Tsukiji Wonderland

I’ve never managed to visit Tsukiji but this new documentary which opens on 6 Oct 2016 looks to provide access and insight that would not be possible even if I did get up at 3am and joined the queue…

Touch the sky



















Shot with Contax T2 with TriX, processed & scanned by ToyLab

UFO Shop?


i do know this isn’t actually a UFO shop (not sure what a barber can really do to help me) but so tempted to ask if deluxe option comes with verfied conspiracy theories….. & scully/mulder likes

Akashi Lighthouse


shot with Sony a6300 + Zeiss 16-70 lense + Lee Big Stopper



I went on a mission to Akashi yesterday – maybe 20min by train past Kobe, as had read there is a huge fish market there. I was a bit late in the day for the main action but still interesting to wander around such an area… Afterwards I headed out towards the coast, and a few blocks away came across the source of some of the seafood sold at the market – all was quiet in the afternoon but I can only imagine how busy it is here in the very early hours of each day….



I vaguely planned to walk to the next train station and then head back to Kobe, but it was so nice walking along the waterfront that I just kept going & walked half way back to Kobe…..



Thats the bridge across to Awajishima….. I read you can do a guided tour to the top of the bridge, which must have awesome views… but then read the application process and you must apply on the 1st of the month, 2 months prior to your tour… and its weather dependent… so maybe next time!


Catching dinner… or hanging out with fishing buddies?

Eventually some light rain made me find a station and jump on a train… and I headed back towards Kobe, but got off at a random station by the sea when I saw this intriguing building


Figured I’d stay until sun set and shoot some long exposures of it…



Will see how the long exposures turned out, but this mission was also my first day shooting with my TX2/xPanII and the incredible 30mm lens – loving it!

Fave AirBnB search term?


Just booked an AirBnB apartment in Tokyo for my last week in Japan at the end of the month… while searching I stumbled across an apartment with a grand piano but the dates didn’t work, but it made me stop & think… & then search obsessively until I found this apartment… Sugoi!

At least finding the right building in the street won’t be difficult