Hello Autumn



Shot somewhere near Matamata – that Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens is so painterly (other than slight crush of the levels this is straight out of the camera) – someone tooted when I was lying down in the leaves: “theres a man! lying face down in a pile of leaves! with a camera!”
ok, thanks for that!

Darwins mailbox

So does it ‘ding’ when you get mail/your tv dinner is ready?



shot in the far north (5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 21mm ZE lens)

Junk Store Shopping

On my way north I of course kept an eye out for any likely junk stores… First success was in New Plymouth – there was a big pile of old horse harnesses & stuff, so I hunted through & selected the most jangly bit & stirrups & got them for not very much at all… I dont have any projects with a horse in them, but sooner or later…


Next stop was a junk store called Arkwrights in Dargaville… quick hunt through old vinyl found a few gems…


Who wouldnt want to scratch on some mortars or a pneumatic riveting hammer?



Checked out of the Hastings public library once, travelled to Dargaville & ain’t never going back..


I really, really, really hoped this LP was just cat purring for 60 minutes… it wasn’t…


Most prints you find in junk stores are of the dreadfully kitsch variety… nice to find an old Hokusai print for $2 – its probably been sitting there for years, waiting for me to find it…