So 2009 is almost history & while some people consider the idea of New Years resolutions to be a lame concept I tend to think any kind of forward planning is valuable… and if syncing it to the start of a New Year helps then so be it! Apart from thinking about where you’re headed, its also important to write down plans which was why I made all the virtual intern applicants answer the question: Where do you want to be in 5 years? That timeframe is large enough to dream about, but anyone who did send in an answer to that question should go re-read their answer & see if you feel you are closer to reaching your goals, because six months have passed… And here is the brutal reality: if you haven’t taken a lot of small steps heading in the direction of your dreams, then you simply won’t ever reach them. There may well be a million steps, but the single most important step is the next one.


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