SoundMiner Group Buy


After all my posts about metadata and sound library apps a couple of people suggested the idea of approaching the developers of SoundMiner to see if a group buy discount might be possible, so I contacted Steve at SoundMiner and asked. I already own SoundMiner Pro and use it constantly at my work studio, but I really need SoundMiner at home, so I have a vested interest too!
His reply: “10% discount for 10 people, 20% discount for 50 people”
So what do you think? Can we do a simple show of hands and see if this is worth pursuing?

Soundminer V4pro US$899: 10% discount US$809, 20% discount US$719
Soundminer V4 Standard US$599: 10% discount US$539, 20% discount US$479

Also note, this potential discount applies to the imminent new SoundMiner HD

Soundminer HD US$199: 10% discount US$179, 20% discount US$159
Soundminer HD Plus US$399: 10% discount US$359, 20% discount US$319

Please read this to see the feature set for SoundMiner HD

We’d really need to hit the 50 person mark to make it significant, so please add a comment if you would be in – no total commitment at this stage, just to see if its possible. SoundMiner HD is 4-6 weeks away so lets see what support there is for this idea over the next month….

More info on the various SoundMiner versions here

And spectral search looks interesting

NOTE: this group buy is for new licenses, not upgrades!

GROUP BUY is now CLOSED, thanks everyone!

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