Smash Palace

I’ll post some more photos from this location when I get home, but Smash Palace is a large scale & historic car recyclers… although what the cars are being recycled to god only knows! Equally for anyone rebuilding a very rare historic car or truck, they are an invaluable contact!

Its been used as film locations a number of times, but nothing can prepare you for how large this site is – I spent a couple of hours shooting mainly 30s-50s car wrecks… but there was another paddock of more recent vehicle wrecks… and really, there are car wrecks as far as you can see…

I started off shooting with my Canon 5D3, Canon 1V with TriX400, Contax T2 with Trix400 and XPAN2 with TMax100… Four cameras slung across me… And after I’d chewed through a few rolls of each film I switched and reloaded the XPAN2 and 1V with Velvia 100, just so I had colour film versions of lots of it…

Regardless it was physically & psychologically exhausting, being out in the bright sun shooting lots & appreciating the lives lived in all of these cars… Also had to think, what of ‘modern’ cars? Most are so crappily built they will likely just dissolve like epson salts within a decade… Not even memories to reflect on, let alone 1950s steel carcasses that will outlive us all…








Of all the harebrained schemes…


Madly waving this sign around & pointing at the mics when a big truck is approaching is one of the more sucessful ones!


Recorded a LOT of doppler horns today on the Desert Road…
more tomorrow!


aim: DEATH to that fckng dreadful over used Truck Doppler Horn from Hollywood Edge Sound ideas or whoever it was that provided only one take… grrrrrrrr!


side note: a local policeman stopped for a chat,
15 min later he performed a lovely siren doppler for me
from way up the road…


i love NZ



second side note: had 3 lots of tourist pull up & stop within earshot…
what are you recording?
methink: FFS! WTF do you think i am recording!?!
mesay: i am recording, you are ruining it, please go away!


i also love being a tourist
but please do not assume everyone is a friendly hobbit


just quietly: please get far way from me
even your footsteps 100m away are intruding on my space
and there are plenty of other places to stop!!





later: 89GB of data backed up, ready for tomorrow!



Slow Zone


Plimmerton Slow Zone – looks like boy racer U turns
(actually roadworks re-sealing truck turnaround)



The bandwagon effect

In a 1980 interview, Jim Finch asked Harald to offer his advice to aspiring artists and technologists, and he responded:


“Well, I would say this… don’t try to imitate. The bandwagon effect is something that is being done so much today. Everybody seems to always try to imitate another who is successful. Don’t do this, try to really think and be original.”


(Harald Bode, in Finch 1980)



Shelly Bay


Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 18mm lens + LEE Filters Super Stopper ND15



Miramar Peninsula


#longexposure 300 seconds Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 18mm lens
+ LeeFilters ND15 Super Stopper + 23A Light Red Standard Filter
(little bit of wind so not 100% sharp, will revisit!)



visiting R P Moores negatives final resting place


todays field trip,
first to the National Library

i forgot what an awesome work of brutalist architecture it is
blew half a roll of film & almost forgot my mission…

which was to…
research viewing panoramic photos taken by R P Moore
with a Cirkut 10 camera in New Zealand 1921-1931



Bear in mind, the negative for each single image was 8+ foot wide
No matter how tall you are, you could lie down on top of one negative & not fill it!
1920s gixapixel tech FTW!



Staff were super helpful, and it was great to see a group of secondary school/college kids in there, gaining some invaluable research skills…

I’m particularly interested in a few negatives that have inscriptions on them, like this one:





Can’t wait for my next visit… to hopefully see the real thing!
& will bring my XPAN to shoot the brutalist exterior




nuzic 52

▶ FACT mix 641 – Alva Noto (Feb ’18) – download at soundcloud


▶ Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush


▶ Anderson .Paak x FKA Twigs x Spike Jonze


▶ Rrose & Lucy – Seeds of Discontent [EAUX]


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