Scattered Light 73


Scattered Light 73


Rest in peace Mr Kudelski


Scattered Light 73


Late last year I finally got a Nagra 4.2 (the 4.2 was the favourite model of many people I spoke to, and the local tech who serviced it said it was the best spec’d machine – significantly more so than the IV-S) and I’ll be using it on one of the next HISSandaROAR libraries, but I also bought a manual for it off eBay, partly out of nostalgia as much as anything else…. Turns out that its not only a manual, its also both a practical and a philosophical guide to production sound recording! Highly reccomended reading for anyone interested in film sound: Guide to the Nagra 4.2 and Production Sound Recording by Fred Ginsburg Theres a couple of copies on eBay now for US$20 or so…


Scattered Light 73


Scattered Light 73


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  1. John Tudor says:

    The book is also available here as a PDF

  2. Francesco says:

    Hi Tim,
    I’m so curious to listen to a HAAR Library with the 4.2!
    One question: do you think that could be possible, some how, to get two outputs from it? Because I’d like so much to buy a 4.2 but it scares me that I can’t record a Stereo. Do you think that the only way would be buying a IV-S?
    I was thinking about going into the 4.2, than straight to a A/D converter and than PTools. But I’d like to have two channels…

    Thank you!


    • tim says:

      hey Francesco
      For my use the Nagra won’t be the only recorder, I’ll be recording to Sound Devices 744 and 722 at the same time…

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