5D3 + EF100-400L lens


Pīwakawaka/Fantail launching into flight

Reasons to shoot JPG+RAW: this is how the JPG came out

I had ISO cranked to reduce exposure time, to freeze movement…
shooting into light = totally blew out

Sport Mode

Revisited my favourite EXT recording location today, to capture my DJI Mavic Pro – its a great little drone, but holy sh+t when you put it in sport mode look out!!! Free update coming next week for HISSandaROAR SD024 Drone library



5D3 + EF100-400L + gumboots

nuzic 34

▶ biome bandcamp


▶ orchestrated version of Daft Punks Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


▶ Singers & Players 10″ version


▶ Porter Ricks – Port of Tangency


▶ AR album cover!