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Spent the start of the new year completely rearranging my modular synth, partly motivated by getting the Tiptop Circadian Rhythm module and partly by the old configuration requiring too many long patch cables. I’m still getting to grips with the new layout but the control & audio pathways seem more logical… The case on the lower right with the Orban parametric EQ and all the FOH Choices joysticks has interesting history – I bought it at an auction and it was used for police surveillance (has tape inputs & monitoring/EQ insert control) but just imagine what that rack has heard!! Most recent addition is the little Akai MPX16 sampler in front, which I am using for replay of field recordings… The SW radio up top is great as a noise source but also has a line in – using the modular feels different through a small speaker than via studio monitors (modular is at rear of studio – thats one of my surround speakers on the right)

Lastly, and I cannot understate this, it is HEAVEN noodling on this – some of the sounds I like the best from it are not complex, but it is a slippery slope – patches tend to evolve to become more complex, rather than less… but my aim is to create patches & then use the joysticks to manually animate them, even just having one patched to the Echophon enables subtle control of multiple parameters… bliss!

note: photos link to larger version


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  1. Nathan says:

    First off, that’s a super impressive setup. Secondly, what an interesting set of modules: A whole row of joysticks! Super cool. I think the control surfaces of a modular and the choices people make around them are super interesting, more so than oscillator or filter choices. Thanks for such a great series of pictures – lots to study and learn from here. Cheers, Tim, thanks for sharing this update! (And I’ve certainly never seen a Fritz head atop a modular before. :-D)

    Only question: How do you handle routing of the modular to the effects pedals?

  2. tim says:

    thanks Nathan – the effects pedals are routed via The Harvestmans Stilton Adaptor module: 4 channels of send/return designed for pedals

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