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The ISS flew almost over my house today but I was too distracted to know about it – prepping gear for a road trip! Where am I going, asked no one ever? Takaka for an entire week (WAHOO!) then upper West Coast/Karamea for 4 days (WAHOO!) then across the alps via Arthurs Pass to spend some time with my parents. And then home via whatever interesting side trips I can conjur up… All of which looks a little like this:



The last time I spent a serious amount of time in Takaka was in my youth (the 90s?) when making music as an alter ego called short fuse. I played live(ish) jazz inspired/sampled drum&bass at The Gathering, a three day/night rave on top of Takaka Hill… I was making music back then mainly with Studio Vision Pro + Digidesign Samplecell in a Mac IIcx with + a Tascam 16 track + a ProTools 4 channel interface, v3 maybe?) Many stories from those times, but one quick very vivid memory: while doing a soundcheck prior to midnight New Year session the live sound tech mentions the mixer is rigged for quad and the DJ mixer has some great quad FX built in… ok… Many hours later, during said gig, playing off two CDRs with two live drummers/percussionists under the influence of neveryoumind… I hit a ‘performance FX button’ and the entire mix takes off to the back of the room, like an automated pan – everything except the subs, which were all up the front of the stage… so suddenly we’re hearing the foldback + the subs + a strange version of the mix from the surround speakers, filtering through a packed crowd… Time started to dilate . . . . so I hit the FX off button and the entire mix comes roaring back to the front of house, like OMFG!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!? THAT WAS AWESOME!!!


anyhoo Takaka is a magic place. Geographically it has the entire South island to protect it from bitterly cold Southerlies, so it is an almost ideal microclimate and despite being reasonably remote with a mildly gnarly mountain route, it is very popular and busy with tourists in Summer…

Two infamously great hikes start/end in Takaka:
the Heaphy Track takes 4-6 days & goes from Karamea through Kahurangi National Park to Takaka.

the Abel Tasman takes 3-5 days & goes from Kaiteriteri around the coast to Takaka

Thankfully I’m travelling in the off season – winter is grinding to a halt and the days are getting longer…
Not too many tourists so far!



mmmm much research = many locations!


dual LFOs!



shots fired!



revisited the wreck of the Janie Seddon for the nth time, and not sure how much longer it will be there for – it has significantly deteriorated since last time I shot it 🙁





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