shot with Canon 5DmkIII, Zeiss Distagon 21mm lens and 2 stacked Lee Grad Filters


A cave, the shape of its own making


I shot about a dozen photos before this one, each time trying to capture it but failing – either the cave was lit & the background was blown out, or vice versa… The answer: getting away from the intense light…
and suddenly it became apparent how this cave was actually formed!

Bullock Creek Track


recorded some beautiful ambiences, after driving about 10km on a very rough ‘road’ called Bullock Creek Track, thanks to Dave Whitehead & Matt Lambourn for the tip…

shot with infra red modified Canon 40D and 10-22EFs lens

Wetlands without getting wet


I love the work people do (Dept of Conservation, Park Rangers, labourers on Periodic Detention etc etc) that makes such rich & diverse environments accessible to anyone eg this boardwalk over a swamp & wetlands in Okarito – beautifully designed & implemented!

Visiting Winter


Travelling south in search of an opportunity to record a kiwi was a bit of a shock to the system – on a bad day Wellington is cold, but not frozen cold! Day 2 at Okarito woke to a mighty frost, crunchy underfoot & crisp to the ear….

shot with Canon 5DmkIII and Zeiss 50mm lens

BTW kiwi recording was very successful – captured an exquisite performance/duet between a breeding pair of 17 year old Rowi kiwi, the rarest species with only 300 or so in existence… Will post the recording next week, when back in studio


Learning to fly


shot at Lake Ianthe today with Canon 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 21mm…

It was very chilly this morning & when we got to the lake there was a kind of mist rising around the edges of the lake…



Another lake/another day:




spot the recordist…

Detritus 349

by Elias Crespin
Plexiglas, nylon, motors, computer, electronic interface
On view at ‘Cinétique numérique aujourd’hui’, Galerie Denise René, Paris > starting from 28/05


▶ interesting new book soon to be released, Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art


“This milestone volume maps fifty years of artists’ engagement with sound. Since the beginning of the new millennium, numerous historical and critical works have established Sound Art as an artistic genre in its own right, with an accepted genealogy that begins with Futurism, Dada, and Fluxus, as well as disciplinary classifications that effectively restrict artistic practice to particular tools and venues. This book, companion volume to a massive 2012-2013 exhibition at ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, goes beyond these established disciplinary divides to chart the evolution and the full potential of sound as a medium of art.

The book begins with an extensive overview by volume editor and ZKM CEO Peter Weibel that considers the history of sound as media art, examining work by visual artists, composers, musicians, and architects alike. Subsequent essays examine sound experiments in antiquity, sonification of art and science, and Internet-based sound art. Experts then survey the global field of sound art research and practice, in essays that describe the past, present, and future of sound art in Germany, Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, and Scandinavia. The texts are accompanied by hundreds of color images drawn from the ZKM exhibition.

Essays byÁlvaro Barbosa, Dmitry Bulatov, Germano Celant, Seth Cluett, Christoph Cox, Jim Drobnick, Brandon LaBelle, Tony Myatt, Achille Bonito Oliva, Linnea Semmerling, Morten Sondergaard, Alexandra Supper, Atau Tanaka, David Toop, Peter Weibel, Dajuin Yao, Siegfried Zielinsky”


▶ this project hints at what the future will bring, recontextualizing media:
creating timelapses from photos found online


▶ review of Ryoji Ikeda work SuperSymmetry made up of 40 computers synchronised with projectors and loudspeakers




▶ Guess the artist:
Q: Who would play you in the film of your life?
A: Close call between a cloud and some underwater lifeform.


Concept/Direction/Animation Supervisor/Set & Character Design/Production/PostProduction: Dadomani
Sound design : Enrico Ascoli
great making of


▶ a physical drum machine



by Francisco Kitzberger