East Cape Trip



The road trip I just did was a circuit, up to East Cape and then back via Lake Waikaremoana…


And just dropped off film to the lab…


6 x Tmax100
1 x Superia 1600
1 x Natura reloaded with HP5


The older I get the more interesting I find it to revisit locations around New Zealand… As I get more experience shooting with xpan I see each location in a different way, and explore it with a different motivation….

Regardless of vaccines I can’t see how international travel will be viable or safe for at least another 12 months, so for 2021 I have a couple of big local trips planned, to the far ends of each island:

– Northland, right up to Cape Reinga but also exploring around Kaipara

– Fjordland, the deep South, the most remote part of NZ.

Tricky to work out a schedule as Northland gets unbearably hot in summer, and Fjordland gets over 8 metres of rain per year… COVID messed up my winter plans this year so a South trip mid winter specifically to shoot in snow is also on my agenda!





Te Mata Peak



I’ve visited Hastings and Napier many times over the years. Hawke’s Bay, and right up to East Cape is a magic part of New Zealand’s coast… But despite that I had never visited Te Mata Peak. The photos I did see online looked spectacular, and as it turns out that is because it is spectacular – the access road winds its way up to a very impressive 360 degree vista!! If you are in the area and have never been, add it to your list for next time.



It would be so great to shoot timelapse up there – the views are 360 degree… I had my drone with me but apart from it blowing a gale, I had also read that you must apply for permission 3 days prior. So next time I will stop here for a day and plan ahead. Lots of walking and mountain biking tracks…

info: Te Mata Park





Prop shopping




First day on short road trip, stopped in Woodville for lunch and got these at one of the junk stores…
The big glass platter caught my eye first – decay varies, muted on centre rings, rang like a bell on outer rings – $5 = sold! Light gauge metal mini milk tank – super resonant – $8 White pottery vase – $18 strange minimalist form….. Woodville, always worth a stop!




Detritus 563





▶ Mariah Robertson’s Chemical Reactions camera-less prints!



▶ fascinating doco: Skeptics – Sheen of Gold by Simon Ogston is free to view on NZOnscreen
(maybe geolocked to NZ?)

One aspect I’ve always loved of The Skeptics music is their use of samples, and it feels like an approach or aesthetic that has become diluted or weakened as tech has developed. Also so great @50.18 John Halvorsen demonstrating playing guitar with a shaver…






▶ Maybe the longest #longexposure ever? an 8 year exposure!








Industrial strength shadows!




Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100


I think it might have been Kit Clayton who talked about mixing music and thinking of effected/altered sounds as being like shadows… the delayed, offset, altered version that shadows the foreground…



1999 – wow! Seems a lifetime ago
I have thrashed the vinyl copy I have, such a great album