This email I received yesterday made me laugh:

“Hi Tim,

I recently came across “Bach Curtains 8040” on SoundCloud, and thought it was a great song.

I am the director of content development at _______ which is the largest invite-only community for filmmakers. We provide a way for artists to post a song on the site, and get thousands of award-winning directors competing to create your next music video.

I was wondering if you are looking to have a music video made for “Bach Curtains 8040”, or any of your other new songs.

Projects are entirely free to post and we accommodate any budget. Here’s an example of how it would look if you’re interested in getting a music video made through our community ______________

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope we’ll be able to help in creating your next music video.



In case you haven’t heard my “great song” (and it is pretty apparent the sender of the email hasn’t either) then check it out (from this earlier post: field recording the bach)

I am very tempted to take them up on their offer and list my song on their site, requesting ideas/pitches for a music video! And maybe as a follow up the sucessful director could make one for BACH Bath drain glurps 8040 or something….

How NOT to do mass marketing? Or I guess its just the scatter gun effect – send out 100,000 emails at no cost & to even get one taker is worth it for them? Amusing none the less…

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  1. bassling says:

    Next you’ll get one those emails saying it’s copyrighted material and the owners have lodged a complaint, so your account has been disabled. Yay!

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