I know this shouldn’t even need saying but…

In recent times I have had the experience of coming across three newly released products with ‘borrowed’ names. And by ‘borrowed’ I mean they have used pre-existing IP from some other person or companies unique brand. How does this happen?

The most unbelievable example was for a new digital product/drum instrument, which used the exact same name as an earlier synth hardware product. But the strange thing was that otherwise the two had nothing in common, and as they were someone I knew, I asked them why they chose that name?
Their response: they did not even know of the existence of the original hardware.
Reason #1: ignorance.

But what it actually reveals is that despite the fact they had worked on making their product for months and months, they never even bothered to google their proposed name! This seems incredibly foolhardy… And maybe a mistake that could be naively made once, but never again, because then it would become wilful ignorance and we all know where that leads.


PSA: if you are planning to release a ‘thing’,
FFS Google the proposed name


The other two examples seemed to just presume it is ok to borrow someone elses product branding, and are surprised to learn that actually it isn’t ok. Legally, very NOT ok & if we all wanted to help lawyers grow rich then such avenues could be pursued. But I personally think there are two aspects more important than ‘the law’ and those are (1) ethics and (2) creativity.

Actions speak louder than words, so what does it say about someones ethics who makes supposedly original products, but doesn’t respect the original idea and work from another? If they do not care about ethics, does that mean they will also keep their ethics on hold when someone comes along and does exactly the same or worse to them? It feels both naive and ill advised.

But the creative aspect to me is even worse. There is a saying that is sometimes trotted out, ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ but I beg to differ. Something being an influence or an inspiration or even a reference is not ‘imitation’ and it certainly isn’t directly copying. Referencing or being inspired by something means you may take it as a starting point (you could argue nothing is orginal per se) but the entire point of creativity is to duh, create, i.e. to evolve to such a degree that you own it – it becomes a new idea, a new concept and furthers the art.

Imitation and/or copying to me infers an impoverished soul. They do not attribute any significance to originality. Such short term thinking is toxic. So for the second time, this shouldn’t need saying but…


PSA: if you are planning to release a ‘thing’,
Google the proposed name FFS!


If someone else has already used that unique name, and the term isn’t generic, then please,
It is so easy to (a) check google and then (b) use a thesaurus

Ignorance is not bliss.



even better example: Comedian buys Destiny Church’s new political party’s domain names







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