of keeping people alive for longer is producing lots of very old people with disintegrating brains


▶ Uakti | Krishna I (Artur Andrés) | Instrumental SESC Brasil via Mesmerizing Sounds on FB


▶ ever wanted to hear 53 people play musical saw together? me neither until now…
LOVE the first note, when they all attempt to bend into tune



Ten minutes ago

Plimmerton sunset 20171228
21 photo stitch ex DJI Mavic Pro



My first angle grinder

Now to buy some Marshall amps and book some gigs!



I actually got it to fine tune the rods on the Tank Resonator