Progress on #2




The difference between this photo and the previous one may not seem much, but it is actually 1,080 litres of gravel! Plus anti-weed mat and a drain…

All day today I have been driving back & forth to a local landscape supplies company. Each time filling nine 30 litre plastic record crates with gravel. Four trips x 9 x 30 litre record crates = 1080 litres of gravel.
Each crate would weigh approx 25kg, which explains why my arms, legs and back are tired. While I have been using a sack barrow to carry the crates up to the site, three crates is all I can physically move on the barrow at once… So thats a total of 900kg of gravel I have moved today!
Thirsty work!


Thanks to The Good Shed in Plimmerton




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