Rig orb


My last bit of shopping in Japan was a quick trip to Yodobashi to buy a Manfrotto Dado kit, after swapping some emails with Frank Kruse (thanks for sharing Frank!)


Compared with buying tripods the Dado kit is relatively inexpensive: BHPhoto has the orb with 6 rods that I bought listed at US$65 and the 3 rod version listed for US$49 So what use is it? Well thats up to you…

But lets say you want to rig a quad array of mics: that orb will screw into a tripod and then allow you to screw boom arms into it & space the mics however you want them… I haven’t even taken mine out of its box yet, but I enjoyed watching the XRay operator each time my carry on baggage went through screening… ‘OK camera, camera, lens, lens, lens… WTF? Is that an orb? Oh no, have I fallen asleep on the job again? Am I dreaming I am in a video game? Do I get an extra life if I grab the orb? Goddamnit, its real…’

For now, heres a link to the official Manfrotto info on the Dado but a google image search is far more interesting in terms of seeing how people are using this shiny red little orb… try it yourself! or try image search for ‘dado mic rig’


I plan to test mine with the Fat Gecko carbon fibre boom arms & an array of MKH80X0 mics… will post the results later this year, or early next! I literally didn’t know something like this existed, so thanks again Frank!


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