Quiet, please!

I’m done mixing – finished requested changes (& it always amazes me how significant the changes can be on the last day of a project that has been in progress for 3+ months! Evolutionary context is everything!), did a dummy print master, stitched the reels & then screened the mix locked up to a 35mm print at 6pm tonight. Everyone very happy with maybe a couple of minor tweaks to happen at print master early next week…
This has been an incredibly challenging project – part doco, part drama with lots of archival footage. A lot of thought & revision/evolution has gone into how to treat sound as memory; evoking without illustrating etc… There are moments in the mix that almost make me stop breathing & this was so apparent seeing it with an audience this evening, and they are not loud moments – quite the opposite… More on that at some later point; I need to clone data, pack & get on a flight down south at 8am tomorrow…..
In the meantime HERE is a site every one of you who creates art for the ear should thoroughly investigate, consider, assimilate & take a creative stance on – project by project & moment by moment…

If I can get my airport extreme working on my parents broadband I’ll continue posting, but otherwise have a good week! Having spent the last 3 weeks in a large, dark, intensely dynamic room I am off to recharge my batteries & decompress my psyche….
Arigatou gozimasu!

Love this photo series (Stormtroopers 365) by Stefan

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