nuzic 45

▶ Ryuichi Sakamoto – Solari (Jóhann Jóhannsson Rework)



▶ Clark – Honey Badger


▶ Brian Eno with Kevin Shields – Only Once Away My Son


▶ Floating Points – Ratio (Full Mix)


Detritus 438

▶ “This old guy plays the bass like cutting tofu….” – from an interview with Ryuichci Sakamoto


▶ I could live here


▶ Ryoji Ikeda – A [For 100 Cars]


▶ wow, I did not really appreciate how far you can push TriX – I bought some Ilford Delta 3200 yesterday to try it with XPAN in low light… will try a roll of pushed TriX next time


▶ Electronics Typography by Vinicius Araùjo




Happy to find a very nice IPA, near Umeda

Reon Driftbox

Visited The Loft, Umeda today and on the 8th floor is a music store which is where I bought my TR09 last year… I was keen to have a play on the new TR08 and the SH01, and while the did have the TR08 (which sounded great) there was no sign of the SH01… but I did have a play on the SE01 (fun!) and I had a quick play on a Arturia MatrixBrute amongst others, but also noticed they had set of four Reon Driftbox synths!

No sign of the bright pink one, but not sure I am in the demographic for it anyway…

Here is a close up of each of the models… they didnt seem to be plugged into monitors, so I will revisit during the week and ask to plugin some headphones so I can have a play… they are very intriguing!

interview here

Paul DeMarinis Sound Art

Thanks to KansaiArtBeat I throughly enjoyed experiencing a sound art installation at CAS Galley, by Paul DeMarinis, a Professor at Stanford who has been working as an electronic media artist since 1971…

The first work, Tymphanic Alley, consisted of an array of 15 speakers suspended from the ceiling. We arrived early & got to experience the work visually before it was activated, and witnessed a quiet gallery room come alive to the percussive ensemble sounds of 15 altered speakers…

I know enough electronics to be potentially dangerous, but not much practical help… so no doubt others have a better idea as to how this voodoo was achieved, but each speaker was covered with a metal surface (a little thicker and more rigid than tinfoil) and a needle was suspended, hanging down in front of the speaker…

An amplifier of some kind was providing a pulse to the speaker & making the needle jump, like a tiny drum stick, so the membrane covering the speaker acted like a small acoustic drum. Imagine 15 of these tiny drums, beating randomnly in a reverbant space and you’re a fraction of the way to imaging how this sounded.

Beautiful work, thank you!

The Tiny Controller

Came across these kids having a great time, driving model trains which have a camera onboard so they were seeing FPV of the train as it raced around the track… very cute!

Fluffy Overdose

The things you see on the subway…

(window display on Midosuji line, near Umeda)