some NZ music to savour

Thrashing Marlin have their new album out!

Members of the band are also known as Plan 9 when scoring films,
I’ve had the great pleasure to collaborate with them on a few films,
in particular Gaylene Prestons Perfect Strangers
Earlier this year they gave me the chance to have a play around with
some tracks off this album & OMG I was like a kid in a candy store!
The net result was I ended up re-arranging & making new elements
for the song ‘Tilt of the Earth’ including doing some processing of
Janets incredibly beautiful vocal, playing some Rhodes in the chorus
and generally adding some space into the arrangement to let it breath…
Heres a tiny excerpt:

You can check out the whole album at Smoke CDs
& also check out their site or their myspace site

Yay! Congrats & much respect Thrashing Marlin

(& if you ever are looking for someone to score your film
I highly reccomend you have a chat to Plan 9)

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