Patchulator 8000




Shipping to NZ has become a bit unpredictable… I ordered two of these brilliant Patchulator 8000 from BoredBrain, they shipped the next day and then sat in some export warehouse in New York for two solid weeks… Suddenly a tracking update & they arrive three days later!

Perfect timing as I have been thoroughly enjoying jamming on my Tenori On via three effects units in particular: Alexisis Bitrman, Frostwave Sonic Alienator and the brilliant Hologram Microcosm… Being able to re-order and easily add other processors into the chain is going to be fantastic!

Yesterday I also successfully loaded a custom sample bank into the Tenori On, and OMG what a difference it makes! The Tenori On almost defaults to cute/kawaii sounds… between some nasty samples and the Bitrman and Sonic Alienator it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting!



A couple of useful links for any other Tenori On owners:

MW Forum – Tenori On Forum

Pika Blue has been doing brilliant work, reverse engineering the Tenori On and creating alt firmware.

A dropbox folder with samples, apps, firmware etc





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