Studio evolution

So I am currently about half way through rebuilding my studio, having done a few fundamental upgrades – most noticeably I have ditched my Avid interfaces and switched to MOTU, using ATB networking via CAT6 ethernet to route audio between a 1248 interface and 16A interface, with both also having 828x interfaces hanging off them via lightpipe… So once I am finished I should have 44 analog inputs, enough to route all my synths, modular synth & some outboard in and out of my system, including CV via the DC coupled 828X interfaces… Kinda boring but between it & my Cirklon sequencer the aim is to have all synths permanently routed to interfaces, which has also meant upgrading my ad hoc ethernet network… Also kinda boring but once finished all should be seamless in use (no photos yet, still in messy evolution mode)

Apart from these hardware upgrades, it has made me physically reorganise my synths so they are more accessible to play, and also easier to route MIDI and audio… And two of my favourite old synths which have not been getting enough use, are about to get a little upgrade that will make a big difference in using them. The Sequential Circuits SixTrak and Oberheim Matrix 6 are both great sounding synths that really suck to program! Both are analog poly synths but are programmed by selecting a parameter and moving a slider… which is NOT how one finds improvised joy with analog synths. By comparison my MKS80 has a fantastic remote control panel which gives instant access to all key parameters via dedicated knobs etc…

But today I saw a SixTrak for sale on a Japan auction site and it had a small programmer box sitting on top of it, after a quick search I discovered the StereoPing CE-1 Synth Controller by Gregor Zoll which can be ordered with faceplates to match specific synths… – so I ordered a faceplate for my SixTrak, Oberheim Matrix 6 and also one for my mod’d Tubbutec SH1oh1…

I also checked out some of his Research Lab projects and LOVE this heavily modified TR606!!







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