Spaceship ambiences

Need to relax? or focus/study without the real world interfering? Try these:

some back story here and a youtube playlist here

7 Responses to Spaceship ambiences

  1. Tim P, you are a fucking genius.

    • tim says:

      😉 fraid i cant take much credit…

      cant help imagining someone will use these to lull their baby to sleep… and years later that kid will keep asking their parents: ‘mummy did we used to live on a spaceship?

  2. Brad says:

    Awesome! You should add Star Trek TNG though: – it’s my fave.

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  4. Hamish Oliver says:

    Brilliant! Perfect to point out in a course I’m about to teach.
    I was always really really taken with the ambient sound of the Vogon ship near the start of the (radio version of the) Hitchhiker’s Guide. It was mostly fairly simple filtered perfect 5th drone from memory. I emulated it on my DX100 (my first synth), that patch data will still be somewhere on a cassette…

    • tim says:

      its a great visual/environmental idea for creating drones – suspect my next modular synth session will be motivated by these

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