What is THAT?

related to the ‘i want to believe’ meme I came across this video the other day, and as much as the idea of analogue video (analogig?) being somehow more ‘real’ than digital seems kind of odd, the funny/strangest aspect of these kinds of videos is often more in the dialogue – listen to the first guys repeated mantra: “What is that? What is thaaaaaat?? etc’

But not half as strange as the little girl in this 1994 story, where 62 school kids playing outside a school in Zimbabwe reported seeing a UFO close up!

“you heard a noise in the air? what was it like? like a roar or a buzz or a hum or what kind of noise?’

(the missing question: And you’re sure it wasn’t someone with a modular synth?)

Cactus Flower


About a week ago I noticed a small knot growing on the top of one of my cactii, and didnt take much notice as it slowly grew bigger… and then yesterday it flowered!


I did some searches to see how/why this happens – I’ve owned a bunch of these cactii for many years and dont remember ever seeing one flower before. One source mentioned that flowering is relatively rare, and that when they do flower they tend to bloom at night and they have a distinctive scent. So I grabbed a couple of LED lights & late last night went & took some photos…



Such a sweetly strange scent….

I wasn’t going to post this timelapse as I messed it up, but guess its still interesting even though its mis-framed & out of focus! I was using a Moultrie camera which is really meant for security = wide lens…. I let it run for 2 days, shooting a frame every minute…. The interesting point is you can see the flower opening & then only fully bloom when the sun sets and the camera switches to infra red…

oh well, I tried… c’est la vie!

Green Point


Green Point is a nice walk, down a narrow track from the water treatment facility near Pikarere, Porirua… couldn’t but help imagine what its like sitting on that yacht in a nice sheltered bay!
Track details and map here


Another sunset…


two 16×9 drone shots, auto stitched together in photoshop….
click image for fullscreen


I did the 90 minute drive to Palmerston north to pickup my new old Octave Cat SRM synth, and on the way back took a side trip out to Waiterere Beach as there used to be a big shipwreck there.. but I’d read how over the last decade it has completely disappeared under sand dunes… so I took some photos of the sign and then went for a fly….


This stretch of beach is officially designated as a road, so its fine to drive along (although I’d be a bit nervy without 4WD)


Apart from the surreal nature of cruising along a beach, it also made it easy to stop & take photos of the very sculptural driftwood & tree stumps scattered along the coast…


top photo is DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone, middle is iPhone and bottom is my Canon 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 18mm ZE lens, processed with SilverEFX

Made my day!


thanks heaps Bob Arons! – the income from HISSandaROAR funds new libraries and projects, but hearing of the sounds being used in interesting projects is the best reward!


▶ wow check this beautifully captured 50 minute Floating Points live set!! via – full screen + main monitors!


▶ beautiful modular music


▶ Stillheads new album Iceberg has just released: check it here


▶ say what you will, but this track has a great sense of ennui


▶ Jack Garratt


Tomoko Sauvage / Ríos de armónicos, resonancias y cerámica. by Espai Sonor / Eacc on Mixcloud


▶ Konono No 1 set to release new album – check out new track at The Wire


history of Japan

wish Bill Wurtz had been my teacher at school!



I managed to buy an Octave Plateau Cat SRM duophonic synth locally – its apparently not in great condition so once I pick it up it will be going directly to my tech for some TLC… Found service manual etc here

When you consider what they sell for on eBay I got this one for a bargain, but similarly to buying a vintage car in need of restoration it is only viable if you have a great electronics/tech… So respect to Tim Prebble of Dogmatek (small world huh? I suspect us sharing the same name causes him more hassle than I, cos I arrived on planet earth first, by a decade or two 😉

But do check out his site as he has some very interesting audio products in development, the first of which the Arctic Wolf Twin Modulator is nearing release!