Reon Driftbox

Visited The Loft, Umeda today and on the 8th floor is a music store which is where I bought my TR09 last year… I was keen to have a play on the new TR08 and the SH01, and while the did have the TR08 (which sounded great) there was no sign of the SH01… but I did have a play on the SE01 (fun!) and I had a quick play on a Arturia MatrixBrute amongst others, but also noticed they had set of four Reon Driftbox synths!

No sign of the bright pink one, but not sure I am in the demographic for it anyway…

Here is a close up of each of the models… they didnt seem to be plugged into monitors, so I will revisit during the week and ask to plugin some headphones so I can have a play… they are very intriguing!

interview here

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