Rewarded with Good Vibes

I used to reward my months of hard work on each film with a new instrument of some kind and I like the idea for a few reasons but mostly that the instrument becomes tied to the project in a way eg my double bass arrived from working on Gaylene Prestons film Perfect Strangers… But now its more likely the reward comes from months of work on a HISSandaROAR library, so the MECHANISM library has rewarded me with this lovely old Kosth vibraphone that I picked up today

Kosth vibraphone

Vibes feels a bit like a Fender Rhodes to play, even the dischords sound beautiful… This Kosth vibraphone wasn’t expensive due to its age & condition – it doesn’t have the tremelo motor, but that doesn’t worry me since if I want to use tremelo I’d rather do it after recording & have the option (sorry if that offends any purists, I love my Sonic Couture vibes virtual instrument and it was genius of them finding a way to virtualise the tremelo but I’ve never actually used the tremelo, different strokes etc etc)

For now it sits opposite my Deagen marimba: a pair of percussive resonance generators = such fun to play along to sequences from my modular synth.

So thank you for all the support with the MECHANISM library, and for all the brilliant ideas towards the SWISH TWO library – its going to be awesome & I’m aiming to do some recording for it in the huge foley stage at Park Road Post very soon! Onwards

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  1. Craig says:

    Hi there,

    Just came across your posting as I’m about to restore an old set of Kosth Vibes, and I’m here in NZ also!

    I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind getting in touch with my via email, as I’m keen to see some more photos of detail of your set if possible to help in my restoration.


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