first Sunflower opened!

(their name Helianthus sounds more like the name of a metal band!)




release next week!




Just went & checked progress with the welders making my XXXXXXXL waterphone – it already sounds awesome (& no water in it or tuning done yet) – crazy amount of sustain!

Dimensions are 1m high and 1.2m diameter 🙂

It makes my other waterphones seem very small!



Detritus 441

▶ Trump vs Talking Heads – Swedemason


▶ “Something I try to achieve is not just mirroring the things that you see on the screen and just amplifying them emotionally. That’s one thing that music can do. I try not to do that. I try to find another aspect of what you are seeing rather than the obvious thing….” – guess the artist?


▶ METAPHORS: Selected sound works from the cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul


▶ What do we do with the art of monstrous men? via kottke


▶ do not fall asleep during a performance!


▶ Thoughts on storytelling


▶ Internetting with Amanda Hess


▶ Sounding the Sumburgh Foghorn


▶ interview with composer for Mr Robot – great series (but really did not like that totally incongruous song at the end of Mr Robot S03E08… bad needle drop!)


nuzic 49

▶ Resynthesis – Max Cooper, vid by Kevin McGloughlin


▶ | | by Esem via bandcamp


▶ Ryuichi Sakatmoto – “Life, Life – Andy Stott Remodel”


▶ Tomoko Sauvage – Musique Hydromantique


▶ Tomoko Sauvage – 483 – Electronic Explorations, tracklist etc here



Written, directed and produced by TILL NOWAK – framebox.com

A quick look behind the scenes of the extensive sound and music production DISSONANCE, involving the composers Frank Zerban and Olaf Taranczewski, Sound Designer Andreas Radzuweit and many others.

Discrete stereo

Using a bow on each of them, at times I swear I was getting the start of Threnody for Hiroshima!