Samoa Field Recording 03 – Night and Day

I did a few lengthy recordings of night in Samoa eg rolled for 2 hours when I went to bed, set an alarm for 3am, rolled for 2 more hours, set an alarm for 5am, rolled through dawn… This is night crickets recorded at 1.40am at Manunu Village, which was where most of the locations for film were…

01 Night crickets 1.40am Manunu VIllage by timprebble


And this is a Gecko, recorded at 11.30pm when I was on Savaii. I learned that Geckos are attracted to the light, so they can eat insects that are also attracted to the light, so I pointed one of my mics at a light & went to bed… skipping through the waveforms later this was the closest one…

02 Gecko Savaii 11.30pm by timprebble


Roosters in Samoa seem very confused – they crow at any time of the night or day, but there was a dawn chorus of them at Manunu Village – this was recorded at 6am and while I dozed I listened and was amazed at how spatial their sounds were, especially when I was listening to the MKH816+70, which were panned super wide! I could clearly hear the distant roosters, while the slap echo of the close roosters was present…. Is it some kind of rooster telegram system?

SAMOA 03 Dawn Roosters 6am Manunu Village by timprebble


These are dawn birds recorded at Daves Eco Lodge, up in the hills an hour from Apia.

SAMOA 04 Dawn Birds 7am DavesEcoLodge by timprebble


These birds & crickets were recorded on the Cross Road at 6pm, which traverses from one side of Upolu to the other… I was on my way back to Apia after a swim at that wonderful beach… Theres one bird in particular that sounds a lot like manually running 1/4″ tape across the heads of a reel to reel….

SAMOA 05 Birds CrossRd 6pm by timprebble


While driving around I tended to alternate between having the air conditioning on, and having the windows wide open listening. I stopped in my tracks when I drove past this zone of cicadas, and when I hopped out to investigate it seemed to be a huge tree full of them…. Other insects were omnipresent in Samoa but I only came across dense cicadas a few times…. and they were sure having a party in this tree, also on the Cross Road…

SAMOA 06 Cicadas CrossRd 6pm by timprebble


These birds and insects were recorded near the plantation that we trekked into for the rain recording (video to come in next few days) – it was so hot, the car thermometer said 35 degrees!! Set up the mics and hid in the shade…

SAMOA 07 Birds Plantation 1pm by timprebble


Recorded these soon after, attempting to record the sound of a single cricket is no easy task!!

SAMOA 08 Cricket single Plantation 1.15pm by timprebble


These birds were recorded on the drive back from the plantation to Manunu Village – the road was really rough going, but it was just amazing to be in such remote dense bush, in such an intense sonic environment. There is one bird that is very high frequency, almost skittering around the top of human hearing… and another that is more owl like…



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