Little Huia

As per the photo above an ableton PUSH device just washed up on the beach at Little Huia! I’ve been using a first gen Novation LaunchPad & as I am using LIVE a lot I decided to upgrade, and so far so good although I am still learning to use it. As with LIVE itself, it is easy to do the basic stuff, but requires time to get deeper with it… Certainly from a build & feel angle it is a solid bit of gear, which isn’t surprising since Akai actually built it – the pads are solid & responsive, and in terms of layout it appears highly evolved. And that is the part I will need to learn to appreciate over time..

Little Huia

This morning my music was yellow!

Relatedly, I have been developing some work using the LiveGrabber plugins to analyse music/sound and control VDMX via OSC – wow!!! Now there is a combination capable of some profoundly interesting cross pollination between image & sound!

4 ways to sync VDMX and Ableton Live from Studio Rewind on Vimeo.

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