Shots fired



Got home from a road trip up North yesterday, following the red line:


I did a ton of research before I left home, of photo & field recording locations…
And that research really paid off!!

Before I left home I created a PDF for each day, with google map links embedded in it.
And this method worked really well


shots fired on the way North = Kodak Tmax100 x4, TriX400 x2 and Fuji Acros x1


Fuji Natura 1600 x4


And on the way home: Kodak TriX400 x4 + Tmax100 x7


All has been sent off to the lab/s now…


On arriving home and backing up all my digital photos, video and field recordings I noticed one thing:
my iPhone has become my previz and location documenter…

The built in iPhone camera is ok, but I also use Camera1 which is a monochrome camera iOS app with direct access to focus, exposure and best of all: it supports 2.35 aspect ratio (still not as wide as my XPAN but better)



The iPhone photos become like a proof sheet, for everything I shot in much higher resolution with my TX2/XPAN2, Contact T2, Natura S, 5D3, or a6300… and the occasional stashed meme!














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