Slowing down life

This is the most beautiful piece of music that I have heard all week!

Aren’t both the melody/intervals and the tonality simply gorgeous?
I didn’t make it, I recorded it & slowed it down to quarter real speed, denoised it a bit & cut some of the blank space out between phrases….

This is the original recording:

And another bit of recordings from similar location – Karamea on the West Coast of the South Island, from January 2011… first at real speed then slowed way down….

Its fascinating on a few different counts: first the complexity of the phrasing but almost weirder is the decay – the slap delay/verb tail which you just do not notice at real speed….

3 Responses to Slowing down life

  1. Lee R. says:

    I would highly recommend “Slow motion blackbird”, absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Dan says:


  3. very cool! I do not do recordings, but these are fascinating. thanks.


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