Vinyl love


Since I got back from Japan I have been massively re-organising my studio & my house, inspired by the brief objectivity you get from arriving somewhere familiar but after having not seen it for 2 months. Needless to say I left it in a slight state of chaos & that chaos is now being sorted!

One conclusion I came to is this: my house is 2 story, and basically anything downstairs I do not tend to use very often. My foley/recording room gets used occasionally (intensively for periods & then not much) but one thing that struck me was how much I miss listening to vinyl…. And as my turntables & vinyl collection are all downstairs I decided to remedy that fact!


So now my modus operandi is: if its not in use, it goes downstairs. If I am using it, or plan to then it goes upstairs. I think it might be a useful mental paradigm!

But ah fck what a pleasure it is to listen to vinyl again! The blue vinyl in this case is POLE – R album I bought as a double 12″ in London, which must mean it was back in 2001…


The lefthand deck is an SL1200 but the right hand one is a Vestax PDX2000 – I used to have a pair of 1200s but sold one to buy the Vestax, after using one in a record store & loving the fact it had a backwards button, and very wide pitch control… great for sampling, or just for listening in strange ways…


But this isn’t some technical fetish – its the music that matters. And its been a pleasure diving back into my vinyl collection – if I can find them on online I’ll post a few tracks I’ve been listening to recently…

Relatedly last night I was struck by how beautiful the play out locked groove was at the end of a Dub Syndicate album – it had a thump & a click as kick/snare in nice timing, but it was the spatial stereo clicks & pops that made me sit & listen to it for a while… & then start jamming on the piano…

Found a 7″ of this classic

& this Flying Nun classic

nuzic 14

▶ new Porter Ricks!


▶ Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Remain Calm, via bleep
(love ‘Xhill Stepping’ from the new album)


▶ Lars Leonhard – Freedom from Erstwhile album


▶ Matt Robertson from In Echelon album


Fuji TX2 + Velvia 50



















For shooting colour film I love Velvia 50, the greens & inky shadows are gorgeous!!
I must get out into some New Zealand dense bush & forests & shoot some…
Shot with Fuji TX2 + Velvia 50

Kyoto, sideways


This is one of my favourite photos from my whole 2 month trip to Japan – I love the bokeh from 35mm film, to me the photo feels a mysterious landscape… until I rememeber its all sideways, and the ground/footpath is the right of the photo!

Contax T2 + Tri X (click image for larger version)

Detritus 405


▶ this is like the opening lines of a film I’d like to see:
“Abandoned in space in 1967, a US satellite has started transmitting again”


oscilloscope music


▶ love these gifs by Mochimochiland


▶ “This experiment uses machine learning to organize thousands of bird sounds. Using a technique called t-SNE, the computer created this map, where similar sounds are placed closer together. The computer wasn’t given tags or the birds’ names – only the audio


▶ picture editors timelines from feature films


▶ a great read: Laurie Anderson on reality and non-reality


▶ NASA has just released 2,540 gorgeous new photos of Mars


Shiro Takatani: Toposcan / Baden-Württemberg from ZKM | Karlsruhe on Vimeo.

more info about the exhibition here


nuzic 13

▶ from the new Shapeshifter album Stars


▶ Jay Glass Dubs – New Teeth For An Old Country, on Bokeh Versions



▶ Sascha Rydell – A Day Ward – Lebensbaum – [BAUM016]


▶ Count Ossie & the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Grounation


Osaka, Dusk


shot with Fuji TX2/XPan2 from Umeda Sky Building, Osaka – click image for larger version