Music for a Saturday

Two slices of gorgeous deep dubby electronics for a foggy Saturday

Sons of Magdalene Bandcamp link here


buy the EP by local artist son.sine here
nice one Leyton!


Let the animals speak


Anthropomorphic relic is in a good mood!

I had a GREAT meeting this morning, the outcome from which will undoubtedly be some unique ANIMAL VOCALS sound libraries for HISSandaROAR, it will take considerable time but that is as it should be – good things take time and very good things take even more time! But so great to meet with someone who instantly is on the same wavelength & open to collaborating…

Relatedly, came across this stinky geezer this afternoon… Got out to take some photos & thought ‘I know that smell’





His friend had an even better spot – his own rock!



Its a book AND a sign


I dont want to start sounding like ‘the planets have aligned, QUICK! Break out the crystals…’ or whatever… but when I randonmly book a bach to stay in, specifically to shoot photos of shipwrecks, and this book is sitting in the bookcase, I can only interpret it as the universe gently suggesting its a good idea to pursue this project… I didn’t need any encouragement, but its always appreciated… thank you Universe!

I have always had a deep respect for the sea & for those who sail on it, the depth of local knowledge & acquired skill that is a prerequisite… But it stunned me to learn there have been over 2,000 shipwrecks in/near New Zealand in the very short history of this young country! And every one of them has a fascinating back story… The ocean was the only way to travel back then, and now its planes that fall out of the sky that we lament… The only common factor? Some ships (& some planes) simply disappear, never to be found or heard of, ever again…


Heading north

Slowly making my way back to Plimmerton… I’ve learned the best travel is slow travel, so changed my original plan of ‘drive 5 hours & catch ferry to arrive home late at night’ to ‘taking my time’
Shot photos all the way up the Kaikoura coast, which is my favourite piece of road to drive in all of New Zealand – the road hugs the coastline the whole way…


Weird fog/cloud up top of the Kaikoura coast


And stopped, first to shoot desolate photos of the salt lakes at Grassmere & then stopped to shoot video of the salt processing plant, but of course had to record it…


6 channels of sound & 1 channel of video = just as it should be!
It will definitely make it into the HISSandaROAR Industrial Ambiences library I am slowly recording…

Such a joy to pass through beautiful contrasty landscapes, as the light shifts… Stopping for one night in Rarangi with a dawn shoot now that I actually know where the second wreck is that I couldn’t find last time! Tide was out by the time I got to it this evening, although still got some intersting shots due to the dusk clouds…. & definitely useful as a recce… But I crave to see it with the tide in – given the angle the dawn should be interesting, if I wake up in time!


Sincere apologies, these are all crappy iPhone photos… Hard to dive into Lightroom & Photoshop after driving/shooting all day…. & then transferring all the data… & then backing it up to external drive… & then cooking dinner…