Sing it!


I think we’ve reached peak cicada here in New Zealand!

Fishing at Ngawi


As you drive up the shingle road to the actual Ngawi township one thing rapidly becomes clear:
they mean business!




The house I rented for the weekend was literally directly across the road from the beach & all of these heavy duty fishing boats… So of course i went for a fly & along with birds eye stills such as this one, I also shot some great video of the same view, watching the complex sine waves of the ocean creating beautiful patterns…


The town was very very quiet on Saturday & Sunday night, but I guess that is par for the course when your work starts before dawn, getting those big fishing boats off out to work….

Looking for a change in your work direction? $50k and you’re in!


So tempted to either (a) see if I could work out how to start this dozer & take it for a drive (probably not the fastest get-away vehicle) or (b) find the owner & commission a recording session… ‘crushing shit take 4!”


One last oddity – I was recording that blow hole and a weird looking car drove past… I couldn’t stop to capture it then, but luckily an hour later I had set my mics up on the sea cave and was wandering around shooting photos when they came cruising back!


The bit of road they then drove over is one of the craziest in the whole country – a single lane carved into rock….


I caught up with them again, back in Ngawi and asked what year it was… ‘What do you think?’ ‘1920s?’ ‘A bit earlier – it is a 1918 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost!’

To infinity…


forget just how ‘full of stars’ it all is…



Just got back from a frkng fantastic three day record/shoot trip to Ngawi – which is basically the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand, right about here:


From Wellington its about a 2.5 hour drive – up the Hutt Valley, over the Rimutaka mountains, across the Wairarapa Plains and then winding out to the South coast… at which point cell phone signal ceases


I’m not much of a fisherman, or a surfer… but I follow what those people say – local knowledge is invaluable. I regularly check swellmap during big southerly storms and been blown away by the idea that in Ngawi, and further round the coast, a ‘big’ swell generates waves seven metres tall. Thats like a rapidly moving 3 story building slamming into you… over and over and again….

Anyway, its summer and I lucked in with two days of minimal wind & practically no swell at all.

I had one slight quandry today: I set up to record a sea cave/blow hole at Cape Palliser and while I went to get my camera a fur seal moved in right by my recorder & mics!! I didnt want to scare it (especially towards my edible looking microphones) but thankfully it just basked in the sun & went to sleep.. exit stage left #fieldrecording


For a brief moment I had a nightmare of this seal lunging at one of my furry microphones, biting it & diving off into the ocean taking my 788T and other five mcis with it…..



Detritus 379

▶ Georgios Cherouvim: these soundscapes are generated solely by the data representing each object.
more info here


▶ download original Fairlight 8bit sound library disks here


▶ vinyl gifs? a site dedicated to vinyl visual loops


▶ the following video is for all the dialogue/ADR editors and voiceover recordists out there :/
brace yourself!!


▶ stream a dub workshop with Prince Fatty & Nick Manasseh


▶ intriguing sounds by Peter Speer: “Transforming a pulse stream into a variety of rainfall sounds: “Hurricane Under a Tarp” (starting at 0:02), “Rain On a Tin Shack” (starting at 0:40), “Carwash” (starting at 0:54), “Gutter Dripping on a Metal Plate” (starting at 1:12), “Rapidly Heating Pipes” (starting at 1:27) and finally “Storm At Sea” (starting at 2:03).”


▶ radioactive guitars? more info/pics here


▶ nice cardigan


▶ re-rain by Kouichi Okamoto – more info here


▶ #WordsOfData by Aleix Fernandez


What is THAT?

related to the ‘i want to believe’ meme I came across this video the other day, and as much as the idea of analogue video (analogig?) being somehow more ‘real’ than digital seems kind of odd, the funny/strangest aspect of these kinds of videos is often more in the dialogue – listen to the first guys repeated mantra: “What is that? What is thaaaaaat?? etc’

But not half as strange as the little girl in this 1994 story, where 62 school kids playing outside a school in Zimbabwe reported seeing a UFO close up!

“you heard a noise in the air? what was it like? like a roar or a buzz or a hum or what kind of noise?’

(the missing question: And you’re sure it wasn’t someone with a modular synth?)