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One sound I recorded for the new MEMBRANE library was prompted by a childhood memory…



I grew up on a farm in rural Canterbury, in the South Island of New Zealand. Our farm was half a mile up a gravel road from the main road and to get to school we would bike down to the corner and catch the school bus. As a child one of the toys that swept through our tiny school was a little metal insect clicker, which if you pressed on its back the metal would invert and click, and then click again when you released the pressure and it reverted.
So one day I am on the bus and a lot of us had these little metal insects and we were creating a racket! Just imagine an old school bus, driving through farmland with the sound of a swarm of kids, gleefully clicking up a storm of stridulation! Anyway the bus driver was Mrs Kane, a lovely woman who used to shout us all icecreams when we went on field trips. But on this day she had had enough. In the middle of nowhere she slams the brakes on, stops the bus and turns around and addresses us all:
She puts the bus into gear and off we go…


In that moment I learned that even the smallest sounds, a tiny click from a childs toy, can drive an otherwise normal human crazy!





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