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  1. Funny thing. I also do sound design and collect pictures of the same place in different weather conditions. Not precisely the same framing, though.
    Your blog is one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen, by the way 🙂

    • tim says:

      thanks Eugene – I have a short film I shot in Shodoshima, where I have taken a similar approach except its time-lapse & not static photos (its one of the films I’ll be releasing as MUSICofSOUND video on demand in the next month or so) – I think it is very interesting territory as it so clearly illustrates the contrasts in nature… Hard to do with sound and have the same effect 😉

  2. Guy says:

    As do I – I have more than 4,000 images of the same island in every conceivable weather and lighting condition – and still I think it’s no where near “all of them”. I don’t have any idea why – but it’s been an island I had seen every day since my earliest childhood memory… it has huge emotional connection to me for no emotional reason. I have taken the forms of ‘my island’ to many different mediums – and have an amazing zenith planned for it… I have no idea if it will happen. I love what you have done Tim with your last frame – the stitching of all of the frames together… exactly something I would do…

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