Playing Water Bowls

i’ve noticed this effect sometimes when putting water into a pot & accidentally hitting it – the tone warbles in pitch… but Japanese musician Tomoko Miyata takes this effect combined with her tuned (by the amount of water) bowls to make very beautiful, evocative music…

In another youtube video she is playing over the top of a drone apparently produced by a shruti box, of which I had no idea until I did a search & found their site – I love acoustic drones (I own two E-Bows for that very reason) and am tempted to investigate further…. check these lovely piano accordian like drones produced by a shruti box:
download mp3
download mp3
download mp3
download mp3
download mp3

3 Responses to Playing Water Bowls

  1. I’ve played with that water in a bowl (or bowl in water) pitch bend sound.

    But I really like how simple and sophisticated this musician is. She has those wooden spatulas or whatnot that are great both for striking the bowls and for paddling the water to make pitch bends.

    Very cool, thanks.

  2. hello ! thank you for this article. i also use hydrophone, underwater microphone.

  3. tim says:

    Ohayo Tomoko!
    is any of your music available on CD or for download?
    I can only imagine how beautiful it would be to hear a
    high resolution recording in a room with lovely acoustics…

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