Music Box

oh how I would love to write music for this music box, in the Dargaville Museum


Rich boy racers were interested in my drone…

‘you can take it for a fly… if I can take yours for a drive’

yeah, nah

Liquid Light

Bayleys Beach
5D3 with iso cranked

Trixon Tonemaster 61

Yesterday I picked up my latest new musical instrument family member – a mint 1966 Trixon vibraphone. I’ll post some photos once I set it up, but in the meantime here is the user manual that came with it.

It cleverly all fits into a large suitcase, so I am going through the reverse order process of re-assembling it all now…

Love these retro graphics!

Pouto Peninsula

Fantastic mission yesterday circumnavigating Pouto Peninsula…
timed for low tide but still in 4WD all the way!

Locals estimate there have been more than 100 shipwrecks on this peninsula, but all of the remains are buried deep in the ever shifting sand… So it was a total buzz to find one uncovered!

(Unidentified) wreck #35