Sound Design Exercise 01

While recording the HISSandaROAR MECHANISM Library I got to hear some fascinating sounding machines, many of which made me think of rhythm tracks for music (century old guillotine = mechanical drum machine?) but most of the machines were also visually fascinating. Sometimes what I was seeing didn’t match what I was hearing (especially when monitoring the contact mic channels of the recordings) but one machine in particular, a large scale printer capable of printing banners 4 metres wide, tweaked my imagination: its movement was hypnotic!

So I shot some video of it, and uploaded it to vimeo but without any sound. Download is enabled, so if you want to have a play & redesign the sound of this machine, fire ahead! But if you do, please sync it to the video & upload it to Youtube or Vimeo & comment a link: I’d love to hear what your machine sounds like (& about your patch/design process!)

Download at vimeo or using this link (its 75MB 720p 23.976fps mp4 mute video file)

I also posted this on MWiggler forum here – intrigued to hear what a modular synth version sounds like!

So please watch this silent video & listen carefully to what your mind imagines:



ps I didn’t plan this as a competition or anything but… make & post something interesting & I’ll find a reward!


11 Responses to Sound Design Exercise 01

  1. Hello
    here is my version ..
    I’m curious to hear more creative approaches

  2. Charles Coes says:

    And here’s another for the hopper!

  3. Simon Lebel says:

    And here’s mine !

  4. Paul Fonarev says:

    This was fun. Thanks Tim!

  5. Arnaud Noble says:

    Hey Tim !

    Fun time to do this exercise

    here my version :

    Have Fun

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  7. Richard Shapiro says:

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