Better late than never

summer in Plimmerton, better late than never!
went for a fly, stitched it & flexified it

That feeling…

Very happy to say the new version3 of HISSandaROAR site is now live and new library AMB009 INDUSTRIAL AMBIENCES is released!

The new site has a field recording blog HERE with an RSS feed HERE – its early days but I plan to do as many blog posts there as here… so check it out if you’re interested, whether you are a HISSandaROAR supporter or not!

Relatedly over on Designing Sounds Q&A site, someone asked:
How Do You Feel After Completing a Sound Effects Library?

I wrote a reply there, but will post it here too as I generalised the answer because I think ‘the feeling’ is shared…

I think the question could be applied to any major project: for me the feeling after spending many months working on a project (sound library, film soundtrack, music project etc) and then finishing it is one of elation, having overcome all the hurdles and persevered to produce something you can be proud of… but thats just the immediate reaction.

The more powerful & profound feeling that comes is one of creative excitement, as I always get a huge rush of new ideas immediately after finishing a project. All of the other ideas & projects that I have had to put aside while I finish the main project suddenly re-appear, but in a new light. My psyche is free of the endless to do-list associated with the main project, and that space is now available to free associate new ideas… and that is the best feeling in the world!

Having observed it many times now, it is something I look forward to and plan for eg after a big sleep, putting myself in places or situations that are particularly conducive to being creative… Got a huge one coming up, can’t wait!

That ‘huge one’?

getting HISSandaROAR v3 site finished & launched


nuzic 19

▶ amen


▶ Sampha – new album Process


▶ Erased Tapes is ten years old – happy birthday! Download their present:
Various Erased Tapes Artists – Erased Tapes Collection VIII


▶ not new but was reminded of this the other day, Funkstörung – The Zoo…

and this:


and this:

so much trouble in the world alright…



Kapiti long exposure
XPAN2/TX2 with Tmax100

Coming soon

This library has been 2+ years in the making… and our biggest ambience library so far:
20GB of 24/96 multichannel ambiences

under Exposed

As far as test shots go, these two were underexposed – without going back to the neg theres nothing in the under exposed blacks in those two long exposures… but still interesting… Its a bit like being a landscape painter and planning to make XYZ but coming home with some dark slightly gothic versions of it…

pools of light

all shot with XPAN2/TX2 wiht TMax100

Pauatahanui Too

Pauatahanui XPAN2/TX2 long exposure Kodak TMax100

nuzic 18

▶ LiL Silva – V1




▶ Plaid – Bet Nat free download via soundcloud


▶ Coppice Halifax – Q Trax


▶ imagine the soundcheck!?! its equal parts amazing and… kinda bland, like its been averaged and all the life has been sucked out of the music…



XPAN2/TX2 long exposures with Fuji Acros100

Mana Island

XPAN2/TX2 long exposure Kodak Tmax100