Macro H2O





A shower of rain passed through this morning, which my garden appreciated…
shot with Canon 5DmkIII and EF100L macro lens

Detritus 373


▶ great interview with Alessandro Cortini


▶ useful directory of audio podcasts


▶ if you work with sampled orchestral instruments this PDF is an invaluable read


▶ heh, the radicalization of luke skywalker



▶ “I believe in having a huge dirt pit that goes down to mother nature, which reduces pit ‘thumpf,’
– guess the foley artist?


▶ interesting idea: “speaker.motion is a mechatronic loudspeaker interface for dynamic manipulation of sound directionality in electroacoustic music. Driven with a stepper motor and servo, speaker.motion offers the user access to both pan and tilt parameters allowing for an extensive range of potential directions.”
– by Bridget Johnson


▶ “Four fault lines that are reshaping the audio landscape” – an interesting read, especially for podcast producers…



▶ “Countless artists from Van Gogh to Modigliani never got to enjoy their legacy’s fame and fortune…”
– broke youtube/instagram/social media ‘stars’ compare themselves to Van Gogh? whatever…


▶ I think its probably wise that drones must be registered in USA, and suspect it wont be long until the same happens here… but oh the irony


▶ great long exposure Street Photography by Martin Roemers


▶ I just installed Justins/The Cargo Cult new delay plugin: Slapper & wow!!!
Instant gratification – I got a multi tap quadraphonic delay pattern running in it & totally zoned out for an hour – highly reccomended (if in doubt, grab the 30 day demo & try it!)


▶ and here endeth detritus for the year….




Monkey puzzle tree



“looks more like Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Is pine) than A araucana (monkey puzzle).” – thanks Luis A. Apiolaza @zentree

HISSandaROAR Xmas Presents


We’ll be sending out our Xmas Present later this week, so if you’d like a free copy of some unique new sounds please sign up to the mail list here

Erbe Verb


Wow – just four days, from when I ordered the Make Noise Erbe Verb module from Clockface Modular in Tokyo, until it was handed to me by local courier in Plimmerton, New Zealand – that is dangerously fast!! I am used to waiting patiently for a week or two for such things to arrive – even when I’ve bought modules from Australia!
The Japanese postal system certainly makes NZ Post seem pretty basic – in Japan you can choose a time for delivery of goods, including after work & into the evening… Great to see they are also super efficient with international post!




Perfect way to finish work for the year – mixing a short animated film at Park Road Post


Managed to finish with enough time for an epic game of ping pong,
Rerecording mixer + Sound Designer 1, Director & Composer 0



Pounds of Gold

This is a music video I shot & contributed elements for back in August when I was in Japan, a great song by Stillhead from his new album due for release soon – crank it up! Some of the shots were from monorail in Tokyo and Osaka, others are from the Shinkansen – I was shooting with my 5DmkII and Zeiss lenses, with camera sideways, in portrait mode….
Check out the album preview here

Birds in the hood













great Tui feeder – available from HERE


I probably wont shut down this blog over the holidays… but it may well turn into a ‘garden & birds’ photo blog
sumimasen :/

Fractal veges


planted a vegetable and it keeps growing fractals!?! mmm fractal salads…






finally found a use for those Kontakt 3 install disks = bird scarer!



Detritus 372

▶ Realtime simulation of the sun, made with Cinder by Flight404


▶ mmm ultrasonic microphone


▶ Lost in music: the world of obsessive audiophilia


▶ Librarians in uproar after borrowing record of Haruki Murakami is leaked


▶ wow – Helmholtz double-siren “consists of two Dove sirens on a common shaft, facing one another. A series of stops allow different sets of holes, and hence different notes, to be selected. The phase difference between the upper and lower siren can be adjusted by rotating the upper siren


▶ METAL MACHINE Music For Airports – track 1


▶ yeech – consuming movies like they are television?


▶ great Russian synth database/archive: Russkeys