SoundMiner Group Buy


After all my posts about metadata and sound library apps a couple of people suggested the idea of approaching the developers of SoundMiner to see if a group buy discount might be possible, so I contacted Steve at SoundMiner and asked. I already own SoundMiner Pro and use it constantly at my work studio, but I really need SoundMiner at home, so I have a vested interest too!
His reply: “10% discount for 10 people, 20% discount for 50 people”
So what do you think? Can we do a simple show of hands and see if this is worth pursuing?

Soundminer V4pro US$899: 10% discount US$809, 20% discount US$719
Soundminer V4 Standard US$599: 10% discount US$539, 20% discount US$479

Also note, this potential discount applies to the imminent new SoundMiner HD

Soundminer HD US$199: 10% discount US$179, 20% discount US$159
Soundminer HD Plus US$399: 10% discount US$359, 20% discount US$319

Please read this to see the feature set for SoundMiner HD

We’d really need to hit the 50 person mark to make it significant, so please add a comment if you would be in – no total commitment at this stage, just to see if its possible. SoundMiner HD is 4-6 weeks away so lets see what support there is for this idea over the next month….

More info on the various SoundMiner versions here

And spectral search looks interesting

NOTE: this group buy is for new licenses, not upgrades!

GROUP BUY is now CLOSED, thanks everyone!

81 Responses to SoundMiner Group Buy

  1. Shaun says:

    i’d be interested

  2. tim says:

    And I’m in – so thats 2 😉

  3. elxsound says:

    I’m interested in SoundMiner HD!

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  5. Matthew M says:

    I’d be in for a Soundminer HD

  6. Colin Hart says:

    I’m in for HD.

  7. Brendan Byrne says:

    Count me in for HD at $159

  8. Joel Raabe says:

    I’d be in for HD Plus.

  9. Nathan says:

    In like FLINT! (HD or HD plus)

  10. ruy garcia says:

    I’m interested.

  11. Dom says:

    Early xmas present to myself?! I’m in…

  12. I might be in for V4pro

  13. Rodney Gates says:

    I’d definitely be interested in Soundminer HD Plus for home, plus an additional V4 Pro license or two for work.

  14. HD definitely, possibly V4 standard.

  15. Meant HD +…. foopid stingers hit send too quickly

  16. Tyler says:

    If I decide against going with Basehead for home, I’m in for HD.

  17. David V says:

    I’m definitly in for a V4, but need to buy it within a month … maybe it’ll be before the HD release (in which case i’ll be out).

    • tim says:

      Hey David
      Request a 30 day demo of the version you want to buy, the SoundMiner folk are very helpful in that respect!

      • David V says:

        I did, in fact i need it from this monday and will run the demo this month. So i’ll need to buy before the end of the demo (which i guess i could extend a bit if asked nicely).

        You’re right, Steve is really reactive ! I was impressed. In fact we talked yesterday and i asked him about the HD released date but the programming guys weren’t sure yet.

  18. Count me in for HD

  19. JP says:

    Count me in for HD plus

  20. Rather in for this too, desperately need Soundminer (any version).
    Cheers, Lou (syncsounds).

  21. Vytis says:

    Count me in for Soundminer HD!

  22. Sygor says:

    I’m definitely interested in the HD. Of course I don’t have any money at the moment but maybe by the time HD actually gets released I can be ‘in’.

  23. Yepp! I’m in to for Soundminer HD!

  24. JC says:

    I’m in for Soundminer HD

  25. Sasha says:

    I’m in for HD as well!

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  27. andrzej says:

    I’m in for hd Version 😉

  28. Thanks for sorting this out Tim. I’d definitely be interested in some level. Ideally V4Pro but would have to see what happens.

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  30. This is a great idea, but I already own Soundminer V4pro.

  31. I’m in for HD or HD Plus . . . haven’t decided which.

  32. david kamp says:

    i am in for soundminer hd plus.

  33. Steve Urban says:

    Can’t commit just yet, but I’m interested.

  34. Matt S says:

    I’d be in for an HD (or Plus) upgrade. I’m Soundminer V4 PRO at the mo, so I guess I’d be Plus?

  35. Daan Hendriks` says:

    Potentially in for HD or HD+.

  36. Matt S says:

    Ha – and NOW that I’ve read what SM HD (and plus) is about…. I’m not interested. Talk about marketing gone awry…. I assumed HD would be an improvement over Soundminer V4 Pro…. But it appears we’ve been better than HD for some time now – is that 3D 1080p or something? uncompressed 96K.

    We need upgraded acronyms.

    • tim says:

      if you are comparing to the visual HD equivalent, HD is not the top level of anything visually it would be:

      SD/DV -> HD -> 2k -> 4k -> 35mm -> 70mm

      or something…

  37. ksrmedia says:

    HD Plus. I’m in.

  38. Thomas says:

    HD Plus here. Anyone know if it will run on 10.4 though? (the press release says 10.5+)

  39. Enos Desjardins says:

    I can’t commit right yet as I’m setting up my edit suite at the moment. But if I manage to finance some of my purchases I would have the money to pay for SM HD+ and would definitely be interested.I’ll post when I know!

  40. kron says:

    I’m in for a v4

  41. I’m interested in V4pro.

  42. Jeff says:

    I’m in for HD

  43. I’m in for HD Plus

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  45. Yes! I’m in for HD Plus, too!

  46. Im in for HD too¡¡

  47. lestevennok says:

    I’m in too for HD

  48. Justin Doyle says:

    +1 for HD Plus please. Great idea this!

  49. E. Bazini says:

    I’m in for HD plus.

  50. JC says:

    Just a few more to make make the 50 people!!

  51. NickB says:

    Sold, I’m in.

  52. Craig B says:

    I’m keen for V4 pro.

  53. Bob B says:

    I’m in for HD.

  54. Jake says:

    interested in HD plus

  55. Ryan says:

    I’m in for HD

  56. Clint B. says:

    Most definitely in for HD.

  57. NeddNL says:

    Another 1 for HD+

  58. I’m in for the SoundminerHD plus 8

  59. Saxton says:

    I’m in for HD Plus.

  60. Roman says:

    Very interested in HD Plus.

  61. Rich B says:

    Totally in for HD Plus

  62. VP says:

    How about 30% off if we reach 100?

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  64. Pete G says:

    In for HD Plus OSX.

  65. Peter A says:

    I´m in for Soundminer HD Plus.

  66. Ola M says:

    Need HD plus here!

  67. Nick Meade says:

    Put me down as a maybe for:
    1 V4 license
    1 Mini-Miner to V4 Pro upgrade. I am hoping since this upgrade costs $700 that it will qualify for the discount.


  68. Ryan says:

    I know I said I’m in for HD, but I want to make it HD + 🙂

  69. Benny says:

    Im interested in Soundminer HD!

  70. Dominik says:

    I’m interested. Don’t know which version yet though.

  71. Sound Miner Pro for me….