Paper Beats

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  1. leyton says:

    ah gawd not another one of these… intro should read “everything you hear in this video is repetitive, cliche, and boring showing no particular creativity other then being able to count to 4 and use a grid, it in no way express the true possibility of sound made with paper because it just sounds like some drums/ percussion ( i guess i could have just used drums and percussion?), which is what i will use it for in my epic piece where i use other household items to sound like a bass, a guitar, and a xylophone … oh and i will crush it into a pop paradigm and it will be in 4/4 so everybody can relate to it and thus think im awesome”… yawn….. im off to watch killer karaoke then kill myself…. happy 13 tim
    signed, jade-id.
    ps if its a “somebody that i used to know” cover then I win!

    • tim says:

      all perfectly valid ☺
      but the flip side for me is the projects where someone has gone to the trouble of building amazing instruments, which do sound original… but the music they make with them just isn’t engaging….

      is it all just based in short attention span novelty?

      • Leyton says:

        Novelty yes. Short attention no. It’s the tension between what’s “on” the tin and what’s ” in” the tin.

  2. Paul says:

    it didn’t particularly grab me on a musical level, but nonetheless showed how sounds that we often take for granted can be repurposed in an interesting ways

    i probably won’t be watching the subsequent video, but it does have me thinking about paper!

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