SHODOSHIMA Field Recording Birds

As it as so warm on Shodoshima while I was there, I often slept with the door to the balcony wide open which meant I woke to the sound of the sea, insects and dawn birds… the best kind of alarm clock!!


My knowledge for identifying Japanese birds is fairly limited – the two small green feathered birds in that tree looks a bit like the NZ bird known as the wax eye or silver eye, and I can’t be sure they were responsible for the early morning bird song:


This bird I recorded at the same place as the deer calls, and it sounded a bit like the bird was being strangled!?!

The one bird that was easy to identify, visually and sonically was the crow. One afternoon when I was up Kankakei I recorded a tree full of crows who seemed to be playing in the wind, swooping around and landing back into the same tree.



After recording for a while there was a bit of a ruckus and all the crows took off, and a few minutes later I noticed two monkeys climbing down from the same tree!!! What on earth were the monkeys doing up there? Chatting with the crows? About what exactly?

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  1. Samuel Justice says:

    Stunning recordings Tim, very inspiring!

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