Slow Change

“You want to work with sounds that heighten your sensitivity, that allow filters in your mind to open up. You don’t want people to close down and be grouping conceptually and categorising on a semantic level. It’s like the opposite of information overload: you have little density of change, slow change, minimal change, and then the ear becomes more and more sensitive to subtler and subtler things.”

Laurie Speigel quoted from a great article in THE WIRE 344

2 Responses to Slow Change

  1. Christine White says:

    this could be a fab article which has come at a serendipitous time when i putting together a concert that is a mix of song/sound – with the aim of an arc of change – a good reminder to listen to what’s happening rather than always giving into the temptation to add add add (though that sometimes just what’s needed) so i look forward to reading this – but first the weeds and weedeater call!

  2. Christine White says:

    weed eater won’t start – can’t find the article yet…

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