Shodoshima Artists Residency Week 1

Week 1 = 247GB of material captured & logged in Portfolio – mostly 1080p 24fps ProRes 422, along with some non-sync sound (monkeys, rain, insects/birds, beaches..)

Shooting with the 5DmkIII > Atomos Ninja 2 > smallHD monitor on iDC follow focus rig is starting to feel like second nature/ almost feels intuitive now! Didn’t quite realise how much I would need the monitor hood that comes with the smallHD monitor – shooting in bright daylight makes a naked LCD practically useless! (not news to anyone except me I’m sure!)

Totally love messing with/racking focus on the iDC rig, but with all the gadgets attached it sure makes me miss the simplicity of shooting photos with the bare 5D and Lee Filters… Just need to be clear about what elements I shooting for & set up the camera for it…

Two of the three projects I am going to finish while on this residency are well underway, and I have sorted most of the locations for the third project (it only requires a 1-2 day shoot) so all good – there are still plenty of mountains to be climbed (figuratively & literally) but the ideas/concepts & systems are all working – halleluJAH!

Meeting the mayor of Tonosho tomorrow (Tonosho is the town I am based in) so I have made a little 30 second compile of shots & just finished a mix of it, fueled by some excellent local sake – kampai!

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  1. Hi Tim, looks like a fantastic place to visit and capture sights and sounds. Mind if I ask what the nature of the residency is? Is it through a school or other organization?

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